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Found 188 results

  1. Hello - I'm on an iMac Running OS X 10.9.5 with 12Gb RAM and a 2.5Ghz Processor. Bought Publisher recently however it crashed every time I send something to print (and sometime when I import a PDF). The crash report indicates something is wrong in so far as it says "error for object 0x608000c53230: Heap corruption detected, free list canary is damaged." Can anyone translate or advise please. Screen shot of page one of crash report attached.Thank you in anticipation.
  2. Happens occasionally. Seemingly at random. This is how a 1 pt stroke prints. Using latest verion of Designer on Windows 10. Vector file attached. print error.afdesign
  3. I'm using Publisher to print 30 booklets, A5 on A4, and it's taking ages. I'm using an HP Photosmart B110a from Windows 10. Why is this, and is there any way to speed it up?
  4. Hello, I am trying to print a document in A4 format, with the drawing in the center, but the print makes it small and on one side of the A4, someone would know how to let me touch to make it correct. Thank you
  5. I'm using the latest version of Affinity Photo (1.7.2) and, when I try to print, Affinity crashes.
  6. Hi, I'm using Affinity Designer on both iPad and Mac. Most of my designs are created on the iPad, then I move them to desktop for final touches and printing. I've had a couple of instances now where a font prints differently to how it's shown on screen. Examples are in the image. "Don't squat on your spurs" is in a font called "Old Standard". The 'Regular' variation prints with the letter U in outline, whereas the 'vintage' variation does not. "Give me your braaaains" is in "Dreadful" font which is in two parts. The white is in 'regular' which is behaving OK. The red is in the 'Rot' variant which lays over the top of the white. The 'M' and 'N' appear to have slid sideways in this case. I tested printing from the iPad and in both cases, the files print fine. (Unfortunately I can't seem to print in high resolution from the iPad or I would just do that, but that is a separate issue). So I think this is a desktop-only problem. Does anyone have and fixes or pointers, please? Thank you.
  7. Anyone tried Vistaprint which is the most popular online printing company providing their services worldwide? I've tried Vistaprint USA to print biz cards, and there was no problem. https://www.vistaprint.com/
  8. Hallo, for first - sorry for my simple english. I have this problém with printing document from pdf, which was create in Aff.Designer. If I create the document and print it directly from Designer its OK and text is nice. But if I create the PDF file from document (by export function of Designer) the text is little bit thicker, like with stroke. If I prin it, it doesn´t look well. I tryed some settings in export, maily text as curves, but nothing work good. Text in ODF file is always with some stroke or something similar -text is thicker then I print same document directly. Can you help me? Somebody knows why it is? Thanks for any advice M.P.C
  9. Hello everyone, From today i believe i have to start sharing few of our design works (actually i'm working alone but i do build a team from time to time depending on project size ) Most of our client/requesters are Church based and we really enjoy doing stuffs for them but what you will se here is more about Smarty Studio standing with other studio/teams together into what is to become Congolese Design Style. Well each country have it's own style of design but Congo doesn't have a proper thus most of Congolese designers simply clone/copy styles from everywhere. This is a beginning, please your inputs on each design palet/kit will be of great help and will help us improving better. Blessings !
  10. I have created an extensive document with many PNGs with transparency. I want to provide and compress them as PDF eBook. However, with normal printing of the compressed PDFs, the images are printed with a black background. This does not happen when printing uncompressed PDFs. Here the printout and the file:
  11. Hi! I am new to Affinity Publisher and I can't seem to print this document properly. I am trying to print out a booklet of 10 pages but, when I attempt to print the pages are out of order. The front (page 1) and back (page 10) do not print together. A blank page on the left prints with page 1 on the right, page 2 with a blank, 10 with 3, 4 with 9, 8 with 5, 6 with 7. Am I doing something wrong? What should I do for them to print in the right order (1/10, 2/9, 3/8, 4/7, 5/6)? asdd.pdf Any help is appreciated!
  12. I am trying to print a document which has previously printed successfully. While text prints successfully, images appear as blocks or line of black or grey. A warning message has appeared saying that resources have been changed outside the application, but fixing this in resource manager makes no difference, nor does updating affinity photo which supplied the images. Print previews appear as expected, but when sent to the printer or exported as pdf the problem becomes apparent. I have attached the publisher file, the result of exporting to pdf and two of the images which seem to have a problem. Glenn Flyer 2019-07-1.afpub Glenn Flyer 2019-07-1.pdf Glenn Find Us.afphoto Front bw 20190724-1.afphoto
  13. Just installed Designer 1.7.1 on my mac with Mojave. Tried to print to my Brother B/W laser printer, and it printed just a series of rectangles with gradients. This shows up like this in the preview as well. A Similar document in Publisher with a version of the same image prints fine. Any ideas here? Thanks.
  14. Hello I set it in: Document Setting / Color / Color Profile / Adobe RGB (1998) Nevertheless, I can see vivid colors on the monitor - after the export the colors fade (OK in the end is Color Profile / Adobe RGB (1998)). How do you set in AD so that the colors are displayed in the same way as it is set (Color Profile) in Document Setting during operation?
