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Found 10 results

  1. It would be great to add an option/pref in Photo to make scaling of placed images consistent with scaling of other elements. SHIFT=proportional / NO SHIFT=non-proportional The way it is currently leads to more errors due to muscle memory. I would like to ALWAYS have to hold shift to keep an item proportional. It seems like an odd choice to have SHIFT behave different for different objects. Sometimes I end up slightly distorting a placed image because I hold shift to constrain it but I'm actually not constraining it.
  2. During trial, I was able to scroll the touch ring on my Wacom Intuos Pro for zooming ( couldn't do pinching as I always do in Illustrator). Today just purchased Affinity Designer, I can't zoom with anything. Rotating the touch ring only scroll up and down. Any fix?
  3. Unfortunately, there is no "function" to save the studio. (If so, please prove me wrong). That does not mean you can't save it manually, and even keep multiple versions of it to suit your different workspaces. As a bonus or drawback, some of your preferences will also be saved or recalled by the same process. To save your Studio configuration (MAC) The following allows you to keep a safe copy of your studio configuration, including the Toolbar and other preferences (I did not know which ones at this point) Quit Affinity Designer From the finder top drop-down
  4. By opening preferences in Affinity photo 1.6.6 the app crashes on both, my iMac and my MacBook Pro on MacOS 10.13.2.
  5. In Preferences > User Interface there is an option Show Selection in Layers Palette ​For some reason the explanation for this item is missing from the Preference Panel > User Interface section in Help. I have tried checking and unchecking it and performing various selection functions whilst watching the Layers Palette and am quite unable to determine what this preference does. It's not life threatening, but the fact that I cannot work out what this does is like an itch I can't scratch. ;) Could someone please enlighten me ......? Thanks.
  6. 1. The Preferences Dialog is a bit awkward to use, requiring too many mouse clicks. A categories selection list on the left of a dialog box (like DrawPlus, Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint) would be a much better choice. Remembering the Preference page, and return to it the next time you use Preferences. 2. Make the Move Tool option: Hide Selection while Dragging a sticky Preference, that is remembered after exiting and restarting AD. 3. The View > Zoom to Fit leaves too much blank useless space around the document. I was told this was an ascetic decision by Mark Ingram. I'd lik
  7. It would be great to have a Preference setting to enable "Saving History with Document" as a default when creating new documents. Alternatively, it could be added as a checkbox in the New Document window as well, in case the user doesn't want it as an App default, but would like to enable it on a per-document basis. Thanks for your consideration.
  8. HI Everyone, I really don't know if there's something I'm doing wrongly or something funny is happening to my version of designer. I have 1.2. I open AD, create a new page (A4) with Print or Print Ready selected. Without adding anything to the page just yet, I check my doc details and its auto changed to photo. I'm trying to work on an A4 document, what might the problem be please. anyone?
  9. I would LOVE to have a preference that would allow me to change the size of the brush using the scrolling of the mouse (rather than have it change the pan). Scrolling up and down would change the radius of the brush, and the same with an option key would change the hardness/softness of the brush. The brush radius is similar to what Aperture has, but Aperture doesn't have an option-scroll for changing the hardness. This is so much faster and smoother than using the keyboard it's ridiculous! After getting used to it in Aperture I hate using Photoshop - changing brush size interrupts the flow
  10. I use my laptop at very different distances. Sometimes I use my trackpad, some times a mouse and sometimes my wacom, and the distances are different. It would be great to adjust the UI font size for when I push back the laptop and work on the wacom... thanks. I also have a non-retina, but hi-res MacBookPro, which has more pixels than the default model, but not quite retina DPI )they introduced that the following model, DANGIT!)
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