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Found 4 results

  1. Windows 10 Home 1809, Publisher Today I opened a document that I had been playing around with for a few days and noticed that it had opened with a [Read Only] suffix on the file name. I've had a look around on the forum and a few people have had similar - mostly one-off - issues, and with Designer and Photo too. I didn't notice any message about this when I saved the document before it went to Read Only. Publisher hadn't crashed while I've been using the document. There are no external images or anything like that in the document. There's no message when I open the document, it just opens with a [Read Only] suffix on the file name. The document was created with build 227 and it's been sitting on my local drive since then in my Desktop and then Documents folders (so no weird security issues there, I hope). However, when I closed Publisher, launched it again, and went to open the document I got a message saying that there was a recovery document available for it (which had never happened on opening the document before). I told Publisher that I didn't want to open the recovery document and the original document loaded, now without the Read Only status. Could this - a recovery document being available - be part of the reason why people's documents sometimes get a Read Only status?
  2. When working on file that is read-only, it would be really useful if hitting CTRL+S (or going to File > Save) would either present an alert saying the file is read only and cannot be saved, or opening the 'Save As...' dialogue box like Photoshop does. I was working on a file the other day for several hours, not realising that it was read-only and that pressing CTRL+S was not saving my work (as there was no feedback to suggest a problem). Then when the app froze and had to be restarted, I was dismayed to see all the changes I had done were lost.
  3. How do you make the samples in the Welcome page of Affinity Photo writable/editable? Right now it says 'Read only'. That is probably why I can not select the 'Daub!' layer in the 'The Meeting' sample, even with the select tool and using alt keys with it.
  4. Today I've worked few hours with few breaks (with AD active in background) on some document in A4 size. It has few embedded documents with logos (like 3x eps and 1x ai formats). Also there was 4 or 5 photos, few simple shapes with basic transforms (like skew and rotation) and text frames. No FX effects, no adjustments masks etc. Working on it was fast, without performance problems etc. I was saving this file regularly after every bigger step. And suddenly I've discovered that I can't save the file (Ctrl+S) and on the tab with file name I've seen Read Only status (anyway it's first time from beginning my work with Affinity). I thought ok, because just before I've saved file, so I close the file and load it again. On closing appeared message with saving file option (Save as). I've chosen that, and I've changed existing file - because not many changes was made, so nothing will happen even if they will be omitted.... That was what I've assumed. And after closing the AD I've realized by looking on the file image icon preview that in some way, my whole work is backed to the one of the first versions of that file... After loading it, I've got message about recovery file and yes I've recovered it, but as the file icon shown, it was very old file version. Windows (10) doesn't have in it's file recovery tool any version of that file so... Whole design work is gone now... forever. I can't provide now that file because it's private company's inside file, and now it's changed anyway. Maybe on staff priv only. Any ideas what could gone wrong? I've found similar topic but in Beta category: EDIT: In meanwhile I've recreated and finished the project, I've changed it much with using high quality photos, but worked on it without embedded files and so far so good. Maybe there is a problem, in managing embedded files?
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