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Found 13 results

  1. Please find below the current feature roadmap for Affinity Designer. The list is a selection of features from our own internal roadmap we would like to share with our users. If a feature you would like isn't on the list then feel free to create a new post so everyone can discuss it. We read all the feature suggestions and consider each one very carefully. The idea is the list will never get longer. As we complete and release features then we will replace those features with new ones. Pro Printing -Phase II transparency flattener -Bleed area guides Illustration & Design -Mesh fill tool -Mesh warp/distort tool -Knife tool -Calligraphic line styles -Arrow head line styles -Export slices previews with actual export data -Pages -Text features including Bullets and Numbering -Knockout groups -Multiple Effects/Fills/Strokes per shape -Convert Pixel selection to Vector shape Usability -Replicate/Blend Please feel free to ask questions about the features on the list but don't post new feature requests in this thread, just create a new thread.
  2. Hey affinity team, a while ago there had been existing an index of common feature requests which gave the users some ideas about which features might be expected in future releases. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10410-common-feature-requests-index/ Could you please make such a sticky post again? Thank you very much. Benny
  3. In this thread I will mention a set of feature from another software. What I will mention is not "you should be able to do this" but more like "this is their feature, can you implement this and also improve it with your own ideas?" In other words, not defining a goal, but a feature idea that Serif later can evaluate (throw out the bad parts and make improvements) and make a goal out of it. 1. In Adobe Illustrator you have a pure vector brush. What we have now is a png image stretched and warped to follow a path. Although the aforementioned brush can make some cool effect like marker simulation (watch frankentoon new video), a vector brush engine would help people that have to make pure vector files (SVG), people that make custom lineart for their illustration, etc. And not restricted to this. I really want to see Serif pushing the boundaries while keeping it vector. 2. Vector flood fill tool. Again, this would be very useful to illustrator. 3. Path thinning. For reference, you can look at Moho 12. It's a feature where you can adjust the width of a stroke around a node of the path. This is a bit hard to explain so I encourage you to look at it yourself. 4. Hiding a section of a path. This is also from the Moho 12. Which is a pretty self explanatory I think.
  4. Hi, I ran into troubles with exporting artboards to multipage PDF. I needed to export specific artboards, but any setting in export persona not worked properly. Well, I got it working properly by selecting objects in these artboards (added transparent rectangle fitted to each artboard) and exporting "selection with background" using PDF. But it's way too tricky! If I have about 10 artboards it's acceptable, but what if I have 20 or 30 abs? I think there should be option to check which artboard I want to export in dropdown menu where we choose ONE artboard. So if I can choose one, why not enrich it with multichecking possibility? Cheers, McQueen
  5. Hey guys, I know that Perspective Warp/Distortion is on the roadmap, but I was just wondering if we could have some sort of update on the progress - a peek behind the development curtain so to say. Any news on upcoming features & updates would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the amazing work!
  6. Hi, I understand that the mesh warp tool has been listed on the roadmap for some time now and was curious when we would be seeing this addition in Affinity Designer. If it is already available could someone please point me in the right direction (tutorials, place in software, etc.). Thanks in advance!
  7. The real-time embedded document editing is wonderful. However, without the perspective warp functionality, it really is limited. The warp feature was on the roadmap list over a year ago, when is this going to be implemented. So far I am loving this tool and this is the first real negative I've found. Well, maybe the eye-dropper tool, that might need some UX help. Thanks
  8. Hi, I'm curious as to the capacities you are thinking of integrating in Publisher and Photo. CONCERNING PUBLISHER WILL YOU BE ABLE TO INCLUDE: - Hi-end justification and kerning, and overall pro-level typography.. so far apart from iCalamus, all the "smaller" DTP apps I've seen on Mac are very unprofessional and make them unusable in "real world" design situations. - Ability to import InDesign (or XPress.. not my worry anymore.. but) files. As to me this would be the deal maqker or breaker, I have so many files I repurpose, it would be hard making a switch if that weren't case. It's also how able to make the switch from XPress to InDesgin yar ago, I could import my old XPress files (not alaways perfectly but sufficiently to feel I could switch. I'd love to leave the Adobe "sphere" but InDesign is really what keeps me there. - Ability to place layerd files from your Photo app.. and only turn on a selected layer (as one can do woth Photoshop files in InDesign). - Advanced Pre-press preflighting, batch pdf export, of single pages for large fiels (magazines and such). CONCERNING PHOTO.. - Anything like Smart Objects in the works.. allowing to embed Designer vector files and edit them back in Designer.
  9. Seems like a HUGE limitation to me. Is there something preventing this seemingly huge annoyance from being implemented? I know back in May it was 'on the roadmap.' Is there any movement on that? Thanks!
  10. Hi Guys: I have been using Photo and Designer for a while now and they are very nice. I am quite embedded with Adobe these days but can see the writing on the wall now. Especially after this last Lightroom release (6.2). I am hoping to find replacements for Dreamweaver, InDesign and Lightroom eventually. And due to the high quality of the software and present direction of this company, I am at least a little hopeful that development may be headed in this direction. So my question is; Is there a roadmap of where you guys are eventually going that you can share with us? I think a lot of us are wondering about this. I would really like to buy more stuff from you. Please advise.
  11. Hello, I am trying to create more depth with my illustrations. To do so I am used to be able to warp a texture or image and change the perspective. For example a texture with straight lines, I would like to bend the image to create curved lines. Is this possible yet in Affinity Designer? Thank you, AJM
  12. Hi, Congratulations on the exciting software release! Looking forward to using AD and the whole suite when it's here. I'd like to know how often do you plan to update the Designer? Will you rather wait longer and add as much new features as possible or implement a more rapid update cycle? I think it would be better from the user perspective to see more frequent updates with less new features rather than wait for a whole bunch months but understand it may be difficult given the infamous App Store approval process ;) Thanks and keep up the good work!