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Found 2 results

  1. A quick question here. Are there any plans on adding features for developing en entire photo book with different page dimensions in Affinity Publisher? I currently got some specifications from the printer, but I'm missing the following features necessary for creating such a photo book in a single document: - The ability to set the bleed per page (or spread). The bleeds are quite far apart (19 mm for the cover and 3 mm for the inner pages) - The ability to start a new set of spreads with the first spread starting at at the right side. Now the cover is going to take a spread with 2 facing pages (starting left), but the inner book starts at the right page (with other dimensions and bleed) Currently the obvious workaround is to create separate Publisher files, which doesn't seem ideal.
  2. I am completely new to Publisher, and would appreciate advice on some basic questions. Last year I made my first photobook using one of the online services, and I was not happy with the online process, the overall sharpness and quality of the final product. Therefore, I got Publisher, in order to have more control of the design. The questions are: (1) Is there a tutorial specifically for creating photobooks ? (2) Any recommendation for a print house in US ( West Coast ) ? (3) Some print houses publish recommendations for print-ready PDFs, like: https://www.blurb.com/make/pdf_to_book/booksize_calculator#safe-text with details such as “trim line” , “bleed” , “inset for margins”. I am not sure how would I translate these into Publisher options ? (4) My workflow is: (a) Scan a slide. (b) Post-proceesing in Affinity Photo ( sharpening, etc… ) (c) Layout in Publisher In (a), I scan at full resolution ( 400dpi ), and save as TIFF, for example 3840 x 5760 pixels. In (b), for image resizing, I select File/Export/JPEG/“Bilinear”/Quality=100, and new size, for example 1920 x 2880. In (c), I arrange JPGs into book layout. Any comments/suggestons/recommendations on the above workflow ? (5) So in Publisher, I can also do resizing by manually stretching the TIFF. But this manual resizing does not specify type of resampling, so I am thinking that the resampling in (b) is of better quality - is this correct ? (6) In (b), I start with an original image at convenient size ( 3840 x 5760 ), so resampling at factors 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 produces images at target sizes which are exactly proportional: 3840 x 5760 / 2.0 1920 x 2880 3840 x 5760 / 3.0 1280 x 1920 …etc... So if in Publisher, I do manual resizing, the resizing factor would most likely include a fractional part, say 2.17. The question is: does resizing by an integer factor ( 2x ) produce better ( meaning sharper ) image compared to resizing by a real factor ( 2.17x ) ? Sorry for such a basic questions, and thanks for all comments and feedback, regards, mshumski

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