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Found 440 results

  1. Personally, I have been having a hard time accepting AP as a replacement for PS. There is a performance issue and quality issue. I have attached a side-by-side example of a NEF image taken with my D750, both zoomed too 100% . The image were processed similarly, or as best I could. You can PS did a much better job, especially in regards to sharpeness. Has anyone else done this comparison? If so, what were your results?
  2. Always when I import *.rw2 files from the iOS photo app the screen stays black, works with raw files from other cameras.. Although the G9 is on Apple‘s whitelist - all software is up-to-date
  3. Hello everyone! I take the photos with Canon 6D, when I open the raw files with windows 10 photo app and Irfan view, everything goes well. the color is just fine. but when I open it with affinity photo, it shows more red and color bands between bright and dark parts. can anybody make an explanation? I attached 2 photos here, be aware that the model has some fat granule on the face this may cause discomfort.
  4. How is RAW support for new camera models handled? Is this part of general updates/upgrades or a separate (more frequent?) process? For example, if I purchase Affinity Photo 1.6, will I receive updates for new RAW file formats indefinitely? Until 2.0? Thanks, couldn't find this info. elsewhere.
  5. Hey there My buttons for white balance under RAW development are not working properly... They go way too far, and I am not sure how to fix it. I've uploaded 3 pictures and one video to demonstrate what I mean... I've also attached two pictures of my Assistant and Performance settings Thank you Example_3.mov
  6. I’m about to adopt the Affinity suite of apps for iPad and Mac OS. (Photo and Designer) I am a heavy Lightroom user. What are people using to do this function if you are not using Adobes Creative Cloud? Ideas?
  7. I have a Fuji X-T20 and am considering buying Affinity Photo Desktop for Mac. Two questions: * I have the camera set to take RAW images using the Lossless Compressed option. Will Affinity be able to open such files? * The camera incorporates digital lens corrections for RAW files. Will Affinity be able to read and uses this metadata? Hope someone here can help. Thanks!
  8. Jayden Brand

    Curves Creating Glitched Images

    Hey there :) Whenever I try to use curves in Develop Persona, the images I work on get these glitches and I can't see what the image is going to look like. Let me take you through my process, maybe I am doing something wrong... I open a RAW file into Affinity Photo (Taken on Canon 700d) I do basic edits under 'basic,' such as contrast, saturation, shadows and highlight (etc.) I then move over into 'lens,' and load a basic preset that I have created in there. I then move over to 'details,' and load another preset, and adjust where necessary. Then, depending on what I want to achieve with the image, I move over into 'tones,' and mostly convert to black and white. But whenever I try to use curves, the same thing always happens (Check the images below, but specifically the shadows in the second image) (Please note photograph is for explanatory purposes and is not the most striking image) Thanks peoples :)
  9. Affinity Photo currently does not support the .gpr filetype - please add support to ease workflow! (Adobe DNG converter is a terrible extra step!)
  10. The problem that occurs is the white balance box selection tool does not line up with the cursor - but is offset some distance away. The workflow that creates this issue is as follows: 1) open raw file 2) crop image 3) attempt to box select white balance tool. If I do not crop the image first, white balance selection tool works as expected.
  11. When importing RAW files from my Panasonic ZS70, there is a vignetting effect which makes the RAW image useless to edit. I do understand this camera is not supported. Though, it is an incredibly popular camera and I'm frankly surprised by this of a company of your size. Is there any way around this problem or any word when this camera's RAW image import might become usable in Affinity? Thanks. Theon
  12. Hi, I finally DLed the trial version of Affinity Photo yesterday to make sure it works for my images / gear. I have a couple of initial questions. 1) As I shoot only in RAW, am I always launched into the Develop persona? Do I make my adjustments there before moving to the Photo persona? A lot of instructional tutorials start at the Photo persona. Is that because people input JPG images? 2) The RAW image thumbnails are not visible when choosing photos to import. Is there a way around that? 3) I posted a forum question about my gear not being supported as yet (Canon 77D & Sigma 18-300mm lens) but see the following: As both are listed, does thaty mean that the s/w is able to pick them up & I'm able tomake adjustments based on them specifically? To have these listed under cameras & lenses in the future, what exactly do I have to do? 4) I have only just started playing with one photo & in the Develop persona again, under profiles, there's no camera profile, only output profile: What difference will that make to what I can do? |Is the camera profile that listed in the image ablove? - ie the same as the output profile? 5) There are so many tutorials out there but the beginner basic ones seem to relate to the photo persona. I did find one on the develop persona but it woudl be ever so helpful to have one, or a series even that dealt with beginners who shoot in RAW & need a basic workflow to start them off. Thanks so much. Julie.
  13. papax

