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Found 7 results

  1. I see this has been discussed in the past as "I have a PSB which doesn't open" with the common reply of "please send us the file". My situation is one in which not even one of my PSB files will open. Is there a file size limitation? A general Smart Object limitation? Or perhaps a Smart Filter problem? Attached is a PSB from another designer from a "give credit" stock site (IconFinder.com) as an example of something basic which won't open in AP. Thanks for any help and pointers. (I'm evaluating AP and AD as Photoshop and Illustrator replacements, but with so many years of files in my archive and among my current work, I need to feel certain that my work and experimental "idea" files won't be lost in the switch.) iconfinder_galaxy_3285297.psb
  2. Hi all, i started to open a small psb (because the other i'll have to open are 20gb) and i'm waiting for 30m now. i dont know if or how you can help me but here goes: my settings: started at 09h42m. grabbed memory and seems like writing on c drive. my v drive is a ssd and has the memoryswap and i can see no action there by 09h47m still consistent by 10h00 the memory usage lowers a lot by 10h10 goes up a bit now it is 10h15m and the memory is at 8.5gb dont know if this speed is normal but i was not expecting to wait half hour (so far) for this. i'll be back to the pc in an hour or so and see how it goes but it is bothering me because i have 5 psb files to merge thank you for your help and time. Rui Pedro www.panoramapalace.com
  3. Hello, Does this software open Layered PSB ProfotoRGB files? I did not see that when using the Trial. IF not, I will stay clear and far away from it. Regards, A.
  4. I have trouble with import of PSB files created by my own custom software. The files all open fine in Photoshop (CS4, CC2017) but some not in Affinity. I tested a lot of things but can't verify what Affinity complains about, since the error message is not helpful. So I have come up with a super small image so you can check this easily. The test file is less then 500 bytes in size. There are no custom data chunks in the file. The same file as 16-bits per channel opens fine and also when resaved in Photoshop (also attached). File: PSBtest_8bit_BUG.psb PSB, 1x1 px, 8bit, 1 layer "Diffuse", uncompressed (RAW) Fails in: Beta and (did not test further versions) Please have a look and let me know if you need more example files or technical details. It might be helpful for other developers like me if Affinity reported the exact file location in such error messages. Best Regards, Daniel PSBtest_8bit_resavedbyPhotoshopOK.psb PSBtest_16bit_resavedbyPhotoshopOK.psb PSBtest_16bitOK.psb PSBtest_8bit_BUG.psb
  5. i tried to open a psb File which is supportet to read bei APh but its not showing up. If you type *.psb in to the "Filename" Input Box you can find it and open it without any problems. Looks like you missed to put the psb in to the Filteroptions.Please fix it. Thanks Data
  6. I've just downloaded Affinity Photo to try it on my machine - what caught my eye was the statement that it supports opening large PSB documents; unfortunately, results were a bit mixed. When trying to open a (multi-layered, 16bpc) PSB, I get the error message "The file could not be parsed." -- Photoshop CS5 can still open the file normally. I managed to open some PSB files, and so I'm not quite sure what factor is causing the problem. I've managed to open some PSBs that are <1.5GB and have only one layer (files generated by exporting from the master image). Files >4GB with multiple layers all seem to fail, but Photoshop can still open them just fine. (Some of the files in question were originally created using PTgui Pro and were panoramic photos, stitched together from a few dozen to a few hundred 16bit per channel TIF frames and then further cleaned up in Photoshop. The last sample file tried was a 16bit per channel RGB PSB file ) Is there a known limitation with Affinity Photo's support for PSB? ...or - if not, is there any extra debug information that could be generated? Any feedback would be appreciated! Benedikt
  7. Affinity Designer rasterizes smart objects placed into PSD files from Ilustrator/other vector editor, so these objects are no longer vector ones.
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