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Found 2 results

  1. Hey there internet friends, I'm having some trouble adapting my workflow around a new camera I've picked up recently, the YI M1. If you're not familiar, the M1 is a micro 4/3 camera with a beautiful 20 megapixel Sony sensor and not much else to offer. I've found that while the JPEGs it makes are mediocre at best, the RAWs can be developed really beautifully with a little effort in Affinity Photo. Unfortunately these RAWs aren't supported at all in Apple's RAW engine. And that's where the trouble starts. I'm a lifelong Aperture user. I have something like 100,000 photos in Aperture libraries, and I always felt kind of attached to it as a longtime Mac user that started getting serious about photography right about the same time it came out. Y'all can pry it out of my cold, dead hands. And although I've considered switching to ON1 (but not Lightroom) or whatever solution Affinity is working to develop (see my tweet w/ Affinity from 5/8/18 here: https://twitter.com/kuyman/status/994021690672910336), I'm currently using Photos.app on the Mac and on the iPad with a lot of success. It's no Aperture, but Apple has done a lot over the last few years to make it suitable for my purposes. Usually I develop my RAW file there, then make the few changes that may be necessary in Affinity Photo, then save it back out to Photos. This workflow works great for supported RAWs on the Mac, and I'm very satisfied with Apple's RAW engine, even for my tricky Fuji RAW files. But for these totally unsupported M1 files, all I get is a black image in Photos.app. And because of the way Photos.app passes the file to Affinity to edit (as a usually great but in this case useless 16 bit TIFF), Affinity Photo also ends up with the totally black image. Although the YI M1 is not listed in the official list of supported RAW cameras, you can develop those files fine. Makes sense to me since this is the same sensor from the Olympus PEN-F which is on the supported list. But to get Affinity Photo to open the RAW relies on me finding the actual RAW file in buried directories inside my Photos.app library, copying that file out, and then opening it directly. While I would find that an acceptable workflow just a few years ago, in 2018 that's a serious pain, especially since I often import all my photos directly into the iPad version of Photos.app. So I guess my question is this: can anyone recommend a workflow where I can open Mac unsupported RAW files directly in Affinity Photo as RAW files? Getting this working on the Mac is a good start, but I'd love to hear ideas for how to get it to work with the iPad as well. I've attached one of the DNGs to this post, but you get the idea. Thanks! P5090027.DNG
  2. Affinity v. 1.6.6 Mac OS 10.13.3 Nikon D3300 (.NEF files) After editing a RAW file using "Edit in Affinity Photo" in Photos.app, closing the image in Affinity photo, and returning to Mac Photos.app, the image that Affinity saves to Photos.app is corrupted. The end result looks corrupted. The black point appears boosted, noise reduction thrown out, exposure totally off - really quite terrible and NOT the edits that I made. See the images attached for details. This RAW editing feature using "Edit in Affinity Photo" extension was definitely working back when I was trying the Trial about a month ago, and was one of the reasons I decided to purchase a copy of Affinity. Has anyone else ran into this issue? Is this a known issue?
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