    RAW Histogram

    Before a RAW is developed, I get one histogram displayed. After developing it, I get a totally different histogram displayed. Can this really be true?
  14. Hello, Just got back from shooting in RAW and when I uploaded my photo to edit, the data at the top of the window has "RGB" before the photo data instead of "RAW". I am new to Affinity photo, however in the raw tutorials I have watched I have noticed their data shows RAW at the top. If anyone could provide an explanation that would be much appreciated! Graham.
  15. I am unable to edit rw2 format photos they show up as a large grainy pink messes of nothing for me. i can view the thumbnail before opening but that is it. does affinity not support rw2 format? P1000342.RW2
  16. hello all, I am using Apple photo to store the library of my photos. Apple Photo is my starting point from where I open the raw file and the developing of this file is done in Affinity photo. After developing and further editing the raw file in Affinity Photo I am saving back towards Apple Photos. However, after doing this the raw file is no longer available or accessible in Apple Photo. What I am doing wrong as I would also like to keep the original raw file in Apple Photos? regards, Yves
  17. I want to deliver uncompressed 16-bit TIFF files to a client (unfortunately, I don't know the specifics on how they will be printed, like size, paper stock, etc..,) so I would like to give them the best image I can, then they can do what they need to on their end to meet their print needs. So I'm trying to work out the best workflow. There are 12 images I need to deliver, so I was going to batch process them into 16-bit TIFF files (from the RAW files), then open them in Affinity Photo to edit. Keeping in mind that AP can't export uncompressed TIFFs, what's the best workflow from this point? Open in AP, edit, save as TIFF with layers, then flatten, and deliver as is? Assuming that the TIFF I'm working with is uncompressed. Or , edit, save as TIFF with layers, then open in Preview and save as an uncompressed TIFF? Is there anyway to work with the photo in AP's file format, then get it back to an uncompressed TIFF? Not sure if I'm over complicating things, but all I really want to do is Take my RAW file, edit in Affinity Photo, and deliver an uncompressed TIFF. (The client actually requested a EPS file, because they will use Illustrator at some point, but that's not my problem lol.) Thanks for the help.
  18. Hi, I am trying to batch process a set of files. I like to convert RAW files to TIFF and be able to set various pre-recorded (marco) parameter that are available in the development persona (things like Development Assistant and basic,lens,details,tones) My challenge is that I cannot see how I can record a macro under the development persona. I know how to do it under Photo persona (->view ->studio ->macros) but cannot see how to record the parameters I want to control in development persona (only not Photo persona) and then run onto a batch of files. Under Development Persona if you go to ->view ->studio there is no macros options. An actual example would be much appreciated thank you Arnim
  19. I’ve been having an issue with the way AF renders the colors in Canon CR2 files compared to Canon’s Digital Photo Professional. I have the tone curve turned off in the Develop Assistant and am using the Serif Labs RAW Engine. I’m using these settings to enable me to have lens correction since I’m using a Tamron lens which Canon’s DPP doesn’t support any corrections. And I can’t disable the initial tone curve in DPP which limits my dynamic range. I’ll attach screenshots of 2 images, one converted by Canon’s DPP, the other by Affinity Photo. You can see the obvious color shift, especially in the reds. When I put the eyedropper inside the zero of 750s on the side cover I get these values. DPP R=222, G=4, B=3. With AF I get R=188, G=0, B=24. I’ve tried using the Selective Color adjustment and can get the red close by setting the Red channel to Cyan=-100%, Yellow=+35% but the other colors are still off and difficult. Is there any way I can color match to the Canon DPP colors? They are accurate to real life.
  20. Hello. I was looking for photoshop alternatives since Adobe refuses to sell lifetime license stuff until I found this. unfortunately, my camera AKA Canon 200D is not supported. My only available OS is windows so I can't rely on Apple core to take care of my RAW files. So I want to know when will my camera be added to the supported list and if I can use TIFF (8-bit, 16-bit or 32-bit float) format instead of RAW until my camera is added. Thanks in advance YAR Oracool
  21. Is it possible to make use of macros developing RAW photos in Develop Persona? "Macro" appears in studio only in Photo Persona.
  22. Jdphotopdx

    File type?

    How do I simply see what file type I’m working with? I import a raw image from Lightroom mobile. I want to make sure it’s not importing a jpeg copy but the original raw file. Should be very easy in the metadata but it’s not there.
  23. Good Evening, I am new to Affinity and I wish they mention slow operating affinity I would not have paid for it. To load a Raw file from my Canon 80D is very frustrating, I am almost about to give up on the software and call it a waste of money and better inform my facebook 'new photographer'' group of about 25,000 members not to join. Everything is slow..slow ...slow. to load, editing, undo. Please is there any help before I take this matter up because I found it deceiving nothing like in the video. I CAN'T WORK and I am regretting it. Many Thanks
  24. Hello, When I open a .cr2 file in Affinity Photo, it doesn't read the XMP file associated. How to change this ? Thanks and regards,
  25. Hi Guys, I was just wondering if there was an update as to when support for RAW files taken with the Nikon B700 camera will be available? I still cannot open the raw files without them going all weird, strange colour and distorted. Thanks! Billie