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Found 12 results

  1. Hi I noticed when trying to exporting one tile of a pattern via psd for photoshop CC that it got stuck on generating Export and my iPad would accidentally start heating from the app overworking it even thou it’s the IPad Pro 2018. Last night when I tried before it did that for 30 minutes. It’s really buggy since the last update and crashes even when I try to move layers
  2. Hi as pdf export doesn't work fine with adjustment layers, I tried to use PSD export. The file is OK when I open it with with Preview (Aperçu in French). The file seems also good for my printer - I think he uses adobe. But when I open the psd file with affinity publisher there are missing object and layers (the top of the arrow is missing and the QR code part is blue rather then grey). Here are the files. Any clue ?? Thank you Cyril test.afpub test.psd
  3. I'm exporting an image with transparency as PSD to import it in Motion. Motion says my file is using an unsupported codec. I'm able to open this file in Photoshop, and when I just save it, Motion imports it flawlessly.
  4. Hello, I am a new user and I wanted to use Affinity Photo mostly game dev. concept art, illustration, texturing, etc. My question is how can I export psd with no layers? I wanted to this because our game engine only supports psd, dds and tif format. Yes I can export tiff and psd with layers in AP but I wanted to export psd with no layers because of file size. I can not see any option for this in the export panel if there is. Thank you.
  5. Hi After an export to PSD some masks which have been added or reassigned where blank, others stayed intact. Attached an example (using Affinity Photo Steps to reproduce: 1. open attached file in Affinity Photo 2. (optional) check for the applied mask in the layers 3. export to PSD 4. Open the PSD file 5. Check for the mask -> its blank! Sidenote: the original file was a psd, which was imported and since then saved as .afphoto file. The issue occured to me only lately as I needed to send a PSD file to the customer. Thanks Bruce psd_export_mask_blank.afphoto
  6. Hi all, I'm using Affinity Photo since a few weeks and I literally love, however due to some compatibility need I have to use alwqays the PSD format. Tha issue is that if you have a layer the exceeed the canvas and you save/close/reopen file all the stuff outside the canvas get lost, the image keeps layer informations, but everything gets cropped to the canvas area. This is a big issue The PSD supports layers overflowing the canvas area, could we get this improvment to AF photo ? Thank you Amedeo
  7. First time I see this- was exporting some files to PSD on AP and AD but neither is working. I says there's an error. But the file is nothing more than an image on a single layer. This is scary as I just recently convinced my employer that the company should make a switch to Affinity. oops. Not good.
  8. I have a one layer doc with a mask on it and i am trying to open it in PS. I exported it with all possible options and PS says there's a disk error. AP won't open either it says could not be parsed. What is happening?
  9. PSD exports from Affinity designer are not recognized as valid PSD files by Corel Painter, Photoshop and gimp.
  10. Hello everybody, I would like to ask you why if I start from a 710k file (Affinity file) and I Export it in Psd, the final new size is about 200Mb !! In the export windows I leave everything as preset, so Resample Bilinear and every other strings (Gradients, adjustments...) Preserve Editability. Because I have to send this file to a friend that doesn't use Affinity but Photoshop. If I send him the file in Affinity Format he can open it and all the Layers remain? Thanks for the info ! p.s: This is a very very nice program ! Marco
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