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Found 142 results

  1. What software do you use for gif animation aside from Photoshop? Ability to save it as video would be helpful too. Thanks
  2. Hello, Does this software open Layered PSB ProfotoRGB files? I did not see that when using the Trial. IF not, I will stay clear and far away from it. Regards, A.
  3. I confess to have used for years a cracked version of Photoshop CS6, for mainly personal/educational use, but occasionally also for little works because I was noticeably talented at it and some people asked for some helps (I'm now technically an expert... I really know whatever function of it). Now I can uninstall it saving some free space and finally be more ethical, because I've bought Affinity Photo!!! I have understood that I would be never able to afford Adobe's prices, even in the future, because I am italian and, you know, our echonomical situation... I'm in one of the endless ex-middle/high class families and the perspectives for the future are only worse and worse in this nation. It's absolutely impossible to save all those money to buy CS6 version or to pay monthly the CC version, especially if you count to work as designer/photographer/ecc... It's just riddiculous to only -imagine- it. Gimp is installed on my pc too from time, because I already wanted to abandon Photoshop for ethical motivations, but I don't like some commands of Gimp and it lacks of awesome stuffs for lazy users that sometimes want cool effects in two clicks. I also tried Krita for illustrations (that is cool, I can't deny it) but I need a complete software to do all in one. I am also going to work more seriously taking some money and so I wasn't comfortable to use a cracked tool. Now I am satisfied of this purchase and I can freely declare what tools I use actually. I would use it mainly to create illustrations, edit photos (as I did for 3 years in a headquarter of a brand) and scans of my physical drawings that I have to send to the clients (I draw and paint for clients that want to print my stuffs on handmade/wooden products), and preparing textures for 3D models, because I'm studying 3D graphics from 2 years intensively. (A suggestion: advertise yourself more in Italy because we use cracked Photoshops in a lot of offices, even the more little ones that just need to make a few of raster naif and ugly brochures, and Affinity is not well known, but it is affordable for the most of us!) Thanks to have created this valid alternative for non-super-rich users. And please keep it at a fixed price because those monthly payment system is nothing more than a pain in the ***. Can't wait to honour your product with some cool illustrations over here. Bye!
  4. Let's face it, when submitting our work using SVG's and where everything can be edited easily it has to work with photoshop. Right? Even though Photoshop is not made for this, it is the industry standard to edit everything I guess. So, how do we offer our work knowing that clients want full compatibility with Photoshop? Affinity has problems with text for example. My main problem is editing text. Exporting to PSD prevents this from happening, BUT if clients are given the same fonts and colors they can change all the text to their hearts content right? When submitting work there is always that "Requirement" setting where 99% of the time it lists Adobe CS3-6. Really bugs me. So what do you guys do? Am I missing something obvious here? Do you not even try to make it Photoshop compatible and list Affinity Designer? Should I just be exporting in several different formats?
  5. Hi, I use Calculations in Photoshop to create alpha masks. Just wondering is there an equivalent somewhere in AP? Thanks Grazer
  6. I think I found a bug that is not there on the previous version. Every time I copy graphics from Adobe Photoshop and pasted it in Affinity designer, the pasted result is always flipped upside down. But if it comes from another source it is fine. This never happened in the previous version. Thanks.
  7. Good day to you, I have a short question. I don't have a graphic tablet and I have to admit that the workflow is hardly slowed be the fact that I have to reselect the brush size in the upper left corner by clicking on it. In Photoshop is a very convinient option by choosing the size of the brush with keyboard+mouse-commands. Is it planned to inplement a similar feature in the upcomming releases? I have to be true Affinity Photo is cool but this point is the reason which slowes my workflow extremely and I really have to think about using Photoshop instead of a really great product.
  8. Hi there! Is there anybody who can tell me if the PS plugin TinyPNG runs in Affinity for Windows? THX!
  9. Hi guys, I found out, that this program - - can open photoshop files much better and maybe even perfect, than Affinity Designer. I am little bit disappointed. Just saying. Otherwise I am currently missing just few features from Photoshop (e.g. importing video / gif files). Great software. Thank you.
