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Found 18 results

  1. If you link to an image, the first the first underscore isn't shown in Resource Manager in the Name column. Example: Actual filename "0_Cover.tif" - Displays as "0Cover.tif" Actual filename "0_Back_Cover.tif" - Displays as 0Back_Cover.tif" Actual filename "appendix_a_header.tif" - Displays as "appendixa_header.tif"
  2. I made a graphic in afDesigner and then placed it on a afPublisher page as linked. When I double-click to edit it the changes I make are immediately synced and displayed in the Pub-document. Cool! There is no save, I can only close the edit-window. So far-so good. But, the changes are not saved back to the linked file. It's more like it is an embedded copy of the original graphic I created. But most of the time, I want to write the changes back to the original file, like I had done the modification directly in Designer, so it updates in all documents in which this graphic is placed/linked. plus: I don't know why the colours do not match in the preview - like it's RGB and not cmyk?
  3. I deleted a photo that wasn't working out, and now the Resource Manager keeps alerting me that I have a missing linked item. I can't figure out how to go about getting rid of that irritating popup. The Resource Manager seems to have no option for removing the linked item, and I don't know where else to look. Is there a cache to clear or something? Please help! Thanks!
  4. In an effort to trim the size of my Publisher file and make a "pseudo package" of my project, I selected all my embedded items in Resource Manager, clicked the Make Linked button, nominated a destination folder for links when asked BUT found that while all files were then marked as linked in the Resource Manager, not all my files were copied into the nominated links destination. Why not? AND what determines which are copied and which are not. AND is there any way to make ALL embedded files copy to the nominated links destination?
  5. Having the resource manager just floating around somewhere is causing it to be in the way all the time. Having to open and close it isn't ideal either. Please make the resource manager panel dockable and embeddable as a tab in the studio area, like studio panels do. So we can arrange them within the studio panels/tabs. (If there are people really like it to be floating around as it is, they can still take it out of the studio area let it float.) I also wonder why it isn't a studio-panel and so be available in the studio menu.
  6. Are you using the latest release version? yes. (here's how to check) Can you reproduce it?. Change any Image in my folder of Linked images, Does it happen for a new document? Don't know. No time to check. Windows 10. What happened for you . Resource Manager notifies that ALL files change, when only ONE has been updated. Provide a recipe for creating the problem. Change a File in Affinity Photo, for example. Save. Then publisher RM goes crazy. Screenshots (very handy) or a screen capture/video. Attached. Any unusual hardware. Not really, regular workstation.
  7. Although I'd rather like to see the resource manager will be converted to a studio-panel, so it's dockable and embeddable as a studio-panel/-tab, like posted in this thread: ...the way it is build now the resizing of the panel isn't working. It shows the resize icon on all edges, but resizing doesn't work (see video below). It's a huge panel I'd like to keep open, but it's just too large to do that (and it's impossible to include it in the studio area, because it doesn't dock/embed) resource-panel-resizing-not-working.mp4
  8. It feels like there's too many floating panels. Like placed images, fonts are also document resources. Just combine them into one panel with 2 tabs: 1) Placed Documents and 2) Fonts, or something to that effect, as Resources seems like too generic a term... You can rename the menu item Placed Document and Font Manager (or something better than Placed Documents) to let the user know it deals with both types of resources. Thanks for your consideration
  9. First of all: Congrats on the launch of Publisher! It would be great to be able to control-click on the columns headers/labels and be able to select which metadate is shown. Additionally, Color Space and ICC Profile would be great additions to view directly in the column view and not have to click on each image to make sure all profiles/color modes are correct. Additionally, I would ask you to consider renaming some of the buttons in the Resource Manager to be less confusing: 1. Change Locate to Show. Locate implies file location on HD, not on document. 2. Change Replace… to Locate… as this implies file location. Seems to me the Resource Manager is mostly used to Locate missing linked assets more than "Replacing" missing asset locations. Thanks for your consideration and all the excellent work you do!
  10. Hello! is it possible to link a text file, in such a way as it can be with images in Resource Manager? what I need is for the text to be updated (loaded from external RTF, TXT or any other text file that is periodically corrected) each time the project is opened in Publisher
  11. 1) In the Dock on Mac, the shape of Publisher-app is not same as other two Affinity-apps. Why? 2) I miss the palette: "Resource manager" to manage images. Now we have to click with mouse: [menu] Document / Resource Manager… too cumbersome.
  12. There are many threads regarding relative paths for linked images and wanted "pack & go" functionality. I read it over and over and I start to think that these solutions are partly really complicated for a thing that already has a easy solution if you look at other software. I reseaeched how customer photo book creation software like the one of CEWE, Rossmann and Pixum does it. They all have a "inages"/"ressources"/"assets" folder right beside the document file. This folder is managed by the application: If you drag an images from anywhere into your document (application window) the file is copied into that folder. If you delete the image from the document the file gets deleted to. If you change the file in the folder ot gets updated in the document like Publisher does this automaticly with linked ressources (if the option is acticated). It's really simple and works basicly the same way the APUBs "internal filesystem" works. This could be a third mode alongside with "embedded" and "linked". So there would be no need to do a regular "pack & go" to "clean" your image directory from unused files. Publisher should automatic delete them in this mode. Of course if you delete a used file it should show up with a broken image indicator in the document. But using this mode you know what you do. Again, every major photo book creator works this way and I believe this would solve all the problems people asking for relative paths and pack&go have. Also in my workflow it's cumbersome to copy my selected images first to another place. I browse my photo collection looking for fitting photos as I build up a new page and drag them in, look how they fit into what I want to show and maybe I remove it again and use another. Having them to copy to an image folder first is a bit annoying.
  13. It would be nice to have a shortcut for quickly open the resource manager, without going in the menu. I feel that need because when I have the Resource Manager open all the document suddenly becomes slow, especially moving images and frames (I do not understand if this is a problem of the resources of my computer or an application bug), so I keep it open only when I haeve to chek the images parametres. By the way, great app! Can't wait to use the final stable product!
  14. Hi, The Image placement status between resource manager and layers are not in sync. Document setup is set on Prefer linked. App preference is set on autmatically update linked file. Changing the linked file external wil not update the instance in AP. Dubbelclicking the placed image wil open embedded editor. Behavior in all cases is do embedded. Using all AD files, AP Version .145 on Windows.
  15. I've created a document, and inserted a number of images. However, I now want to link those files, rather than have them embedded, so I went to resource manager to do that, but the images don't appear. To test, I tried just dragging an image directly into the document. This one appears in the resource manager. I also created a frame directly on the page, and then dragged an image onto this. This appeared in the resource manager too. So the fact they don't appear must be because of the process I used: I created a master page, with two image frames in the positions that I wanted images. I created a number of pages based on this master page. I turned off syncing and unlinked the master page layer on each page. I dragged images onto the frames to populate them. There must be something about this process that means that the images don't get indexed into the resource manager. Please can this be corrected?
  16. Not sure if this has been requested yet, but.. I would like to see the Resource Manager available as a panel similar to the Links panel in InDesign, as well as being able to assign hotkeys to Resource Manager buttons like Replace (Relink) and Locate.
  17. It would be nice to be able to select multiple images (by holding shift key?) and bulk change the Placement.
  18. Dear Dev-Team, can you please bring the Resource Manager from Publisher to the Photo and Designer as well? At least for the Designer it would be a nice feature not to save large images within the .afdesign file. In the case you have to work with images/source files from other sources it would make things easier to update them in the progress. Thanks.