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Found 155 results

  1. Hi there! Is there anybody who can tell me if the PS plugin TinyPNG runs in Affinity for Windows? THX!
  2. Hello, I just opened a psd file with Affinity, and when I try to change the Leading of a text field (frame text) to 20 for example, I get 1.4, or other small random values. Cheers, Chris
  3. As you can see from the attachment, the same file displays at different pixel sizes depending on whether it was initially exported from Affinity Designer or Photoshop. My question is why. Why won’t the jpeg exported from Affinity Designer display at the larger Photoshop size? Does anyone have any idea? Is there any box I can check so that AD matches the Photoshop display size? Thanks.
  4. Hi, A growing number of my customers are requesting paint colours from the colours used in their designs. My local Decorating Centre offer their own conversions for Pantone colours, however not all of these colours are exact, and offer their closest matches. Iv'e come across a colour pallet plugin which will help me with this problem, however I was not sure which of the six plugin options, if any, are compatible with Affinity products. Specifically Affinity Designer. I have attached a screenshot of the options as a file. If anyone can assist with my query, it would be a massive help. Thank you.
  5. Hey guys, Does anyone know if Photoshop 2017 can open svg text as editable text? I really hate Photoshop, I really love Affinity, but I still need some way to provide psd files to some of my clients. So I noticed that if I export text as SVG from Affinity, I can keep it as text, and if I inspect it in any browser, I will get the exact info of the font ( font family, size, color, weight, style, line heights, everything). Can I import such a SVG containing text into Photoshop 2017 and see it as editable text in Photoshop? Did anyone try this? I would pay like an idiot for a Photoshop license monthly just for that, and that will make me hate Photoshop even more
  6. I wanted to use the templates that Apple supplies at and downloaded the Photoshop ones to use in Affinity Photo, but not all of the files will open. The error alert reported "Failed to open PSD file" and the informational text says "The file was not found." For example, "Template-TopShelf-HDTV-908x512.psd" can't be opened in AP 1.6.6 whereas the same file can be opened in Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 (v. 12.1). However, I can open "Template-TopShelf-1920x720.psd".
  7. What software do you use for gif animation aside from Photoshop? Ability to save it as video would be helpful too. Thanks
  8. Hi, Please, can you give us an estimate date on which the feature that will allow us to export text from Affinity to Photoshop and keep the text editable will be live? Please, I'm practically begging, I love this friggin app, and this is the only thing keeping me from working with it. PLEASE! At least an estimate! Thank you, Chris
  9. Here is what I am used to do in Photoshop: Select crop tool Enter specific size in pixels Drag/resize the frame so I get what I want from the picture Hit enter to crop AND to resize to the exact pixel numbers I chose. When I try to do this in Affinity Photo, the pixel numbers I chose changes when I drag the frame. The reason for choosing and exact number of pixels was to lock that. But it seems like it behaves exactly as the unrestricted crop. Is there a setting I am missing?
  10. Red recently released an R3D plugin for Photoshop, and I'm hoping to use it in Affinity Photo. I installed it in Photoshop and then copied the folder from the Photoshop plugins folder to the Affinity plugins folder, and Affinity Photo isn't recognizing it. I double checked that I put it in the correct folder, and also turned on the "unkown plugins" option, but still no dice. Any ideas, suggestions?
  11. I am trying to cut around an image and put into a layout program like I can do with Photoshop. Am I really not able to do this Affinity? When I exported it I said "save without background" but the white background still comes into Quark. Is there a way to do a clipping path like you can with Photoshop?
  12. First timer here! So I've been practicing my new D3400 Nikon to get the invisible black background without the need of using a back drop. I took these wizard photos and one of them I edited in Affinity to give a blast of light and color toning. I thought I would like to share as I really like Affinity so far. Ya, there are some things I'm missing from photoshop, but I'm learning to deal without them for now and I'm looking forward to the development.
  13. Hello, I'm having an issue opening PSD files created in Adobe Photoshop CC2018 via Affinity Photo v1.6.6. I get a parse error when attempting to open the file, I couldn't seem to find any documentation of what exactly the error is referring to? Thanks! Connor
  14. Hi! I am used to using Adobe package, where is a strict division between software for vectors and software for rasters.I saw that the Affinity moves away from this scheme. Affinity Designer can create vectors, but also raster paintings? In addition, I heard that, both- Affinity Photo and Designer are using the same file extension. So I can open the file with the vectors in Affinity Photo? Could someone explain that to me? :P Which program is better to buy for digitalpainting? (for example, in the style of: Thanks for all your help! :)
  15. Excuse the duplicate topic, I've only found one thread with no recent activity. I'm having a problem loading .abr files into Affinity on my ipad pro. I've tried multiple brushes from different authors and I get (usually) the same results. The textures, more often than not, load and display at about the top third of the texture window, the rest is black. This results in the brush only being useable in the top portion of the canvas...anything below it paints a solid with no texture. I've snooped around and tried to find a fix to no success. Has anybody ran into this problem? I feel like it might be a problem translating from a pattern based texture in photoshop (but still wrapped in an ABR file) to Affinity needing a full texture image. Any thoughts would be awesome. Using an iPad Pro 10.5" with the latest ios 11 update as of Nov 27, 2017 Thanks, Kyle
  16. Hello, I am considering changing my workflow based on Adobe “Bridge + Camera Raw + Photoshop” on Windows to another product and I was pointed to Affinity Photo. Before trying I would like to check if this makes sense at. So if possible I would like to profit from your experience to help me make a start on some questions to see if this a road worth pursuing for me. I use Bridge for photo selection, Camera Raw for work on photos and Photoshop for refined work and printing (with color management). Can I do these with Affinity? Can Affinity support non-destructive workflow? Does Affinity support colors management and preview with other color profiles? How does it manage printing? Can I print letting Affinity manage color profiles as I do in Photoshop? Can Affinity read and use my existing CR2 files with the companion XMP file generated by Adobe Camera Raw (these XMP files contain not only the IPTC data, but also the work on the photo I did with Camera Raw) Can Affinity read the Photoshop PSD files? I use layers layer masks and have Smart Objects embedded. Many thanks for your patience and help. Regards
  17. Is there any way when opening a psd file to be able to have text layers editable rather than as pixel data. I receive psd files from designers that I turn into websites and I need to be able to select the text and find out the font name, style, weight etc...