  10. Hello Affinity, I'm a Photoshop user testing Affinity using the trial. In photoshop I setup custom proof setup to quickly emulate Sgray using CTRL+Y Is this possible to setup in Affinity? This video explains exactly what I'm looking for: Thanks!
  11. Hi there, as an Adobe user for years I´m thinking about switching to AP and donwloaded the trial version. From what I see after one day of testing I´m really impressed and I´m sure it not only can replace Photoshop, it seems to be the better software. With that said I have some questions from a AP beginner (not a image editing beginner at all) perspective: 1. Is there a way to "export" images from Adobe Lightroom right into AP? I mean some option to set AP as the external editor in LR 2. Is there an option to save individual workspaces such as in Photoshop? I mean customize the canvas and panels I use the most and save that. 3. If 2. is possible is there a way to use these individual workspaces on two Macs? I´m using an iMac and a MacBook and would like to have the same environment on both machines 4. Is there a specific workflow with CaptureOne? I mean use C1 for tethering, as catalog and for RAW processing and AP for more advanced image editing/retouching 5. Are "panels" available such as in PS? I mean can I arrange my panels and tools in a way shown in the attached screenshots (and save this in my workspace)? I think that´s all for the moment. Thanks a lot for your support. Cheers Michael
  12. Hello. The photographic tutorials are really excellent. It seems very difficult to match the range of especially 3D effects in AP with those available in Photoshop, especially things like the tags above. This might be due to different methodologies. Is this something still in development perhaps? Would it be possible to produce some tutorials about this feature for AP? Or in Designer for that matter. I have tried to apply methods used in the past with Photoshop learned through the Photoshop Wow Books, things similar to glass marbles for example, but that doesn't seem to apply. Neither in Photo nor Designer.
  13. Is it possible to create a drop shadow in AD?
  14. Kann ich die PS-Tutorials alle Anwenden, oder gibt es da Einschränkungen? Can I use the PS tutorials, or are there limitations?
  15. Hi there, I've been trying to import Photoshop .abr brush sets, into Affinity Photo for iPad, so far without success. I'm using an iPad Pro, latest vs. I've tried importing from the following locations: icloud Google Drive Dropbox All files are greyed out and not selectable. I can confirm I don't have Adobe Sketch installed, which I read in earlier posts was causing issues with importing brushes. Any suggestions would be appreciated! PS. It's a very impressive program, great job!
  16. Hello New here. I would be eager to replace "the Adobe ones" with Affinity Photo and Design. But cannot do it before I can paint on video, or open and view large image sequences. Example open 20000 Dpx files for dustbusting. This would be a Photoshop killer feature and I would be ready to pay for it. Is there any technical chance for this kind of feature in the future? Other thing is importing tool presets. Affinity Photo can import .abr brushes files, and that's nice, but I would need .tpl tool presets as well. I am using beautiful Kyle Webster made custom brushes in my illustration work and I don't know if there are anything equivalent in Affinity. Would not like to ditch those and start from beginning. Regards
  17. A rather unexpected bad surprise for me on this! I was dismayed (after the facts) to see the huge file produced by Affinity Photo. I performed a search, didn't get an answer... Has no one raised questions about this so far? I did nothing weird or special that I am aware of, processed a Fujifilm X-Pro1 raw file to the best of my liking as I usually do with ACR. If nothing more than that, I stop there and just keep the raw and the XMP sidecar, about 26MB (for the example given). If I need to keep a PSD for whatever reason, I open Photoshop. If only for editing there, when finished I save as PSD: 96MB or so with only one layer. It can become much more when adding layers, or convert to smart object before launching a NIK plugin for instance, but that´s not the issue here. My grief is about what usually is ´only´ a 96MB PSD file (almost 4x the raw´s size already!). So I processed a sample first in ACR. I did not need to open it in Photoshop, but for the sake of the comparison I did. Ended with a 96MB file as expected. I then launched Affinity Photo with the intention to produce more or less the same result. I ended with a 218MB (!) AFPHOTO file. I didn't see anything special at all. So I did nothing else, exported the same as PSD to see what that would give. Shocking result there: 293MB file for the single one background layer!!! Just to make sure (I don´t know what could be hidden), I tried flattening before export, no change; also merge visible layer, same result as well. In fact, I suppose these did nothing a all, rightfully so. I have about 25,000 photographs, the vast majority only saved as raw + sidecar. That takes about 600GB on a 2TB external HD right now. There also is a 3TB TimeMachine for them and my internal HD... So I was thinking: if I need to organise more than 8 times the current diskspace used for the images alone (or worse), the comparison with Photoshop becomes quite a bit different, on the expenses involved alone. Imagine: for the same comfort and setup as I have now, I would need at least 16TB. Not to mention another even larger system for TimeMachine as well! :blink: I wonder, are the developers aware of this? If so, also working on it? I am now a bit afraid of comparing a picture from a 38MB raw file (my other current camera, an older DSLR).
