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Found 425 results

  1. I’ve been having an issue with the way AF renders the colors in Canon CR2 files compared to Canon’s Digital Photo Professional. I have the tone curve turned off in the Develop Assistant and am using the Serif Labs RAW Engine. I’m using these settings to enable me to have lens correction since I’m using a Tamron lens which Canon’s DPP doesn’t support any corrections. And I can’t disable the initial tone curve in DPP which limits my dynamic range. I’ll attach screenshots of 2 images, one converted by Canon’s DPP, the other by Affinity Photo. You can see the obvious color shift, especially in the reds. When I put the eyedropper inside the zero of 750s on the side cover I get these values. DPP R=222, G=4, B=3. With AF I get R=188, G=0, B=24. I’ve tried using the Selective Color adjustment and can get the red close by setting the Red channel to Cyan=-100%, Yellow=+35% but the other colors are still off and difficult. Is there any way I can color match to the Canon DPP colors? They are accurate to real life.
  2. Hello. I was looking for photoshop alternatives since Adobe refuses to sell lifetime license stuff until I found this. unfortunately, my camera AKA Canon 200D is not supported. My only available OS is windows so I can't rely on Apple core to take care of my RAW files. So I want to know when will my camera be added to the supported list and if I can use TIFF (8-bit, 16-bit or 32-bit float) format instead of RAW until my camera is added. Thanks in advance YAR Oracool
  3. Is it possible to make use of macros developing RAW photos in Develop Persona? "Macro" appears in studio only in Photo Persona.
  4. Jdphotopdx

    File type?

    How do I simply see what file type I’m working with? I import a raw image from Lightroom mobile. I want to make sure it’s not importing a jpeg copy but the original raw file. Should be very easy in the metadata but it’s not there.
  5. Good Evening, I am new to Affinity and I wish they mention slow operating affinity I would not have paid for it. To load a Raw file from my Canon 80D is very frustrating, I am almost about to give up on the software and call it a waste of money and better inform my facebook 'new photographer'' group of about 25,000 members not to join. Everything is slow..slow ...slow. to load, editing, undo. Please is there any help before I take this matter up because I found it deceiving nothing like in the video. I CAN'T WORK and I am regretting it. Many Thanks
  6. Hello, When I open a .cr2 file in Affinity Photo, it doesn't read the XMP file associated. How to change this ? Thanks and regards,
  7. Hi Guys, I was just wondering if there was an update as to when support for RAW files taken with the Nikon B700 camera will be available? I still cannot open the raw files without them going all weird, strange colour and distorted. Thanks! Billie
  8. kervanoel

    Raw CR3

    I have Canon M50 It is impossible to develop new RAW format CR3 and CR3 compressed on Affinity. Will be an update? IMG_0010.CR3
  9. philippe brems

    Sony ARW shows a scattered image

    Hello - when I open a Sony ARW file I get something that looks like the attached. Is this a bug or is it a setting I need to apply? Kr - Philippe
  10. Hey there internet friends, I'm having some trouble adapting my workflow around a new camera I've picked up recently, the YI M1. If you're not familiar, the M1 is a micro 4/3 camera with a beautiful 20 megapixel Sony sensor and not much else to offer. I've found that while the JPEGs it makes are mediocre at best, the RAWs can be developed really beautifully with a little effort in Affinity Photo. Unfortunately these RAWs aren't supported at all in Apple's RAW engine. And that's where the trouble starts. I'm a lifelong Aperture user. I have something like 100,000 photos in Aperture libraries, and I always felt kind of attached to it as a longtime Mac user that started getting serious about photography right about the same time it came out. Y'all can pry it out of my cold, dead hands. And although I've considered switching to ON1 (but not Lightroom) or whatever solution Affinity is working to develop (see my tweet w/ Affinity from 5/8/18 here: https://twitter.com/kuyman/status/994021690672910336), I'm currently using Photos.app on the Mac and on the iPad with a lot of success. It's no Aperture, but Apple has done a lot over the last few years to make it suitable for my purposes. Usually I develop my RAW file there, then make the few changes that may be necessary in Affinity Photo, then save it back out to Photos. This workflow works great for supported RAWs on the Mac, and I'm very satisfied with Apple's RAW engine, even for my tricky Fuji RAW files. But for these totally unsupported M1 files, all I get is a black image in Photos.app. And because of the way Photos.app passes the file to Affinity to edit (as a usually great but in this case useless 16 bit TIFF), Affinity Photo also ends up with the totally black image. Although the YI M1 is not listed in the official list of supported RAW cameras, you can develop those files fine. Makes sense to me since this is the same sensor from the Olympus PEN-F which is on the supported list. But to get Affinity Photo to open the RAW relies on me finding the actual RAW file in buried directories inside my Photos.app library, copying that file out, and then opening it directly. While I would find that an acceptable workflow just a few years ago, in 2018 that's a serious pain, especially since I often import all my photos directly into the iPad version of Photos.app. So I guess my question is this: can anyone recommend a workflow where I can open Mac unsupported RAW files directly in Affinity Photo as RAW files? Getting this working on the Mac is a good start, but I'd love to hear ideas for how to get it to work with the iPad as well. I've attached one of the DNGs to this post, but you get the idea. Thanks! P5090027.DNG
  11. summer_dayze

    Importing RAW

    This is my first time trying to import RAW photos to edit in Affinity. I've copied the photos from my camera (Fujifilm xa3) to my desktop, then opened in Develop Persona. I can't figure out why the images appear almost blank - they are mostly white with a few coloured pixels, and the image is changed to a square. What am I doing wrong?? Please help!
  12. AndreSilva

    No suporte for Fuji rafs?