  15. When I print a document that uses a Lighting live filter, it prints as if the filter is deactivated, even though Affinity Photo displays the image properly and, when I export it as a JPEG and print it using Preview, the effect of the lighting filter is evident. Background info: Affinity Photo 1.7.1 running on macOS 10.13.6, viewing on BenQ SW271, printing on Canon Pro-1000 on Canon paper with Canon paper-specific profile. I'm including _DSC1677_AFP_2.afphoto, the AFP document, and Archive.zip, which contains _DSC1677_AFP_2.jpg, an export from Affinity Photo to JPEG with the filter unchecked, and _DSC1677_AFP_2a.jpg with the filter active. I have tried twice to print this directly from Affinity Photo, making sure that the lighting filter is checked. Both prints are identical, and the same as _DSC1677_AFP_2.jpg when printed from Preview.
  16. Hi. I've been using Affinity Designer happily for a year or so but recently downloaded an update and since, I have had an issue when exporting a file as a pdf for print. It seems to randomly amend typed text (letters and numbers) so dates and titles will change for no reason (usually an increase or decrease either way). It's fine if I flatten the pdf or export as another document (either jpg or png) but this is no use when I need to send so much to print with crops and bleeds. I've attached the latest version that I've been working on with the flattened version and pdf for print ... any ideas and suggestions? Thanks. A5 landscape ad_Paddy's Plea (wrong).pdf A5 landscape ad_Paddy's Plea.pdf
  17. Hey all, I'm struggling to create and export an Alpha Channel from Affinity Photo (v1.7.1.404) to a CMYK .TIFF image. The image has been masked out and I'm trying to make a named Alpha Channel to be used as a Spot Colour for digital print in an Onyx RIP (To be names 'Spot 1' which refers to a Spot White Ink). Please see the attached screenshot for the masked out area which I'm talking about. I've followed several other posts and YouTube/Vimeo video's and it's just not clicking for me. The image will export as a .TIFF but it won't export an Alpha Channel no matter what I try. Methods I have tried: 1. Mask out areas, on the 'Selection raster Alpha' channel, right click, and 'Create Spare Channel' and name it 'Spot 1' 2. In the layers under Adjustments, create and Channel Mixer and pull up the Alpha slider. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help!
  18. Does Publisher guarantee that the files will be Print Ready / Flightchecked / Approved facility? When I use InDesign I can Flightcheck my work to see if there are any errors before sending to commercial printing factory. For example: I may have accidentally added a few RGB photos in among the CYMK photos linked Or there may be an ink knockout or overprint problem. Or I may have spot colours among my CYMK colours. Or a Typeface may have been corrupted Or text overflow not showing
  19. I have a line drawing on 20 x 26 page in Affinity Designer, saved as a .pdf. I need to have it print out as tiled image on multiple letter size paper. I'm only able to print the upper left corner of the document... How to get the remaining parts of the drawing?
  20. I would have expected that the n-up details for printing a document would have been saved in the document for repeated use. When the document is opened again, the print profile defaults to 1-up, so all the details have to be re-input each time a print is required. For a document that is a label, for now, I have to have a side-document (a screen-shot) showing the n-up details for reference. Surely such detail should be stored with the document.
  21. I am creating stickers to make a few product samples. I will print on transparent adhesive foils, cut the stickers out and stick them on the boxes. 2 stickers fit on one A4 page, so I created a file with two artboards. When printing, I select "whole document", which seems to produce what I need. But it does not create the cut marks corresponding to the artboards. Instead, it only prints cut marks at the circumference of both items, but not for each of the artboards. This does not make sense to me, because, given I choose to print all artboards and to print cut marks, I would assume that cut marks are printed for each artboard. Analogously to properties like bleeding that are specified for each artboard, I would assume that each artboard also has its cut marks. Attached is a screenshot of the print preview, showing the black cut marks. In red, I sketched the missing cut marks that I need.
  22. I have no problem printing o edge in Apple Pages on my Epson 900 by choosing 'page setup' - A4 borderless, then choosing borderless in the print dialogue box. Don't have these options in Affinity designer. Tried all sorts including increasing page size by 3mm all round. (3mm coz that is the white border that I continually get when printing) Amazingly cannot find this question being asked (in many forms) - makes me feel stupid!
  23. I am using Designer to make assets for a board game, and the slice tool is really great for separating into the digital vs print needs. However, when I open them to print, it's made assumptions about the scaling. I'm exporting at 300dpi because that's the print size but most are scaling them to fit. If I manually export, I can set the scaling and paper size. Is there any way for me to change these settings upon batch export? If not, does anyone have any workflow suggestions to do this? I can't be the only one with this problem.
  24. I have an imaginary, but not uncommon situation. I need to prepare and output a 5 color print job for the print shop. CMYK + Pantone. Currently, while working in a CMYK document, when I select and use a Pantone color in the document, Photo separates the Pantone into the CMYK Composite Color channels. This is wrong. It would be correct and intuitive if Photo automatically recognized, that a Pantone color had been used, and created a new separate 5th channel - Composite Pantone channel. I would like to suggest this as a feature. I'm aware of the Honor Spot colors in the PDF output options. I'm not sure what it does. And I'm not sure at all if the document will image correctly to PDF for a Print Shop.
  25. I want print with "scale 100%" in I have it chosen in print options. But always the programms (Designer + Publisher beta) optimize and centralisize the content. So the margins of the paper are no more good. I have success with export in pdf. But it's laborious. Is there a possibility to print exactly 100% with my original margins directly from the Affinity-programms?