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Found 5 results

  1. What's happened to the pricing of Affinity Photo? The normal price has been $49.99 or £39.99. Today it is $49.99 or £48.99. Last I checked, Serif is a UK company right?
  2. Hey Guys, I couldnt seem to find an answer on this....what is the upgrade pricing policy? I see the current price of the software is $39 and I am very interested, however it appears 1.6 is right around the corner. ARe upgrades free of charge or are they available at a discounted rate? I purchased lightroom outright and still unsure if that was the right move as opposed to paying monthly. Thanks!
  3. I was excited about Affinity Photo for iPad. I trusted the company and bought it at launch before any reviews or feedback for $19.99. This was supposed to be a temporary early adopter discount before it went up to $29.99. Only, in the last 7 months since launch, it’s only been $29.99 for one week. It’s even been discounted as low as $9.99 a couple of times and now it’s $14.99. If I’d been able to actually use Photo at launch, it wouldn’t have bothered me as much, but it was horribly buggy at launch and for months after. I even bought a new iPad Pro with hope that would make photo run better. It didn’t. So, I basically, stupidly paid a premium price for the agonizing privilege of being a beta tester. Had I waited until the app had been properly tested by all of the other suckers, I could’ve picked it up for $9.99. What’s done is done, but I can say that I’ve lost a fair amount of trust in this company, and I for one will NOT be foolish enough to buy one of your apps at launch again. Fool me once...
  4. Just wondering how Affinity can justify the current discounted price of Affinity Photo being $39.99 for US customers and £38.99 for UK customers...! The US dollar is not the same as the UK pound...there is an exchange rate recognised throughout the world. According to xe.com, today's rate is XE Currency Converter: USD to GBP 39.99 USD =31.3235GBP US Dollar 1 USD = 0.783284 GBP ↔British Pound 1 GBP = 1.27668 USD Live mid-market rate 2017-06-16 09:57 local time. In other words, a US citizen pays $39.99 for Affinity Photo, but a UK citizen pays £38.99, more than £8.00 more to download the same digital software? Why? Why, as an Affinity account holder in the UK, am I charged more to download the same product?
  5. Already have Affinity products on Mac and am thinking about purchasing for Windows. A smart person might just buy it on Windows and use it through Parallels on the Mac, but I don't feel bad about supporting the design & development teams that put so much effort into this. That said, I was curious if there is a bundle price (all products/all platforms) so I don't have to worry about managing licenses. If so, I'm curious if current purchases count towards that price. Thanks a lot!
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