    Ok, so I loaded some XPro2 Rafs to Box Cloud and tried to open in the iPad app, nothing happens...are Fuji raws not supported?
  13. cjsolomon

    CR2 to Jpeg Batch

    I am somewhat new to affinity but not photo programs, I was trying to batch some Cr2 RAW from canon to jpeg for facebook uploads, when i go to create the macro all I am doing is sharpening, I would loved to create the presets or macro in the persona ? and not have to go into develop just to do that, maybe I'm missing something, these are just quick changes nothing super important. I open the RAW and exposure looks good just needs a tad sharpening....however after the batch they are 1-2 stops darker, i can't hardly judge batching them from the develop to the batch for the macro original and batched attached I just don't understand why or what I am missing, well i'd upload the files but i get an error 200 so here is a couple screen grabs you can see the difference in the brightness but like i mentioned all I'm doing is batch converting to jpeg and a sharpening, even if i don't do the sharpen it still makes them darker
  14. exploremoar

    Photo crashing when loading RAW

    Photos has a new habit of crashing when I’m trying to load RAW files. Using an iPad Pro and importing from a sony a6500. At first the RAW (not even raw+JPEG files) are loading as PNGs in the regular persona. Now when I try loading the same file it crashes. Any ideas?
  15. Hi, I just want to know when are you releasing an update support for Fujifilm Lossless Compressed raw .RAF file. I just bought an Ipad pro 10.5" and purchased Affinity Photo, I didn't know it wasn't supported yet. thanks
  16. Hi I have ordered a Sony A7 111. Will Affinity Photo support these file types yet?
  17. Hello all, I am trying to edit RAW files from my sony a6500. Affinity is showing the files as RAW when I go to import, but only about half the time are the photos actually loading as a RAW in the develop module. Sometimes they do, sometimes they dont, there doesnt seem to be any pattern or consistency. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  18. Does anyone know of a tutorial describing the use of Affinity Photo as an extension in Apple’s Photos? I’ve tried to use Affinity Photo to edit my photos in Photos and I have a few questions. 1. Do I have a to save a copy of the edits I apply in AP as an AP document before the edits are applied and returned to Photos? 2. If I edit a RAW file, what type of file is returned to Photos? Is it a JPG? TIFF? I’m trying to incorporate Affinity Photo into my workflow using Photos and I’m trying avoid saving many different copies/versions of an image. Thanks. Ed
  19. Hi When loading GFX50s RAF file into the Develop Persona the left side is missing about 450 pixels and the right side has a black rectangle where I would expect image, also it looks like the image size is wrong. This is a screen capture of my desktop. Notice: In Affinity Photo: missing pixels, the black strip and at the top the decoded picture size. In the right (explorer): no black strip and see the picture size. The original picture (RAF and decoded TIFF in other software) show 8256x6192, where AP is showing it as 8280x6208. This is a screen capture of just the black strip zoomed all the way so it is showing where the image data ends and the width of the black strip. Here is the RAF file to duplicate the problem: RW007722.zip (73MB) Thx Rob
  20. Hi, a small issue i have noticed in the raw develop persona: The "White Balance" settings seems not to be saved with a new preset (White Balance was checked before saving the new preset). If you open a new raw and apply your preset, the white balance category is still unchecked (with default values for temperature and tint). The other options in the basic tab work as intended. Affinity Photo 1.6.4. on a Windows 10 x64 v1709 with latest patches installed.
  21. Has anyone solved the problem with opening Raw files in Windows 10? Is there an easy way to view these, prior to opening for editing in Affinity Photo?
  22. On the selection panel opened by File/Open menu, it does not show a preview of embedded JPEG in the RAF file (FUJI RAW). It should ! Otherwise I just can guess what image I am about to open or I need to check in another program, what image relate to a specific file name.
  23. harrpu

    Sony a7 iii

    Opening a Sony a7 iii uncompressed RAW file just gives a black screen. I can only find a list from 2016 of cameras you support. Is there an updated list, and when might this camera get on it? Thanks
  24. When importing CR2 (Canon RAW from 5Dmkii) files, they often look very different. In the case of blue colours, the highlights have a very strong pink/purple cast to them. This is quite a contrast to when using Canon's Digital Photo Professional, and Apple RAW preview tools, where they maintain the expected colors Note: I've already switched to using Apples RAW engine. It did not resolve the issue. I've attached a small screen-grab to highlight the issues, along with a CR2 file that clearly exhibits the issue. I'm using version 1.6.7. IMG_0439.CR2
  25. Hi! I have trouble importing RAW-files to my iPad Pro (12,9, 2nd gen) running iOS 10. I have uploaded NEF-files to Google Drive from my Nikon D300. The problem is that they won't open. If I try to open them from GD with the "open in app"-command, nothing happens. And if I navigate to GD from within Affinity Photo the NEF-files are greyd out and cannot be opened. I tried to send a file to iCloud Drive but it too is grey and cannot be opened. I converted one of the files to a jpeg. and it opened just fine from GD. Looking forward to your reply, thanks! - Tuukka