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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys, I just uploaded a new video about how to cut out hair, fur, or anything from the background without having to lose a single strand of hair using refine edges / refine mask. I hope you like this video, thank you!
  2. I do not understand how I can refine a mask a second time (in Affinity Photo). To make more clear what I mean, this is what I have done and where I run into problems: I made a selection; used it to make a Mask layer; right-clicked on the mask layer and chose Refine mask; made some refinements and chose Apply. So far all good, but now I want to make more refinements, but if I choose Refine mask again, the refinements I made previously seem to be lost. If I press cancel in the Refine Selection panel, then I see the previous refinements are NOT lost, but I cannot figure out how I can apply more refinements, working from the mask that already was partly refined. This is driving me crazy, so any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I can’t find a Key combinations that will get the right or left bracket used to resize brusch in Photo "refine"
  4. Hi, When I refine a mask selection, the edges get fuzzy on the default settings. The settings are: Matte Edges - Checked Border Width - 10% Smoothing - 0 Feather - 0 Ramp - 0% I've attached a screenshot to show this. The noise occurs both inside AND outside the selection. I don't mind it occuring outside as I can deal with that, however it's inside the selection that's a constant frustration. This happens regardless of the matte I use. All the demos that I've seen have had worse background contrasts, yet the edges come out clean when the Refine tool is used. I'm also using OpenGL for my display. My current version is Affinity 1.6.7. Thanks.
  5. Steps to reproduce Create a mask Right-click on the mask and select Refine Mask... Screenshot Version Affinity Photo OS Windows 10 Home (64 bit) | Version 1809
  6. Hi, Created a mask and when I refine the mask "background", "foreground" and "feather" > Apply all artifacts are gone. But when I right click again (some other day) for further refining the mask on "refine mask", all artifacts are back again. How do you open/save a mask for further refining/editing and get on where you ended your last "refine mask" session without losing all previous refining? Regards, David
  7. I want to matting area manually so I turn matte edges off and draw matte brush by my self but nothing happen to photo. When I draw matte brush, Red mark appear ,"Refine selection" loading appear but nothing happen. Matte brush work when Matte edges turn on, but I want to matte only some area. Did I done something wrong?
  8. Hi, Having a problem with Refine Selection, specifically with masks. I click on it and then get beach-balled and have to quit Affinity Designer. Anyone else having similar problems? Anything I can do? It's happened with several different documents so it's not limited to the one I'm using. Thoughts? Help? J
  9. Greatings, I searched Affinity Forum using "Mask" and "Refine +Mask" but did not get a hit about my specific question; In the Tutorial Video named "Refining Selections", after creating the Mask from the selection in the Panel, the tutor instructs to right click the Mask and select "refine mask" in the drop down list. This option is missing from the two version I currently use on my mac mini (1.4) and MacBook Pro (1.5.2); The Tutorial does not match the current options available in the drop down menu on right click. How do you "refine" Mask then? Pisk
  10. I'm not sure if this is a bug or my lack of usage understanding, but when I use refine mask on an image the layer just zooms in to about a quarter top left part of the image, and when applied that's all I get (it doesn't leave canvas). Anyone else has this?
  11. I am getting some very strange behaviour from Refine Mask dialogue. The images below will show what is happening. First_Selection.jpg shows the selection made with the Selection Brush. Initial_Refine_Selection.jpg shows the refined selection. (I have only done this roughly for the purposes of this demonstration.) New_masked_Layer.jpg shows the resultant new layer with its mask. Somehow I’d expect it to look a bit better from state of the refine dialogue - but that’s not the issue here. Clearly it needs some cleaning up so I go to the Layers menu and open Refine Mask. Reopened_Refine_Dialogue.jpg shows what I get when I do this. Something is clearly wrong! So the issue is am I using the tool badly or is there an AP problem some kind?
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