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Found 41 results

  1. Hi I am wondering if it is possible to purchase PDF version of the various Affinity Work Books? (I did a search here in the forum and did not find any mention of it.) I ask as it would be nice to have the pdf open on one screen while going through the material in the Affinity software on the other screen. Thank you!
  2. Preview images from Shutterstock can be included in the document. Is there a way to buy these pictures directly in Publisher?
  3. Hi, i am interested in buying the new 1.7 version. As far as i understood what the forums say, i can update to 1.8, 1.9 for free but not to the 2.0. I am new, so I don't know if there are a limit of updates or there is a sequence or something. For example, if I start with the 1.9, i'll get the major release which is the 2.0 and up to 4 minor releases (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4), 5 updates in total. So my questions are: How long does a minor update take to release? Is there any limit of how many updates I can receive? What will happen until 1.9 if I start with 1.7?
  4. Hi guys Is there a difference between those two kind of purchases? Do they technically differ? If I purchase from App Store, how to get the "BONUS - RetroSupply Co. Font Collection"? Thanks for help! CU and I am really keen on Publisher (Y), Roland
  5. Hi, I had a Mac and it was stolen in 2017. I had Affinity photo there and wanted to know if there is any possibility to transfer the license to my Windows PC ? Thanks, Rahul Kumar
  6. Hi there, I placed an order on November 27th for both the Affinity Photo Workbook and the Affinity Designer Workbook. At the time of ordering it stated that the the Designer Workbook was In Stock, but that Photo Workbook was Out of Stock and I would have to wait until December 21st for it to be dispatched. Yesterday I received the Photo Workbook, which completely surprised me, but I haven't received the Designer Workbook!?! I just wanted to check whether the Designer book had been sent or not and isn't lost in some postal limbo. Thank you for your time, Jonathan
  7. Hello, I am not so happy, bought Affinity Photo a week ago for 54.99 Euro and now it's way cheaper? Can you help me with that? Regards.
  8. Hello everyone, I am in the process of exploring Affinity Photo ( on day 2 of trial ), and so far, after initial frustrations, Im beginning to enjoy the potential. I do have a question though: at the point of purchase, is there an option to buy a physical copy, a disk, containing the programme, or is it all via digital download? Could I add it to a cd/dvd (or maybe a compact flash card/usb memory stick) to keep a hard copy? Or once purchase has been completed, is this software only accessed via an online account? Im new to purchasing software this way; I still prefer to buy software on a disk in a box with fancy designs Its nice to have a physical disk to keep hold of; but maybe Im just behind on the times. Thanks for any help. tee cee
  9. I pulled the trigger on Designer yesterday, but in my excitement (and inattention to detail on my phone) I purchased the Windows version, but I'm on a Mac. Can I swap the Windows license for a MacOS license? EDIT: Scratch that. Customer service refunded my purchase promptly and now I'm downloading the correct version.
  10. Hello guys Probably stupid question, but here I go: Is it possible to try latest 1.6.5 version with a couple days? I had trial back in 1.6.4 or 1.6.something, but it looks like performance have been improved since. I wish I could test it because Adobe really get on my nerves lately. Aleksander
  11. Hi there, I purchased Affinity Designer in Jan-18, haven't use it for a while and today wanted to use it but it doesn't let me... The order number is ALMJ825BJ2... When I go to order history is empty and when I go to Downloads & Product Keys I can't find my order to download the only thing I find is Grade IU Kit to download, which I did but nothing changed... Anyone could help me, please!!!
  12. Hi I am currently using Windows laptop and I am planning to switch to MacOS during November. If I buy Affinity now, Can I use the affinity there on the go or am I supposed to pay again ? Thank You
  13. I know this sounds weird, but I'm having a really difficult time finding out how to purchase Affinity Designer. I tried the trial version last week, and I really like it. Now I want to buy it. I went to this website: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/, and I feel like I'm just clicking around in circles getting back to the same screen over and over. I remember that I found the trial by googling it, not by finding the link in the website. This is a really great program, but I'm having a hard time navigating the website. Am I on the wrong site? It seems like such a good program would have a website that is more informative. I would think the link to buy it would be really obvious. Also, my computer blocks links to vimeo, so I can't watch the tutorials. It thinks vimeo is unsafe. I don't know much about vimeo. I see tutorials on youtube, so I've been using them. Wish I could get to the others, though.
  14. Hi guys, Beatiful work on this App. Definitely mentioning this to my students. Can I buy the App as a gift for someone else or is the machine it's downloaded on the one you're stuck with? Thanks
  15. Hey everyone. this is my first post so I wasn't too sure where to post this question but if I wanted to see what the steps would be to send Affinity as Holiday gift without tipping off the gift recipient (emails and stuff) anyone has a few ideas?
  16. Hi Dear, I have purchased Affinity products for mac via apple store, automatically installation is complicate. but i don't know how to download software and licence key. please guide me.
  17. Hi This is a query that might sound childish but i just want this doubt of mine to be clear before I purchase the license, I am planning to change my machine that I am using now in some short duration. I will make the purchase with my current machine which I might also sell in the second hand market (off course by resetting it to factory level and by removing all my purchased licenses, including Affinity one). My first question is that in this case how will I be able to use Affinity on my new machine? I am sure it will not make my buy another license, isn't it? My second question is that I will most likely stay with MS with my new machine also, but what if I shift to Apple? Awaiting your early guidance. An thank you very much for bringing in this beautiful software to us. You learning tutorials are a beg big help. Warm Regards, Utpal Kant Mishra India
  18. Hello, good morning. I have bought Affinity for Windows because I have Windows on my computer at home. But i will buy a Mac soon, is there an option to download Affinity for Mac also, if I already have a product code? If not it's really a shame that I have to pay for a Windows version, and pay also for a Mac version. Regards.
  19. I'm trying to purchase Affinity Photo for Windows and keep looping between your site and Paypal....thoughts?
  20. Hi, I own an older version of ipad (about 4 years old), a 2014 dell laptop and a recent Mac pro. Do I need to purchase three license? Sincerely, Raj
  21. Should i buy Affinity Designer for each platform separately?
  22. I purchased Affinity Photo and Designer through the Mac app store a while ago. Can I create an account on your website by clicking the 'purchase for mac' button, verify my previous purchases, and then re-download the Mac versions on a windows PC so I can have the .dmg images available for use via USB? Thanks for your time.
  23. You make your choices, I'm making mine. I would buy Mac versions of your software – in additions to the Windows license I just purchased – immediately if they would be available directly from you. Unfortunately you chose to sell your software for the macOS platform only through the "AppStore" from Apple. As you have the purchasing process setup now for your Windows version, I can't see any reason not to offer the same for Mac. As a professional user I don't trust Apple anymore, a company which actively ignores professional users these days, and there is no chance at all that I will become further dependent on them. I migrated to Linux and Windows for some art direction work, but still have my 2008 Mac Pro running perfectly. I'm very much looking forward to your others options, Photo and mainly Publisher. I'll sincerely hope that you are reconsiderung your choices, best regards erik
  24. I have bought Affinity designer on my mac, but I do have another computer with windows, and sometimes I work on it exclusively, the question is, do I need to buy the windows version to use it or can I use my account to download the windows version ?? Thanks, Erick
  25. I recently bought affinity designer for windows and I'm loving it but i also would like it on a mac. would i have to purchase it again for mac? Or can just use the same product key?

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