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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all. I should preface my question with a statement: I've never been a heavy duty Photoshop user. I've got a CC sub, and use it to finish off photos which need skin retouching and cloning. Perhaps I'd use it more if it didn't seem so daunting, with the tons of ways in which a desired effect can be achieved, and the list continues to grow in that arena. Maybe I am assuming incorrectly, but I thought that Affinity was aimed at those who were familiar with PS, but that it wasn't necessary to be, in that tutorials would cover workflow, tools, filters etc.. And for the most part, the tutorials are an interesting introduction to some of these things. But thus far, I feel that they don't do a proficient enough job at really getting to the intricate how's and why's, like I'd hope they would. I figured that new software would have very detailed tutorials, rather than at the end of each one have someone say: "If you have any questions, please go to the forums". Not sure I see the point in doing tutorials unless they're really going to show the in's and out's of tools and feature or the UI etc.. Right now, I'm struggling to comprehend the philosophy behind why there are two seemingly redundant personas. Those being "Photos" and "Develop". I mean, is there really such a great gap between what these two modules have to offer as tools, that they couldn't simply be consolidated? For example... and what really confuses me, is how you start out with a RAW photo, right.. And then, you're presented with very basic tools for adjusting exposure, white and black values, temp and cropping etc. Great, but then when I go over to the Photos persona, I'm presented with not only pretty much the same tools, but advanced versions of them as well. And the rest of the kitchen sink. Why then, should I care about making any adjustments in the Develop Persona, when I can achieve the same exact thing (and more) over in the Photos Persona? If I'm way off base, please let me know why. Sincerely. Maybe I'm being thick? Thanks much... Doug
  2. Hello, As of this first AD beta with the artboards feature, I attempted to use the customise tools option to separate the Artboard tool from the Move tool so that it's positioned below the top tool position, as I prefer not to have that tool hidden away inside the Move tool in it's default setup. However once that is complete, when clicking on the Artboard tool from it's new position, the icon above also changes to another Artboard tool, hence making the Move tool disappear from view. Possible you are already aware, but could this be addressed? Thank you