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Found 5 results

  1. If I open a RAW file (I have tried with arw from Sony and CR2 from Canon) in Lightroom CC or Captur One Pro or Photoshop CC (working color space set as ProPhoto) I can see that all 3 show me same colors. If I open the same raw file in affinity ( working space se as ProPHoto as well) the image is shown with faded colors and a green cast. I want to migrate from Ps to Affinity Photo ( as I already done with Lr to C1) but if I can't fix this color management issue I cannot! HELP ME PLEASE
  2. Version: After seeing your tutorial on working in ProPhoto and exporting to sRGB (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dGJsQiQsYs) I set up AP to work like this; documents are converted to ProPhoto on opening and my export profile is set to sRGB as per the video. However, this is producing incorrect results. It seems that the output profile is being applied BEFORE the layers are merged leading to different colours. From the video I expected it to be applied AFTER, i.e. as if you'd first done a "Merge Visible" then converted the profile to sRGB. To reproduce: Open an image in a ProPhoto or other profile. Apply HSL, White Balance or curves layer adjustments. Export a jpg with sRGB selected as output profile. Note the colours do not match AP. Convert the document to sRGB, note that they do now match. The behaviour I expect should be as stated in the video and as if I performed the following actions: With document still in ProPhoto, select Merge Visible. Convert the document to sRGB; note the colour does NOT change. Is this the expected behaviour? Thanks in advance!
  3. There seems to be a problem in Affinity Photo with viewing files that are in a different color space than the working color space set in Preferences. Example: I have a simple file with a grey gradient (16Bit TIFF, ProPhoto RGB). When I open this in Affinity Photo there is a slight orange color cast in some of the dark greys and a slight blue color cast in some of the not so dark greys. See attached file "AP-vs-PS.png" (screenshot of the same file open in AP (left) and Photoshop CC (right)). The file is not changed by AP. I can work on it - ignoring the color casts - , safe it again and open it in Photoshop and there is still no color cast in Photoshop. The problem is just the viewing of the file in AP. In this example I use a file with an embedded ProPhoto RGB profile. But I have the same problems when using a file with an embedded eciRGB or AdobeRGB profile. Color settings in AP: RGB color profile: sRGB; convert open files to working space unchecked (see screenshot "AP-color-settings.png") Color settings in PS: Working space RGB: sRGB; Profile Mismatches: Ask when opening checked (and when opening, I choose "use the embedded profile (instead of the working space)") (see screenshot "PS-color-settings.png") As a workaround I can set the working space in AP to the same as the embedded profile of the file I open. But this is not how color management should work! Others have asked similar questions but I don't think they were ever answered.
  4. PRO PHOTO COLOR PROFILE DOESN'T STICK what I am doing wrong with preferences??? how about a tutorial on preferences ( performance details, color profiles, etc.....)??? that would be great, absolutely love the software, serious creativity booster!!! cheers
  5. Hi Guys, I Really like both AP and AD, I am however stumbling upon a problem using different colour profiles when roundtripping via tiff from lightroom (version 4). Simply put, when using sRGB and Adobe RGB the colours in LR (library module) and AP are consistent. Using the ProPhoto profile however, the colours are 'wrong'/different in AP as are the grey levels. I searched the forum but could not find a suitable answer. Any editing using this preferred profile is therefore pointless. I also checked the file in preview and Pixelmator, both were next to identical to the LR view leaving only AP different. I am attaching two screen shots; one from LR in library module, the other from AP. Same tiff file. Also a screenshot from the file information is attached. The ProPhoto icc is available on my system. System Information: 2013 Mac Pro, Dual D300 OS: El Capitan Lightroom 4.4 AP 1.4 Spyder 3 Color Calibration (also checked with the default profile from apple, no joy) Hope you can help or fix the problem. Wouter