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Found 239 results

  1. Hello, I have a web layout that I've created using Affinity Designer and I want to export it as a PSD with layers (preferrably editable where possible) so someone I'm working with who only has and knows Photoshop can make changes. However, when I export the layout no matter which preset I choose (even PSD preserve editability) it always exports flattened to one pixel background layer. I'm opening the result in Photoshop CC 2018. What do I need to change so that it will export my document to layers?
  2. I'm trying to take the plunge from Photoshop to Affinity Photo after 25+ years. I'd like to say kudos to the developers for making such an amazing tool that is so functional and elegant. I'd like to start a discussion about issues and (small and large) frustrations I've been experienceing, and would like to get feedback from others who have switched Things that I just have to get used to The way to transform is to switch to the Move tool and then you're immediately moving and transforming. I need to teach myself to not hit command + T to transform something. Since there's no "click enter to accept what I just did" it feels weird and is hard to get used to. Ditto for adding text: I enter the text I want to add, and I am done, without there being a "finalize this input" and thus, no way to undo text I just added by hitting escape. The paradigm is not impossible to adapt to, but hard. It's a "modern" app so no Applescript support. This will presumably make automation harder for me. Things I think Affinity should consider changing Command + click on a layer always selects the layer (the layer occupied by the part of the image) in Photoshop, but in AP you need to click the Move tool first, or hit V...unless you're in a place where you can't hit V. Anyway, it would be so nice if anytime I have the command key down (on Mac) or control key down (on Windows) the program would know I wanted to click on objects/layers and start moving them Something I do OFTEN in Photoshop is get some image in my clipboard, then type command + N to make a new document. Photoshop knows that I probably want to paste the image into my document and makes an image the dimensions of the clipboard image (or rather, the dimensions of the image in the clipboard are pre-filled into the dialogue box). This doesn't happen in AP, meaning that I end up with a large pasteboard and no way to easily get the correct cropped size that I needed. One small reason I wanted to change was that Photoshop CC 2019 doesn't play nice switching between laptop screen and docked laptop with big screen, hence I am always manually moving the palettes out of the way. I hoped AP would more gracefully put my palettes where they were last time I was on this size screen, but it doesn't seem to be happening. Unlike Photoshop, there is no Crop command, meaning that I can't draw a marquee box then crop it. Forcing me to get out the crop tool and redo all the work is very hard on us users. AP doesn't always "follow the rules" with Mac UI. First, when I close out an image, sometimes it leaves a blank "Affinity Photo" window blocking my work. I cannot close the window with command W (I am a power user so I use the keyboard a lot), and have to click the box. I would really like this to not do this as it messes up the Mac's UI rules. Does anyone have advice on how I can better adopt to the new paradigms of the new program coming from a Photoshop user?
  3. Hello everyone! I'm new to the Affinity scene and love it so far. I've been a Lightroom user for years and decided that it's time to put the presets and sliders aside for a while and really take control of my editing. Enter Affinity. The purpose of this thread is to discuss workflows used when editing multiple photos from a photoshoot. I can't seem to figure out a truly effective way to edit 50+ photos without creating a mess. Any pointers, videos, web articles, or books are welcome. Thank you all for the support and I look forward to reading your responses.
  4. Hello! Here's what I want to do in Affinity. I've got two different images, (of the planet Mars). One is a low resolution one based on a photo through a telescope, and the second is a CGI texture. What I want to do is automatically adjust the colours in the CGI version to match the colours in the photo of the real thing. Is this possible in Affinity? I've been told that it is possible in Photoshop by: Open both images, then: Image -> Adjustments -> Match color -> Source But as I don't have that software, (very happy with Affinity, thank you very much!), that's not a lot of help to me. But perhaps someone who knows both can advise? Thanks, Nick
  5. These sliders in PS 2021 called “neural filters” are insane! Face detection Aging, smoothing human skin Adding / removing volumetric hair Changing eye gaze angle Turning angle of face add a smile or a frown onto the photo model you are editing -waaaAt! Automatic sky replacement - Sick! Much more.. It’s almost coming across as if customizing a character inside a RPG game, stuff like this indicates to me... we are definitely moving into software you would see in a Sci Fi movie. The era of Cloud computing and AI machine learning algorithms are getting closer. Features like these ever reach Affinity Photo on iPad game over!! I will pay serif for an update like this.
