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Found 466 results

  1. This is from another thread - looking at the demosaicing feature in Raw. I noted that AP on Windows "only" has the Serif engine which bears a striking resemblance to AMaZE (which would make sense as it's so highly regarded). However, there are multiple other algorithms out there including ones to deal with high noise images like this one. I wonder if we could have some alternative engines built in so we can take a crack to see what produces the best initial results off the sensor before we start fiddling?
  2. Hi I'm moving over to Affinity from Photoshop. One feature of PS [in ACR] is the ability to adjust saturation & luminence separately for each individual colour [red /orange / yellow/ purple etc]. This seems to be missing from Develop persona in Affinity. The only way of approaching it seems to be with Curves [ only for RGB & therefore well near impossible for other tones] or by altering white balance [which is a bit of a blunt instrument]. You can do it to a certain extent with selective colour & HSL in Photo persona, but even here you are only adjusting colour bias, not luminence, & in any case working on the Raw file creates better results. Have I misssed something, please?
  3. Hi, When I open a raw file taken with my Nikon D810, the photos look very flat and dull. Is this normal behavior with RAW files or am I doing something wrong? When I open them in other applications, they look as I would expect them to. I've attached a screenshot and a copy of the RAW file to help troublshoot my quesiton. Left is a different application (whose name shall not be mentioned) and Affinity Photo is on the right. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I'm using Affinity Photo for Windows version and my computer is on Windows 10 with 32gigs of memory. Chris Copy of the original raw file. Fall-2018-photoshoot-1056 - Copy.NEF
  4. I am used to adjusting individual colours, both saturation & luminence in Adobe Camera Raw. Affinity's Develop mode does not seem to provide this. Global saturation & hue are there, but no adjustment for individual colours. Have I missed something?
  5. It seems that support for the Canon CR3 format is a long time coming as the first camera with native CR3 images was the EOS M50 and was released on 26 February ... As it is now September is there any likelihood we will see native RAW support for CR3 images soon? This is the new Canon format and will be in all new cameras.
  6. stefanrittmann

