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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there, after applying a perspective filter, i got drawing errors when zooming in. Picture is a hdr merge. RGB32 and LAB show same issue. The perspective filter leaves a small triangle on the lower right egde. After zooming in, large blocks are shown as transparent. Interestingly, merge visible or merge down or rasterize or copy flattened shows same issue.
  2. Hi there, after applying a perspective filter, select alpha range (both fully and partially) does not work in spite of lots of transparent areas. When you try the opposite, select opaque, the complete canvas gets selected, including those 100% transparent areas. Regards, Timo
  3. Applying a live perspective filter to a symbol in Affinity Photo causes Affinity Designer to crash upon opening the file in question. However, you can still open said file with Affinity Photo. Steps to create the issue: Create an Affinity Designer document. Create a later with some sublayers and make that top layer a symbol. Save the file. Open the saved file with Affinity Photo and apply a live perspective filter to the symbol. Save the file. Try to open the file with Affinity Designer and it will immediately crash. I have attached a file that is in the state after completing step 3 above. test.afdesign
  4. I am using Affitnity Photo on a 10.5 inch iPad Pro, iOS 11.2.1 and what I think is the latest version of Affinity Photo. Whe I try to use the perspective filter, Photo crashes.
  5. Hello everybody, I am trying to apply a perspective layer on a "laptop png" in order to change the screen image of this laptop. Unfortunately once the grid of the perspective filter is appearing on my screen. The new selected image (=the new laptop backrground) I want to apply the perspective filter to, doesn´t follow the grid. (See attached pictures). Has anyone an idea why it´s not working? Cheers Perspective filter issue.pdf
  6. Good morning and happy easter! I'm using version 1.5.2 on a Mac (OS X 10.11.6). I've got an image that I've used a perspective filter on. When I export without the perspective filter, the image exports normally, but when I add the filter, a white rectangle appears on the lower right side of the image. The image with the rectangle is attached. Thanks, Anna
  7. After appying a live perspective filter layer (Layer -> New Live Filter Layer -> Perspective Filter) there is a discrepancy between the position of the cursor in the image and the actual content from where in the image operations sample/ are applied to. For example after correcting perspective, using a new live filter layer, I tried several healing tools. Setting the reference point for the healing brush tool to a particular postion in the image, what I get when painting in is not sampled from this reference point, but from a neighboring point. The blemish removal tool works in an area outside of its cursor circle ...etc. I suspect those tool dont 'see' the live filter layer, but still operate on the uncorrected image. Using version AP v1.5.45
  8. Using; Layers > Filters > Perspective Filter. When active entire image disappears. This was fixed in one of the betas before the 1.5 release but now it looks like it’s broken again.
  9. Hey dev-team, I am always getting a crash when doing the steps shown in the video. (OS X El Capitan, 10.11.6) Best regards, Rorando crash_lowres.mov
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