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Found 15 results

  1. I never ordered google affinity and I want a full refund
  2. Hello, I sent my e-mail about a purchase return 5 days ago. But, I couldn't get any reply from there. I wanna get refunds of the website version and buy the App Store version. Could you send me a reply about whether I can get refunds or not?
  3. Hi all, I recently bought Designer from the apple store, wondering if I can get a refund since I think to use my desktop PC instead of my macbook pro. Any advise?
  4. It's been two days since I requested a refund. I bought it to try it out but I didn't like it so I'm returning it. I sent out an email to affinityreturns@serif.com but never got a response if I would be getting a refund or not Just want to know when I should get an email back saying that I can get a refund
  5. Hi, To whom it may concern, as I wanted to ask or apply for my refund does anybody know how to apply to it or whom should I address.
  6. While the app looks fantastic, don't purchase the Designer app if you have an Air 1. I purchased it because the AppStore indicated my device's compatibility. However, after downloading, I found out this wasn't true. After visiting this forum and copy/pasting the language the developers recommended to use when requesting a refund from Apple, they still declined to offer a full refund. What a waste. I want to emphasize that this is not Affinity's fault, but Apple's. Be careful out there...
  7. Hello, Actually I purchased affinity designer for iPad its not compatible for my device, so I reported for refund there is no confirmation mail for refund. please let me know how to process for refund Thanks
  8. I sent an email to affinity team i follow the instruction that has provided to affinity site i just want to know have anyone ever return affinity photo i'll wait for your replies guy's
  9. I really love Affinity Photo and I wish to keep using it but I have recently switched to a new computer which is a Windows computer instead of my old Mac, I'm not using that computer anymore and I want to use Affinity Photo on my new computer but I don't want to buy Affinity Photo for this computer and have a Mac copy just sitting around not ever being used. I wanted to know if there was a way to get a refund on Affinity Photo so I could buy the Windows version.
  10. How can I go about getting a refund. This application is completely useless. It freezes and crashes every single time half way through a job.
  11. Hi 4tr33 here. About 1 month ago my laptop was stolen with my affinity account saved , and in Oct 9 my account bought 2 affinity photo and 1 designer copies In the absence of my knowledge. Because I didn't notice the bank card notification until now, it's been 1 month after this usurp. I already bought affinity photo and designer, and the experience is really good ,but I don't need so much copies, so may I return these 3 packages and refund my money back? Yours sincerely
  12. Hi, I bought Affinity on 17 June 2017 and I would l┼čke to refund it. The problem with Affinity is I am familiar with Adobe Photoshop and I am not good at Affinity. I tried to use it, I asked many questions but it is hard to change from Adobe to Affinity. How can I refund it? Thank you
  13. I bought Designer for Windows and have been using it for a while. But it is far from satisfactory. To go through all glitches should cause me lots of job. Just to name an example, the crop tool does not work. I have compared to Affinity Photo, which is totally superior. I'm seriously disappointed, and I want a refund or some kind of substantial compensation.
  14. My younger brother recently clicked purchase for Affinity Designer while I was logged into the app store and purchased it without telling me, using a majority of my iTunes credit. I looked for a phone number to call in but I can't find one, how can I go about getting a refund for this app (seeing as it is pretty expensive)? Thank you in advanced for any help.
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