    CPU usage too high by editing RAW Images

    I´ve got serious Problems with RAW editing. After a few seconds the CPU of my 2,9 GHZ 4 Kernel MacBookPro 2017 (that's fast) goes up to nearly 100%, the fan starts immediately. With Photoshop anything is cool. What is it about? Why does Affinity Photo needs so much Power? It is annoying...
  7. Hi, New here so please forgive me if this has been dealt with before. I’ve just splashed out on a Fujifilm X-T3 and Affinity photo for iPad Pro. I’ve taken photos in RAW and although the iPad Pro shows thumbnails of the photos in my photo album, Affinity can’t open the RAW files. Is there a way of opening the files or is it a case that Affinity has yet to update the software to open RAW files from the X-T3? many thanks StuH
  8. Hello, I have a question concerning the raw mode in photo. When I used it for the first time, the image shown was not splitted, now I wanted to use the raw mode for the second time the program gives me just that splitted image although "none" is chosen. In the normal mode (jpeg) all is working well. Thank you in advance for your help. Greetings from Cologne :-)
  9. So I've read through the forums, and see that the Nikon D610 is listed under the supported RAW cameras. I've also seen several posts where people are having issues opening multiple nef files. Since nef is Nikon's raw format, I'm curious as to whether or not it is actually supported. I recently deployed AP to my end users, and have been getting feedback that the application is constantly freezing and crashing. After speaking with them, I've discovered that the files they process come from Nikon D610's and that they must be in a RAW format. Well, the only RAW format that these cameras can capture in is nef. Again, reading through other posts, it seems that nef is not currently working as intended. However, the D610 is listed under the supported RAW formats. If you could please clarify if this does or does not work, and if it does, any help to address the situation would be appreciated.
  10. Just got an iPad Pro and planning to install Affinity for the purpose of working on photos. I don’t use Cloud and I don’t want to use iTunes. Is it possible to use a lightning to USB memory stick or card reader as a drag and drop to transfer RAW and PSD files from my desktop pc to iPad Pro to work on and then transfer back to desktop pc? If so, can anyone recommend a suitable flash drive or card reader with drag and drop which can do this? Many thanks!
  11. Hi all, I'm relatively new to photography and affinity photo (on a Mac, OS Mojave) , but I was loading some photos in from my Canon EOS Rebel T6 and the photo seems to opens with a wildly different color profile. The screenshot shows the same file opened in preview and affinity photo unedited. I just installed Affinity Photo on this computer so I haven't changed any default settings, etc. I'm not sure where to start with loading this back to "default" so the RAW photo opens with the proper color scheme. Raw file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3c14gijqm0i1j8z/IMG_0535.CR2?dl=0
  12. Hi, I got Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro 10.5 soon after upgrading for iOS 12. I shoot with Pentax K-70 mostly in native RAW, that is PEF format. I used Lightroom since past 7-8 years, I also have trial version of LR mobile on my iPad. I really like the simplicity and output from LR. With very minimal tweaking LR gives excellent RAW development. But major limitation of LR Mobile app is that it cannot save RAW file in various lossless formats, moreover there are limitations of resizing the files on LR while exporting. Both of these things are taken care by Affinity but I don’t like it’s image output. Mostly the images do not match my taste or need to do too much tweaking to match output of my liking. The major culprit I find in development work flow of AP is the lack of grey point based white balance tool. Which I find very handy in most image editing apps/software. It takes care of both temperature and tint with their perfect interdependence in a single go. Does anyone else know any workaround or feel same like me? I am posting images from LR and AP to show what am I pointing to. Image 3 is AP and 4 is LR output files. And this is my first post so please pardon my mistakes, if any. Atindra
  13. When I open a raw file in affinity it is shown as a .tiff even in develop persona. Is it actually opened as a raw or is it converted to a .tiff when it is brought into affinity?
  14. Hi! It would be really great to have support for RAW-files (*.raf) from the new Fujifilm X-T100 in near future! I know that ther is a possibility to convert to Adobes DNG and import that into Affinity, but this makes the workflow complicated. Thanks and best regards, dh
  15. Hey there. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes this software and I'm struggling with my RAW files in the develop persona. I noted from a post on this site that my Canon 800D RAW files aren't supported when using the Serif Labs RAW engine. I guess this makes more sense as to why the images were turning out pink initially. However after changing the RAW engine to Apple (which is meant to support 800D RAW files) and rebooting my macbook, now the imported RAW doesn't show any image. The files show me a preview in the finder of how the original image looks. My camera firmware is up to date and I've not experienced this issue using CR2 from my other Canon in Affinity before. Any advice would be really appreciated! Thanks :)
  16. Hello, I just start few month use affinity photo , edit from raw file from sony a 6000, and have problem with raw picture quality This is original raw file =========================================================================================== this picture is minus 2 exposure before develop =========================================================================================== this picture is minus 2 exposure after click develop , and on layer photo, going to Develop Persona again. why image quality diffrent ? Thank you.... Hanif
  17. Hello everyone. This is my first Affinity Forums post and I'm excited to be a part of the community... I'm wondering if there is an ETA as to when Affinity Photo (both Desktop and iPad versions) will support the RAW format for the newly announced Canon EOS R mirrorless camera? Yesterday's announcement from Canon has many people excited for the new R system (including me!) and I'd love to easily bring this new camera and lenses into my workflow with Affinity Photo. Also, will there be lens correction available for the new RF series lenses? These lenses look to be quite impressive from an optical quality perspective, but support for them would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any information you could provide on this.
  18. In October I replaced my trusty Canon 40D with a Canon 77D and I bought Affinity as an alternative Photoshop, as my version would not open the Canon 77D raw files without a purple layer. I've not really used Affinity in processing RAW images until these last few days whilst I've being on holiday for the festive period. Now I've noticed there seem to have an issue when importing the Raw files into Affinity, all the colour seems to be missing, or washed out. Even the histograms are different. I'm using the camera to take both RAW and Large JPG images. I've attached some images to show what I mean. I've looked at other threads but all the things it suggests I've not being able to make a difference to the RAW import. Any help on this issue would be greatly received. Im more than happy using the JPG's but I would like to edit the RAW images with the colours in which they were actually shot.
  19. Is there some reason why automatic lens distortion corrections that are applied to a single RAW file when the assistant is so configured, are not applied to RAW files that participate in File | New HDR merge... ? It would seem to be one of the more evident things to do. Now I find myself having to remove pin cushion and barrel distortion in a separate step. I am running ver. 1.6.7 on a Mac.
  20. How/where/what format does AP save edited RAW images from Apple Photos database? This includes both photos editing as an extension and using the Image > Edit with command. My concerns are the ever-increasing size of my local Apple Photos database and the syncing to other devices in the Cloud, and of course the Cloud size requirements. Based on this information I hope to calculate my photo storage growth needs then determine if it can be sustained "as is" or if I'll need to find another solution. Thanks
  21. studio97

