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Found 8 results

  1. Hi. I'm splitting an older post in the hope that the single issues get addressed. In AP 1.6.7 I choose the crop ratio via "Mode: ...". After I pick one, the pulldown menu closes automatically <= This is how it should be. In AP I choose the crop ratio via the cogwheel icon. After I pick one, I have to close the the pulldown menu with an additional click on the cogwheel or outside the pulldown menu. Please close the pulldown menu automatically after I chose one of the crop ratios. Chris B already replied that it should behave like it does in 1.6.7 (and like it does in the beta on windows), but the thread didn't get an afp-... number to show me that it's logged to be looked at.
  2. It doesn't matter what I copy, could be boxes, could be imported SVGs, instead of copying an SVG, Affinity Designer rasterizes it into an image. This is super annoying.
  3. Hi. I'm splitting an older post in the hope that the single issues get addressed. Please let me keep the dark background colour when I'm cropping, like it is in 1.6.7.: background darker than the photo.
  4. Hi. I'm splitting an older post in the hope that the single issues get addressed. This would not be a problem if my settings were sticky (as Darken Border is by now). I'm on a 13 inch MacBook. Until 1.6.7. I have to change the Overlay setting to None for every single photo I'm cropping. In the 1.7.0 beta (now on .107) you introduce an additional click for me, because the Overlay setting is hidden behind the >> in the top right corner. Please make AP remember that I want Overlay set to None in 99% of all the photos I'm cropping. Until then, please let me decide which settings are hidden behind the >>, either by letting me drag&drop their position or by letting me uncheck the display for the one's I'm never using in Preferences – User Interface. Thank you.
  5. I'm working on a 13-inch MacBookPro I'm missing the following aspects of AP 1.6.7 in – please restore or let me keep them via settings -> user interface: – When I crop, the space around the photo needs to be darker than the photo (as it is before I activate cropping) – As long as the setting for Overlay is not sticky and I have to change it for every single photo I work on, I need to be able to change it without also having to click on >> to access it – Edited to add: when I choose a crop ratio, the pulldown with the ratios needs to close itself after I chose, without an additional click by me (plus an old cropping bug which has been logged already) Screenshots: top 1.6.7, bottom
  6. Even with rather moderate image sizes, whenever there is an active pixel selection (tested in marching ants mode), the software becomes extremely slow and beachbally, and the entire OS becomes unresponsive. This was not the case pre-1.5. If it is possible to deselect despite the slowdowns and erratic UI, the performance seems to go back to normal. This is using the 1.5.1 AppStore build of Photo on OS X 10.9.5 with the latest system updates, late 2008 silver model MacBook, with 8GB RAM installed after the fact and hard drive replaced with SSD, graphics chipset is the standard NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB. Main screen is an external Eizo CG series graphics monitor connected via Display Port, on which Affinity Photo is running. OS is German locale, with Affinity Photo running in English. Activated IME keyboards are German, US English, and the three Japanese ones.
  7. Hello team, I'm pretty sure this is a regression, but since updating from an older release to, if I click to select a layer in the layer toolbox and then hit the space bar, the layer is not unchecked.

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