  18. Hello, Does this software open Layered PSB ProfotoRGB files? I did not see that when using the Trial. IF not, I will stay clear and far away from it. Regards, A.
  19. I confess to have used for years a cracked version of Photoshop CS6, for mainly personal/educational use, but occasionally also for little works because I was noticeably talented at it and some people asked for some helps (I'm now technically an expert... I really know whatever function of it). Now I can uninstall it saving some free space and finally be more ethical, because I've bought Affinity Photo!!! I have understood that I would be never able to afford Adobe's prices, even in the future, because I am italian and, you know, our echonomical situation... I'm in one of the endless ex-middle/high class families and the perspectives for the future are only worse and worse in this nation. It's absolutely impossible to save all those money to buy CS6 version or to pay monthly the CC version, especially if you count to work as designer/photographer/ecc... It's just riddiculous to only -imagine- it. Gimp is installed on my pc too from time, because I already wanted to abandon Photoshop for ethical motivations, but I don't like some commands of Gimp and it lacks of awesome stuffs for lazy users that sometimes want cool effects in two clicks. I also tried Krita for illustrations (that is cool, I can't deny it) but I need a complete software to do all in one. I am also going to work more seriously taking some money and so I wasn't comfortable to use a cracked tool. Now I am satisfied of this purchase and I can freely declare what tools I use actually. I would use it mainly to create illustrations, edit photos (as I did for 3 years in a headquarter of a brand) and scans of my physical drawings that I have to send to the clients (I draw and paint for clients that want to print my stuffs on handmade/wooden products), and preparing textures for 3D models, because I'm studying 3D graphics from 2 years intensively. (A suggestion: advertise yourself more in Italy because we use cracked Photoshops in a lot of offices, even the more little ones that just need to make a few of raster naif and ugly brochures, and Affinity is not well known, but it is affordable for the most of us!) Thanks to have created this valid alternative for non-super-rich users. And please keep it at a fixed price because those monthly payment system is nothing more than a pain in the ***. Can't wait to honour your product with some cool illustrations over here. Bye!
  20. Let's face it, when submitting our work using SVG's and where everything can be edited easily it has to work with photoshop. Right? Even though Photoshop is not made for this, it is the industry standard to edit everything I guess. So, how do we offer our work knowing that clients want full compatibility with Photoshop? Affinity has problems with text for example. My main problem is editing text. Exporting to PSD prevents this from happening, BUT if clients are given the same fonts and colors they can change all the text to their hearts content right? When submitting work there is always that "Requirement" setting where 99% of the time it lists Adobe CS3-6. Really bugs me. So what do you guys do? Am I missing something obvious here? Do you not even try to make it Photoshop compatible and list Affinity Designer? Should I just be exporting in several different formats?
  21. Hi, I use Calculations in Photoshop to create alpha masks. Just wondering is there an equivalent somewhere in AP? Thanks Grazer
  22. I think I found a bug that is not there on the previous version. Every time I copy graphics from Adobe Photoshop and pasted it in Affinity designer, the pasted result is always flipped upside down. But if it comes from another source it is fine. This never happened in the previous version. Thanks.
  23. Good day to you, I have a short question. I don't have a graphic tablet and I have to admit that the workflow is hardly slowed be the fact that I have to reselect the brush size in the upper left corner by clicking on it. In Photoshop is a very convinient option by choosing the size of the brush with keyboard+mouse-commands. Is it planned to inplement a similar feature in the upcomming releases? I have to be true Affinity Photo is cool but this point is the reason which slowes my workflow extremely and I really have to think about using Photoshop instead of a really great product.
  24. Hi guys, I found out, that this program - - can open photoshop files much better and maybe even perfect, than Affinity Designer. I am little bit disappointed. Just saying. Otherwise I am currently missing just few features from Photoshop (e.g. importing video / gif files). Great software. Thank you.
  25. Hello Affinity, I'm a Photoshop user testing Affinity using the trial. In photoshop I setup custom proof setup to quickly emulate Sgray using CTRL+Y Is this possible to setup in Affinity? This video explains exactly what I'm looking for: Thanks!