  18. Hi people! Not sure if this is a bug but this happens only when I copy elements from Affinity Designer. When I copy from Illustrator everything works fine. This is the problem: with some elements, when I try to copy from Affinity Designer and paste into Photoshop, Photoshop gives me this message: Any thoughts?
  19. I am trying to stretch my Affinity skills a bit but following along with a Brandon Woelfel photo tutorial. The photo began looking different from the video right off the bat, with the Temperature adjustments. my main issue so far is that when the video changes the color channels to bring out a more teal color my whole photo just looks ugly and blue. it seems PS just has a much better and more specific HSL adjustment tool, is the true? Please help. I have attached the tutorials picture and mine in the same step making adjustments in HSL, Please help!! Here is the video. I just took a screen shot of the original to work along with the video.
  20. Hi everyone, I just got a 12000 pix x 12000pix Psd file from some colleques from Berlin, that do big 3D Rendercompositions, to fulfill the wishes of our architectural company. This psd file has about 3.55 GB, while the saved affinity photo has got about 1.8 GB. So in the computermemory after opening , Photohop uses about 20 GB while affinity uses 6.8 GB.. the opening in PHotoshop takes abut 100 Secounds, while opening the affinity file in affinity, takes about 6 sec. only thing, where Photoshop seeems to win is Viewport speed.. In Photoshop for example i can zoom in and pan fast and smooth... But affinity seems to struggle.. The new areas that come into place at your Viewport are somewhat .. " low resolution rasteriszed" and have to be redrawn first.. so paning around , affinity seems to behave more.. hmm.. slow... because it has to redraw / reconstruct the new immage areas at first... while photoshop handles it fast and smooth even with this szize of Immage and with about 50 to 70 Layer in use... So what did you see here ? Is affinity realy more slow than Photoshop with big documentes, ore can i use some adjustments somewheere in the interface to speed it up ?
  21. I've been wanting to do a color double exposure for a while but all of the tutorials are for photoshop and the steps don't translate to Affinity Photo. Can anyone explain this to me? here is one of the videos I've seen.
  22. Hello to all who think they can help, or if you think this might actually be a feature request! I'm trying to make the switch between Adobe and affinity, and I'm having some trouble with Pantone colours. Scenario: One of our clients has asked us to design a product, we've done all the work leading up to the prototype stage, and need to know the Pantone colour value of their logo to match some highlight parts to. We have a .png of their logo, now usually on photoshop I would use the colour picker and then go to the colour library and it would tell me which is the nearest Pantone to my selection. We all do this at my company from time to time but I can't find a similar feature on affinity, am I missing something or is this in the pipeline? I know there are websites which can convert RGB to Pantone etc but they're not the solution we're looking for considering we already had one! Hope someone can help David
  23. I've done some data driven images in Photoshop. I just purchased Affinity Photo and I'd love to do more elaborate data driven images. I don't know if it's available yet. Here is information on it from Adobe Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop "How To" make data driven graphics Thanks
  24. Here is what I am used to do in Photoshop: Select crop tool Enter specific size in pixels Drag/resize the frame so I get what I want from the picture Hit enter to crop AND to resize to the exact pixel numbers I chose. When I try to do this in Affinity Photo, the pixel numbers I chose changes when I drag the frame. The reason for choosing and exact number of pixels was to lock that. But it seems like it behaves exactly as the unrestricted crop. Is there a setting I am missing?