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Found 12 results

  1. Hello Designer! Check out my Affinity Designer Tutorial on how to use the corner tool and corner type with lots of tips along the way. Hope this helps
  2. Windows 10 Home 1909, Designer (See attached GIF.) As part of an experiment I created a document in Designer that is 20x20 metres (don’t ask why). I then created a rectangle and converted it to curves – all good there. Then I tried to use the Corner Tool but, by dragging a corner node, I could only create corners that were, at maximum, 0.169 metres in Radius (value may be rounded down by the UI). I then tried to change the Radius using the slider of the control in the Context Toolbar but could only get a 0 Radius. Then, changing the size of the Radius by typing into the same field allowed me to change the value but the corner didn’t get any bigger than my earliest attempt. Is any of this expected?
  3. I don't believe I've ever seen this question or an answer for it before. In the color picker tool there is a radius that can set to an area to be averaged for the color. If I select a 5x5 area, how big is this area? How do I know if a 5 unit square will cover the area I need and not bleed into an area not wanted? All the Help says is: Radius—Choose to sample from directly under the cursor (Point 1x1) or from differently sized square areas where the color is averaged. My guess is this is the number of screen pixels to be averaged. So if I have about 109 pixels per inch on my screen, then each pixel is about 9/1000 of an inch. So if I have selected 129x129 then everything that is in a square about 1-1/4 inch wide and high with the cursor centered in it will be averaged. Regardless of the zoom. So 5x5 would be an area about 0.046 inches (about 3/64") square. So if I zoom in on a pixelated image where each displayed pixel is maybe 0.1" square a setting of 5x5 will still only read that pixel in the image. When trying to average out a dithered image I would have to use a setting significantly larger setting or zoom way out. Is this correct?
  4. AP. Working on high res (4K) screen. AP copes fine in general. However, came across following problem: Add live unsharp mask. Adjusting on popup panel works just fine. However (here it is), if you move mouse out into picture, little cursor appears. Clicking and sliding mouse makes radius jump up and down quickly and erratically. Looks like it's trying to adjust full radius range with very small mouse movement. ie. in very limited horizontal range on image. If it does this here, I suspect it'll happen elsewhere too. Not the end of the world, but does kill the nice 'adjust on image' feature.
  5. Hello Working my way through the *great* book... In the coffee shop poster/card project I played around with various things, including rescaling the finished paper cup. The shadows and gradients scaled correctly but not the bottom corners of the cup. This is because the cup bottom had been designed with the corner tool and there is no option for proportionality. I checked the basic tool video and it seemed to confirms this: the radius will always be x mm... As a result I had to modify the radius by eye on the two layers that constituted the object. Is there a better way? Thanks
  6. Do you have a plan to make this for multiple selecting shapes? It will make AD more powerful :).
  7. How can I make the hole radius of a pie absolute? I want to have it absolute to restrict the thickness of the pie to us the same thickness an a smaller radius. I could do this with a stroke, but I can't use a stroke with boolean operations the way I want. Is there any way to do this? As you can see in the screenshot, the thickness of the ring with the smaller radius is thinner. But I want to keep it at the same thickness as the one with the bigger radius.
  8. Why is the sliders restricted to 100px while it's still possible to go WAY beyond this?? I use much greater values than 100 px and each time I have to type in the value. Please make the slider go where no man has ever been... or at least 1000 px. Thanks!
  9. Is it possible to support an exported file from Inkscape that miss these...? - Corner Radius (Can be solved by turning curve to outline object) - Masking is lost **About masking; the SVG file which export from Illustrator, masking is lost too, but .ai .eps still work.
  10. I would LOVE to have a preference that would allow me to change the size of the brush using the scrolling of the mouse (rather than have it change the pan). Scrolling up and down would change the radius of the brush, and the same with an option key would change the hardness/softness of the brush. The brush radius is similar to what Aperture has, but Aperture doesn't have an option-scroll for changing the hardness. This is so much faster and smoother than using the keyboard it's ridiculous! After getting used to it in Aperture I hate using Photoshop - changing brush size interrupts the flow of painting.
  11. I've always used the xtream path plugin for illustrator until the lion's share of those features were added in CC. So I've become a slave to it. Although I appreciate the rounded corner tool, I'd love the ability to add the corner feature to custom shapes I've created with the pen tool. There are still tools from xtream path that were omitted by adobe that would be a great addition in Affinity. Does this exist and I'm missing it somehow. I've looked around and haven't seen any other requests for it, which kind of shocked me. Am I alone in the world? Hello...Hello...Hello...
  12. Basically in Sketch it's so efficient being able to manually select nodes, and adjust their radius individually (or as a group). I've attached a few gifs illustrating what I mean. node.gif Illustrates on a simple rectangle node2.gif Illustrates on a irregular shape
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