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Found 71 results

  1. I do not know where else to ask this since there is no discussion category on the forum, but what if someone mainly use Affinity Designer (don't have access to Photoshop anymore), will there be companies that still accepts those kind of designers, or you really need Adobe Suites in order to even apply the begin with? I ask this, because Affinity Designer is such a powerful tool, and I like it, and I do not have Photoshop even though I used that in the past, but decided to just be done with it. So how would you go about applying for work if you're using a tool that's not "industry standard" per say? Like for example, right now I am looking for work, but when you read the job description per say there is always for designer etc. (Adobe, Illustrator, Coding etc.) so what would you do, if you were applying for a job? PS : In my case I also come from a place where the design community is almost non-existent, and yeah. So right now I am mainly looking at online opportunities (remote working)
  2. Does anyone know of a Photoshop plugin or a way to help recreate/simulate an old school illustration style like this? Apart from illustrate it from scratch? Thanks :D
  3. So I just bought Affinity Photo for my windows 10 pc, No viruses, malware, etc on this computer; I cannot open the application to begin with; there's nothing popping up on the screen, or anything of the sort, there's a small blue ball spinning by the cursor and then nothing happens, nothing in the task manager is open, which means the computer isn't even opening the application, I installed it on the default directory which is the C drive for me, I need some help because I got this for half off with the deal they're having and I hope that I can use it soon, can anyone help me? I used a PowerShell command to check the integrity of all the files on my computer, no corrupted files from windows and the such. Please, if anyone can help it'd be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, stay safe and take care of yourselves as well.
  4. Hello, I have just started to use Affinity designer but when I finished the design, i wanted to scale it to make it a bit smaller but everything changed. all the proportions broke. I actually used Shift + alt to scale it proporcioanlly but it did not matter. Should I check an option like in illustrator or something, thank you. Here i leave you an image with the before and after.
  5. I’ve got affinity designer on my iPad , I use this software for fashion CAD flats and moodboard purposes, I just would like to know how to correctly export these as every file type I’ve chosen so far turns my work pixelated I’ve had this issue with Procreate I went to print my artwork and it was really pixelated. This would be super useful to know so I can avoid making future mistakes. Thanks in advance
  6. Cool, i've been curious of what miter is? I noticed it in the settings.
  7. Is there a way to export global document colors to the SVG in a centralized way? eg. style/linearGradient or solidColor So as to be able to change one line of code and have all affected elements change their color at once! Thanks!
  8. I was editing a photo with Affinity Photo on macOS Catalina 10.15.1 and I wanted to preview it with the macOS Preview app, however when I tried to open macOS showed me an error message: (External update error 1) and I could not preview the file UNTIL I closed it on Affinity Photo. I am new to Affinity products and I come from Adobe, I don't remember this happening with Photoshop or Illustrator, is there a way to disable this behavior so I can open files while I'm editing them with Affinity Photo or Designer?
  9. As the title suggests, when trying to export a large file/artboard the export function just not working(or extremely slow, never checked how long if it is). any idea for a solution?
  10. Dear Team Serif, in Affinity Designer for iPad there is an Icon at the Studio Colour. See below the file. What is the function of that? Nothing happens, if I klick on it. There is also no explaining. I am curious, what can I do with that? Best greetings
  11. Hey guys, as the title suggests, when I'm using the selection tool on the pixel persona and use the snap to edge it selects all of the artboards. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?
  12. Hey there, Im currently using the AD free trial and would like to know if you need to upgrade to get the stock panel option? Thanks for the helpers in advance.
  13. Hey there, I was wondering if you could select an object without marking the whole object, like illustrator. Thanks for the helpers in advance.
  14. When I just open a file instead of open the app first, can you make the startup window disappear since I already decided what file I wanna work on. Another thing is, I don't get any notice when I get reply about my question, is there any setting I should turn on?
  15. Publisher is already at 1.7. What is the likelihood we will reach 2.0 within a year or so? I don't want to put out $40 for Publisher just to then have to pay another $40-60 to upgrade in a year-ish once we reach 2.0. Also, any idea if existing users will get a substantial discount once the upgrade hits? If we don't that'd be a bit of a slap in the face, having to pay as much as new users.
  16. Can someone provide me with the exact ratio and resolution for Instagram uploads, both as portrait and landscape without losing any of its quality Thank you in advance.
  17. Hi All, I am 6 days into my free trial of affinity photo. I really like the software but have noticed that whites/highlights blow out way more severely than they do in Lightroom. Is this something affinity is known for? Is it an issue and is there a way to modify it, so that it is not as sensitive to exposure/white adjustments? Cheers Iain
  18. I used the pen tool on this program way back when (probably late 2017) and had no problem tracing my sketches into vector art. Now when I alt click a node (in 1.7) it turns the entire line straight instead of just removing one handle. Is this supposed to happen? Because right now the tool is virtually unusable.
  19. Was hoping there would be an import and insert option, but I'm not seeing it anywhere. I've found the Place option, but I'd really rather not have to insert a doc page-by-page. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  20. Hi, is there any way to keep distance between two or more objects, when I am transforming them? It would be very usable in UI design. Im talking about situation, when i have fixed width container and want to put in it 4 elements with 30px gap between them. Now, when i want to transform that group of 4 elements, they change width, but margin between them will keep that 30px. To be clear - i don't talk about auto distribute feature - i know about it, but it affects gaps width only, not objects themselfs.
  21. So there's a setting in Photoshop called transfer that I use religiously. Is there a setting in Affinity (or is a setting being planned in a future update) that I can use that would produce something similar?? I found another thread about this but I'm looking for more recent answers.... I tried setting "flow" to be affected by pen pressure, but the result is too different from what I'm looking for. I'd also be okay with a Photoshop plugin of... some sort, that might allow me to do something similar... I'm just so desperate for Affinity Photo to replace Photoshop for me. I refuse to pay monthly for something I wouldn't use monthly! Anything helps
  22. Hello, Just a simple question: is there a way to define the default number of nodes created when you use the mesh warp tool? I'd like it to behave like the warp tool in photoshop where it creates by default a grid of 4 x 4 nodes to warp the object, whereas on affinity photo it creates only a grid of 2 x 2 nodes. Any way to modify the default number of nodes created in Affinity Photo?
  23. Hi I seriously need help, UI is in Low Res/ Blurry I have been trying posting this problem before but with no answer and now I am really dependant of this software, already tried to uninstall and install, update but no solution. It's for the Publisher Beta but I guess one fix covers all. 1.7 on OSX Please Help.
  24. Hi friends, My little sister lost a friend to cancer last year. He was 17 and an athlete up till diagnosis. Tough story. I've been tasked with designing a logo for a memorial golf tournament. I am having trouble identifying a Designer/Photo tutorial to achieve the look I am aiming for. I'd like to take his image and convert it simple illustration above text. Any assistance and/or direction to a tutorial would be very much appreciated. All the best, Jon See examples and provided photo attached.
  25. I want to remove the white from this image, I've adjusted the Levels so the whites are completely white & blacks are completely black. I've gone to the selection tab & tried the 'Select sample colour' but i can't find a way to make it work. I've spent the last 3 hours looking at youtube tutorials, FAQ's & forums yet i have no idea what i'm doing right or wrong, please help.
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