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Found 6 results

  1. Hi' all ! I'm trying to align photos in order to procced to a noise reduction. However, if I use the classic stacking method (File -> Open stack) the alignement is made on the foreground (or maybe the part of the image is the easiest to align ?) and I don't want to ! My photos are milky way photos. In order to reduce noise in the sky I would like to align multiple photo of the milky way on the stars and not on the foreground (moutains, people, ...). Is it possible to have a feature like this ? Align layers once we have applied a mask ? Thank you for your answer :)
  2. I am new to Affinity Photo and would like to know the best way to reduce moire' patterns in scanned images of printed materials (I.E. greeting cards). I have searched for some tutorials using Affinity and have some idea regarding an approach but am hoping for some suggestions.
  3. No doubt again something simple, again probably a simple fix, but I've already conceded my infant level AD knowledge - help please. How do y'all explain the following behavior upon my reducing the image size in AD, on a 3 month old MacBook Pro running AD 1.5? I've attached 4 thumbnails below to help illustrate. I drag a me-made asset (that stupid black tote bag) onto a photographic image of Bigfoot in an attempt create a crude image of him carrying a black tote bag with a logo on it. Obviously, the scale of the tote is way too large so I begin to reduce it's size. I used both the Transform Panel (W+H) as well as constraining via Shift/Drag. In both cases, the smaller I reduce, the more I see proportional changes in certain layers in the logo (which are grouped). I did NOT have the 'Loch Children' box ticked - would this have bearing on the effect I'm getting? Most obvious IMO is the change in the curvature around the black 'C'...just saying. Thanks for any help! (I love playing with this program - can't wait 'til i have a better grasp of it all) -Christo
  4. Hi Affinity-Team, I'm just switching from PS to Affinity Photo and worked on my first bigger project now, and encountered the following bug: I have a layer for adding some noise (about 25%, monochrome, and opacity for the layer 50%). Now, when I'm exporting the whole document as JPG, the noise disappears. Well, I thought, let's reduce the document to just one layer, and then do the export, but already after reduction the noise disappeared. I've then added the noise again to the reduced document, but whenever I do reduction or export the noise is gone ... Any workaround available? Thanks Johannes
  5. I had to shoot some pics without flash but high ISO => noise. With the developer persona's noise reduction I have almost no effect. And the reduction I get with "Extreme" clicked has no really good result. I compared vs a test install of Lightroom CC 2015. Please have a look yourself. <= Does yet not work because: (1) I'm working with AP 1.4.2 beta 5. (1) Unfortunately the forum rejects my JPGs to upload - no chance: "Upload skipped (Error500). Using Google Chrome and advanced upload service by use of Chrome's internal Flash. Basic uploader also fails. One jpg has 16 MB, the other 12 => both below 20 MB. CU, Roland
  6. I've tried to erase noise of some photos and noticed a strange behavior. I did the following: 1. Open a Photo 2. Use Filter -> Noise -> Noise Reduction (I'm using the German version, hope it's called that way) 3. Set Luminance Noise to Extrem, and take the slider to a high setting. Everything else is set to default. What I got before rendering, just seeing the preview in the main window is what you can see in Preview.png. What I got after rendering you can see in Render.png. Render looks much worse to me. Is this meant to be or might this be a bug? Thanks for your help. Herr der Töne
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