    detail refinement Raw

    I have seen that when i use detail refinement in Raw (see image) and go to develop, then the image is losing the detail setting i give in. This is under windows 10 and version 1.6.5.xxx maby I doing something wrong?
  22. I have some JPEG+RAW photos taken with my Fuji F600EXR camera. I was surprised tonight that when I processed the RAW version of one of the shots using Affinity Photo it was significantly larger physically than the JPEG version which the camera produced. Overall I felt that the quality of the image, once I tweaked it, was better than the camera generated JPEG, with better colours, but I was surprised at the extra "border" to the shot. Is this normal with RAW?
  23. Could someone please explain me why Affinity took its current route for RAW editing – as a persona inside inside an image editor? Is this a temporary implementation – for as long as one hasn't got a DAM with an inbuilt RAW developer? So that one at least has a basic editor – for now. Or is the Develop persona meant to stay? I'm serious. Maybe you can give me some pointers but I honestly fail discovering anything good, fast or interesting in the way Affinity handles RAWs currently. Opening single RAW files (any type takes ten seconds or even longer) Opening a whole folder of RAWs makes no sense, would be prohibitively slow and system taxing There's no way to apply common development settings to dozens of images at once There's generally no way to edit non-destructively single images or many images at once The reason why I ask is – I can not imagine an only half way elegant path to expand the Develop-Module inside Affinity – so that one in future versions can do all what's listed above. And that – needless to say – is not a crazy list at all. You can insert instantly, instantly, easy as pie, easy as pie with regards to that list and my legacy 6 years old Photoshop I'm still running. So please let me know – what's good about the current implementation? What is even better than RAW editing with other products?
  24. Hi there, I am eager to start working with Affinity Photo for Windows, but my camera (Canon 800D / rebel T7i) does not appear on the supported camera raw list. Has anyone tried to process a raw file from it, even if it is not on the list ? If it is not supported, will the next update support it ? When will it be scheduled ? Best regards, Onkei
  25. Hi, I write cause I have a painful time trying to get the colors right from a DNG file.| The DNR file was made using an Android Smartphone - Nokia 7 Plus - with Adobe Lightroom CC android app - it has a camera option with DNG save. I use windows 10 and default picture browser, I have installed Adobe drivers for DNG file. When I open the file in the picture browser it has the right colors - very close to the actual ones. When I open the same file in Affinity Photo I get them wrong. It's subtle (or not so subtle in the example I give) but it is/ And it's not a uniform shift (I suppose) and I can't get them fixed, neither by white balance or channel mixing. I tried to decrease blue channel and it worked on a part of the image but rest of the image was off. I try tonal curve for blue channel but it's painful and I can't get it right. On the attached image you can see the difference. The right side is the more correct version, the left side is affinity photo - develop persona - I just moved the saturation all the way up to show the problem. Both images are the same file - just open in two different applications. Please, I need help! I wish I could get the colors right! EDIT: Ugh... in reality it's even more turquoise. I know that things may be off because of the monitor calibration but still I have hard time get it right.