  6. I have many many text FX and layer styles created in Photoshop that I'd love to import and use in Photo. Problem: When I navigate to a target folder with the PS styles I want to import, all of them are greyed out and non-selectable. Is there a way to import and use already-created layer / text FX / styles from PS into AP? And: Is there a way to create a REAL DROP SHADOW effect in AP? No, the Outer Glow does not do the same thing as a genuine drop shadow capability … close, but no cigar. Thanks for any input regarding how to accomplish these goals.
  7. Please add the option to create / remove / edit artboards in Photo. It clearly supports artboards since I can open a file created in Designer with artboards. To anyone who feels the need to comment that you don't need artboards (as I've seen in multiple threads here), please just don't use them if you don't need them. Also please don't ask me what I'm trying to achieve in order to give me workarounds. I want a workstraight, not a workaround. Thank you
  8. Does anyone know of any filters or plugins to add cool effects(paint effects etc. yes i know you could get this look with mixer brush) to your pictures similar to the ones on Photoshop, if so let me know please
  9. When I import swatches using the “Import Palette…” item, I should be able to select palettes saved from Photoshop (ACO – Adobe Photoshop Color Swatch File) or Illustrator (ASE – Adobe Swatch Exchange File). Are there foreign palette formats that AD can import? Maybe that information should be in the Open dialog box… or somewhere. (The Help Center doesn’t seem to do anything. I can search for a topic like “palette,” but can’t expand the results, so maybe the AD entries are just stubs?)
  10. I am exporting a Publisher file to psd and can't work out how to include the bleed in the PSD document.
  11. hi, cant wait to try affinity photo for windows, and my number 1 question is: does or will Randomcontrol "ArionFX for Photoshop" link plugin be supported? i am asking here as its not on your list: http://www.miguelboto.com/affinity/photo/plugins-support/ i'll buy affintiy photo definitely if it is best regards Reinhard Kepplinger
  12. Writing in Arabic letters is in an unnatural distorted form on a program Affinity designer, Not like Photoshop for example. in affinity Letters are broken and inconsistent with each other
  13. Hello Affinity community, I am new to the Affinity suite (and mainly a musician designing my stuff as a sideline) so please forgive if I ask a simple or stupid question. After researching many hours I found the perfect looking 2 fonts for my image / brand. Now I want to make the logos and pictures I create look old, vintage, scratchy. After another long research I stumbled upon fontscafe.com and they have exactly what I need: Adjustable scratch patterns. https://fontscafe.com/font/vintage-photoshop-action-10-different-patterns Here is the tutorial showing it's use: https://fontscafe.com/cafearea/vintage-photoshop-action-create-vintage-look-one-click including this short demonstration / explanation video: Youtube Tutorial Wow, killer, just what I have been searching for a long time. Sadly this is originally for Photoshop. My question(s): Can I use this in Affinity Photo (or Designer or Publisher)? Or can I somehow convert this? Or is there a similar product / option / possibility within the Affinity suite? Thank you so much for your help, Andi
  14. hello, I hope to find a answer or workaround for an important matter when exporting from Affinity Photo as a PSD file. just sent a PSD file that I exported from Photo to a client and he reported back, that all the Text-Layers are rasterized and not editable. i tried the "PSD (preserve editability)" and "PSD (preserve accuracy)" but both versions export the document with rasterized text-layers. anything I missed or a workaround or is it not possible with Photo to export text-layers to a PSD file? BIG thanks in advance for your help!
  15. Is there any way when opening a psd file to be able to have text layers editable rather than as pixel data. I receive psd files from designers that I turn into websites and I need to be able to select the text and find out the font name, style, weight etc...
