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Found 8 results

  1. Hi - I've been a print designer for a long time and still do the occasional print piece.. I understand that Affinity/Serif don't plan to create an Acrobat competitor however the thought occurred to me that perhaps a prepress module could be incorporated to Publisher either as a persona or menu option? The only reason I still sub adobe is for Acrobat so that I can proof my print files. I also understand that there are prepress alternatives out there but they are industrial strength and are cost prohibitive! Would love to hear your thoughts.. Cheers
  2. Hello all, please I have problem with bleed, specialy print crop marks in export to PDF. I have document (business card) and size of document is bigger in every size by +3mm. For PDF export I need put into this document crop marks with bleed 3mm ( this crop marks go -3mm to the documet) and give me pure bussiness card size. If I set in >docoment setup "bleed" to 3mm, in export I have set "include bleed and include crop marks", after export pdf with this settings NOTHING HAPPEND = crop marks are always in maximum document size not -3mm inside document. (I try put against 3mm / -3mm / and diferent numbers...nothing happend). Please help!!! Im mad, because in PS it was 2 click in PDF export and it was done, here I cant handle it easy way. TY for your help
  3. Hey guys, the following features would be nice to use the AD in professional prepress as we want to do. - overprint preview e.g. for checking your traps... - for manual trapping as we do it would be great to give only defined elements or a contour of an element the attribute "overprinting", not the complete spot color. - the best thing on earth but a dream i think...automated trapping. Would kiss your hands for something like that. if you guys need further information hit me up! Thanks a lot! Fabi
  4. Hi AD Buddy. I give you my library of crop mark for Affinity Designer. this print sign is ready to print. for this example i use A4, but you can use for every format you want. i'm Working on version of this crop ca be used with media library palette… but, it doesn't work with AD file. Step 1 : Setup your page. Add +20mm to your format and set the marges at 10 mm everywhere to define you format with it. everything outside the marges is the bleed. Step 2 : Add your crop mark. Now add you crop mark on the four corner like this : Don't forget to use snapping tool to be snapped on the corner. Step 3 : Add color bar and name project. You can add this informations where you want… me, i put it on the top and the bottom Don't forget to name your project. Step 4 Create or add your creation. Let's start your creation, or add it… if your creation is already created in another document don't forget your bleed… Step 5 Export Don't forget to check this case… because i got some problems with AD and font embedded. thanks for watching ! Crop mark.afdesign
  5. I made a 32 pages (artboards) 260x200mm size. I need some bleed because of full page pict. I cropped the pict in 265x205mm rectangle. When I checked the printed result it appears to lack 1mm per side: the crop marks are 259x199mm and the cropped picture 264x204 Has anyone experienced such weird stuff? It's really annoying. Thanks for your feedback
  6. If only Designer would get - decent Pantone implementation, - selecting by attributes, - decent printing options for drawings exceeding printer size - Lock/hide/unlock/show option outside the layer pallette, I wouldn't think of Adobe products again for pro work. Until then, we in our design studio are stuck with Adobe. The Developers should better address those issues for PRO PREPRESS users, otherwise Designer is going the way Inkscape is now.. close-but-no-cigar state, unfit for PRO PREPRESS work just because of a few minor missing, but crucial fetures. I think that for the time being, the developers have been too concertrated on web interface designers. No offence to nobody, but graphic design WITH prepress is lightyears more challenging, and prepress people WILL pay for a good Ai alternative. Designer is almost there and I think that it is just plain stupid to ignore the prepress features in favour to some nice gimmicks. If you remember, Freehand and Quark were so much used not because of their gimmicks, but because of their robustness.
  7. Hello all, I posted this in the Questions section, but believe it's a better fit as a bug report: When trying to export Radial gradient fills with more than 2 colours or stops to PDF with no rasterisation in CMYK or RGB mode, they get exported as flat white fills. If presets are used (PDF for print, PDF X/3 or X4, for example), Affinity automatically rasterises the gradient-filled shapes, which affects vector fidelity. I've attached a source file and output to illustrate the problem. I'm currently running AD v. 1.5.4. Best regards, R. Radial Gradient Test.afdesign Radial Gradient Test.pdf
  8. Hello all, I've been using Affinity Designer for the past couple of weeks and, liking it so far, I'd like to use it as my main illustration / design tool. On a recent project where I decided to ditch other tools in favour of the Affinity suite (so far), I've run into an issue exporting pdf files to send to the print shop (press or prepress ready): Can Designer export radial gradients in CMYK to pdf? I've tried using the Export tool, selecting PDF, without rasterising anything or compressing images, using 300dpi (document resolution) and embedded or selected colour profiles, but I still can't get a radial gradient to show. The only way to do it is allowing for gradient rasterisation, which affects vector fidelity. Is this a program bug to be worked on in future updates, or am I doing something wrong? *EDIT: I've just read on another thread that this is an issue with radial gradients with more than 2 colour stops, and attached a file to illustrate the problem. I'm sorry for duplicating content. Best regards, R. Radial Gradient Test.afdesign