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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I'm not sure if this is where I should be posting this, but here we go: A while back I started getting notifications telling me my version of Affinity Designer was out of date. I currently have version Upon trying to update, it encountered an error. If I try to uninstall, it says "This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package". I went into my C: drive and deleted all signs of "Affinity". When I try to install Affinity, I get "The older version of Affinity Designer cannot be remov
  2. I inadvertently uninstalled my infinity program only having purchased it a few weeks ago .it is now refusing to function what can I do
  3. Using 1.7.3, macOS Mojave 10.14.6. Working on a table in a new document. I try to format the table with the little drop-down arrow and select "Autofit Row to fit Contents" with the row(s)/column(s) selected and the program abruptly crashes (screenshot). When the program reopens, the top tool bar is missing (screenshot). Unchecking "Separated Mode" or resetting the studio does not fix the top tool bar being missing. The only solution that I found to work was completely wiping the program and all config files off the computer and reinstalling fresh [edit: I have to wipe it off and reinstal
  4. I purchased Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo on July 8 2017 and I did reinstall of softwares numerous times. Today when I have done my Windows reinstallation and starting the program Affinity Designer I have been asked for the Product Key. Since it was emailed to me, I entered the info in the required spaces but am being told it is invalid. Does the key expire? And if not, can I reinstall the version that was working as needed? Or do I have to purchase the product again?
  5. Hi, My app kept crashing while I was editing. So I decided to delete it and reinstall it. But all my files were gone!!! Total panic!! Luckily I had an old cloud backup so I could save most of my files. My how on earth can I reinstall Photo without losing my files (I hope nog saving and exporting them one by one, there must be an other way!).
  6. After installation of Affinity it seemed that mij laptop (display or processor) is to slow for this application. I would like to try it on a faster one. How can I realize this ?
  7. Hello! I have been having some issues with Affinity Designer lately and wanted to reinstall the software. Can I just uninstall like normal or do I have to unregister the software before uninstalling to be able to reinstall it? Thanks
  8. Just bought Affinity for Mac, but I would like to have the same on my Windows pc. How do I do this, I find no download area.
  9. I bought Affinity Photo four months ago and installed it on a Windows 10 on PC. Since then I have hardly used it but it has been working ok. When I opened it yesterday I was asked if I wanted to install the latest version which I did. Then when I tried to open Affinity again the error message shown below appeared and I now cannot open it. I do not have any saved work so would be happy to reinstall Affinity if that is a solution. Can you please advise
  10. G'day from Australia. My WIndows 10 computer is very ill and I have to take the computer down to the computer shop for a system 10 reinstall. Could some kind soul please help me with. 1. Deinstalling Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. 2. Downloading the latest versions. (Where do I go to find the downloads and passwords). 3. Reinstalling. Thank you for your help. Best wishes and seeya. Paul.
  11. I've lost my AFFINITY app, and can't get it from the APP STORE. I had a major problem with iTunes ( when I bought a =new iMac ). I had to reformat my hard drive to fix it. Can anyone help?
  12. I am installing a new solid state hard drive in my Apple Macbook Pro laptop. I'll need to reinstall Affinity. I don't remember getting a key or password when I installed it. I purchased it from the Apple Application store in December. How do I reinstall without a key? Or, do I need one? I'm going to use cloning software to copy over the software that will copy. Thanks
  13. Help - Please ! I am no longer able to view any - ' instructions' ( at bottom of screen) nor do am I am able to view - Layers/Effects/Brushes/ etc on the Right hand side of the screen - not able to view , "my history" I have tried to Reset Tools - went to Preferences, / reset default - no luck - should I reinstall Designer - ? Please assist - Thanks.
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