  16. I am wondering if any further improvements are planned for the crop tool? One trick I enjoyed from PS is proportionally cropping by holding the "alt" key, I noticed that as of betas 1.5.x that this is still not possible. Hopefully the gif demonstrates what I am referring to. Thanks
  17. I have a lot of adobe work that i need to open with these applications. CS-1 photoshop files CS-1 Illustrator files CS-3 Indesign files Can somebody please let me know if it possible at all? I have a new computer mac mini and none of my older software can run on it. Affinity software can as the store shows its compatible with my mac mini. thanks I know its a long shot but I just have to ask. thanks everyone for the input. I want to buy all three affinity apps soon they just look intuitive and pretty incredible. I need to make pdf's from affinity publisher as well, so hopefully it can export or save as pdf. thanks!
  18. Hi guys, I found out, that this program - https://www.photopea.com/ - can open photoshop files much better and maybe even perfect, than Affinity Designer. I am little bit disappointed. Just saying. Otherwise I am currently missing just few features from Photoshop (e.g. importing video / gif files). Great software. Thank you.
  19. Iam using affinity photo from approximately one year now and iam sorry to say that affinity photo had dissapointed me in many factors.. Though i like its simpler interface and move tools more than photoshop, my biggest concerns are NoText engine Support for other languages, Gradient tool (it is not as good as in Photoshop), and Pen prussure while using brushes . I like to do posters and have to use lot of brushes and gradient masks to layers ..Whenever i wanted to make a poster in affinity photo iam always frustrated by these gradient and brush tools and also channels . Then i go back to Photoshop and make designs . Iam giving this feedback so that atleast now affinity should listen to its customers . Yes i agree that price is huge difference between two but if you are developing a software against a competetor like photoshop you should listen to feedback.
  20. Hi, I noticed that Photoshop has far better and more realistic white balance correction abilities. Affinity's white balance seems to give weird results that aren't true to life. Here I have set both to an extreme value of -100%. Unfourtantly, because of this, I have to keep photoshop installed to make white balance corrections since Affinity cannot do it correctly. How to reproduce: Use any regular JPG image, open each photo in affinity and photoshop, and compared the difference when you slide the white balance.
  21. Personally, I have been having a hard time accepting AP as a replacement for PS. There is a performance issue and quality issue. I have attached a side-by-side example of a NEF image taken with my D750, both zoomed too 100% . The image were processed similarly, or as best I could. You can PS did a much better job, especially in regards to sharpeness. Has anyone else done this comparison? If so, what were your results?
  22. Hi just wondering if Affinity Photo is compatible with PSD multichannel documents ? Could such a file be opened and edited and re-saved in psd format ? Does photo have its own multichannel format and can this be opened with photoshop ? Similar question for Affinity Designer, is it compatible with AI format ? Can Ai files be opened edited and re-saved in AI format ? What is the native format for Designer files and is this compatible with AI ? Ive been using Adobe apps for 25 years so very interested in Affinity products. If the answers to the above questions are favourable making the change will be a no brainer. thanks.
  23. Sou cliente de vocês a um bocado de tempo e gostei do que vejo, mas solicito saber como faço para criar uma macro com texto no Affinity Photo, como eu fazia no Photoshop? Necessito da informação urgente, ou necessitarei voltar para o photoshop? (I've been a client of yours for a long time and I liked what I see, but I ask to know how do I create a macro with text in Affinity Photo, as I did in Photoshop)
  24. "Caros amigos ... Solicito suporte para um problema com este software extraordinário. Como gravo uma macro com texto? Gravar uma macro com edição de texto para aplicar na parte inferior das minhas fotos e depois poder se aplicar a várias fotos com processamento em lote. Obrigado por sua gentileza" "Dear friends ... I request support for a problem with this extraordinary software. How do I record a macro with text? Record a macro with text editing to apply to the bottom of my photos and then be able to apply to multiple photos with batch processing . Thank you for your kindness"
  25. Do Affinity Photos macros not record text manipulation or effects like Photoshop does?
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