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Found 82 results

  1. Well ! i'm back with this other which i believe will help us all. Personally i like the way Serif made it cross-edit between all 3 piece of software but ... because there is always a but ! i Think the way it was and is managed is a bit counter productive or maybe not at its fullness. let me explain ! Here when you have a file opened on APub and want to do some work on it with ADesigner you can Edit with Designer then the whole project is transferred there leaving APub empty of everything but sometime we only want to edit a precise thing such as a smart shape etc... thus making the transfer of the whole project to ADesigner a kind of ... What if Serif could make it possible for us Click on the Object we want to edit and : 1- Right click on it then chose Edit with : Photo or Designer (depending of what we may want to achieve) 2- After selecting the desired object, we can also click the related persona (place where we want to edit) then have that precise thing migrated there for its edit 3- Should be the option we currently have, if we select nothing but click on one of the persona or chose to Edit with ... then whole project get migrated there for its further edit leaving APub Blank. The first 2 options should leave the core project opened in APub then only we should be able to edit the select object then click save to get its edit saved as an update withing the already opened and not closed project withing APub. The we can chose to edit only a part of the project without leaving the main tool we use and see the updates in real-time. Well, more geared peoples can add to this idea and help make this get better. Blessing !
  2. Hello Everyone ! Would ask for more Non-Destructive capabilities to be added to Affinity Photo. There are great initiative taken with certain tools using a blank pixel layer but i believe more needs to be implemented and documented. i'm first thinking about : The Tone Mapping Persona: this is a great place for making our work better but it's only works in a destructive way (maybe i don't how to do it) but it would be great if a tone map can be added to a mask or a blank pixel layer then we can chose from there to map only a certain area/object etc of our photo/picture/ Development Persona: Great place to spend time working on better picture but also everything there is destructive, here i propose that one applied, our development to appears on sub or top layers similar to filter or mask or whatever dev's may find then from there we can mask this or that or simply make it possible continue where we left it in case we click the development persona again. Same thing should be applied to Liquify persona too. in fact, more Non-Destructive is okay and will be well received. if anyone knows how to do deep Non-Destructive works and/or know where to find tutos that talks about, please share ! Blessings !
  3. Hello everyone ! Today i want to ask a question that can lead to something interesting for the Affinity suite (Publisher - Designer and Photo). Well, we have all seen the recent updates and some brought satisfaction when other just brought tears but ... that's not my point here ! Just wanted to know : How will you feel if Serif comes up with a Home Persona or a Home Button ? I'm asking because personally it would be very helpful to be able to see actual working/worked on or simply opened/created project on its specific section. I've had hard time to find recent projects etc ... well i make use of the recently opened stuff or recent documents (whatever it is called)... it's good but it's not enough and dedicated place where i would be able to view miniatures of recent documents (i would limit this to .Af files only - no other format) and just click it to open it knowing what i"m opening. if i'm not wrong it is possible on the iPad version (someone to correct me here if needed) so why not on the desktop version and the current Beta Cycle is the best season to test it. Blessings !
  4. Hey everyone! I'm unsure whether or not this is a bug. When exporting slices, they have to be set to retina (2x) in order to get the intended full resolution. Besides being an extra step, this unnecessarily adds "@2" prefixes to all the slices even though it's just supposed to be at once the resolution chosen on file creation. Best wishes, Shu
  5. Hey everyone! It would be great if there was an option within the export persona to make, for example, this: Group A (Group) Group 1 (Group) Shape 1 (Vector) Shape 2 (Vector) Group 2 (Group) Shape 3 (Vector) Shape 4 (Vector) Group 3 (Group) Shape 5 (Vector) Shape 6 (Vector) Group 4 (Group) Shape 7 (Vector) Shape 8 (Vector) Group B (Group) Shape 9 (Vector) to that: Group A (Group) Group 1 (Pixels) Group 2 (Pixels) Group 3 (Pixels) Group 4 (Pixels) Group B (Group) Shape 9 (Pixels) Best wishes, Shu
  6. Hey everyone! When I want to export layers, most of the time, I need the full file resolution. Exporting like that would be much more efficient if there was a shortcut for using the document bounds for the current slice or an option for automatically assign document bounds for new slices. Best wishes, Shu
  7. Hey everyone! It would be useful if there was an option to only show the selected slice. Personally, I need to export slices at full file resolution and having hundreds of slices on top of each other overlaps their header, so I cannot read it. Besides that, I ran into performance problems at about 100 slices, which may be somewhat better without so much overdraw. Best wishes, Shu
  8. Well ! The title says it all, Affinity Publisher is missing/lacking of the essential Export Persona. On a workflow like mine where i use Affinity Photo to process everything pixel, Designer to Process everything Vector and make them all converge to Affinity Publisher for project finalization. So, 80% of my exports happens there because Affinity Publisher does it better when it have to print stuffs ! Please bring a shiny but powerful export persona to Publisher.
  9. I use Affinity Photo and Designer from the very beginning, but I made a mistake.. Instead of reading https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10119-official-affinity-photo-desktop-video-tutorials-200/ I started missing erround trying everything. That's why I say that I made a mistake. Now I follow the mentioned tutorial and I learn a lot. But I have a question: When I click on Develop Persona, I get the message 'Please select an RGB pixel layer before entering Develop' How do I do that, or what am I doing wrong? Thanks for replying.
  10. Hello, it would be great to have a variable for the color space (RGB, CMYK, etc.) of the document for creating the name of a file and the path where it is saved. That would be useful for example for exporting logos in various color spaces, for print, web, etc...
  11. Hello, is it possible in the Export Persona in Affinity Designer to create my own export specifications (in german: "Exportvorgaben")? Attached is a screenshot of the existing export specifications. Thanks in advance!
  12. Windows 10, Build 178. When I switch personas - doesn't seem to matter between which ones - the document zooms in a little. See attached GIF.
  13. I've been messing around with export persona and slices, and I'm trying to figure this out: I'm creating a heightmap for a game and I'm using a series of snapped squares to keep scale. What I'm trying to do is draw an image in a lay over all of these squares, then select a square and use it to create a slice that will export the corresponding part of the top layer. Unfortunately I keep on ending up with appropriately-sized blank squares or the entire image exported, or both. I'm not quite sure how the selection works; if someone could explain this to me it would be much appreciated.
  14. I am loving the power of the export persona in Designer and I want to know if there is a way to add/edit the export setting for a slice. The 1x, 2x and 3x are useful but I want to add a setting that exports the slice/document at 100dpi and 50% size for sending JPEG proofs to a client. Being able to add to this list would greatly speed up my workflow.
  15. Hello Everyone, I am new to Affinity Designer, i can say that Affinity Designer is a Very good Software so i was working on brush today and i found something un-usual In Pixel Persona the Brushes is not smooth when i draw anything. but in Draw Persona there isn't any problem like this. see the Image, the Brush i used on the Left is from Draw Persona & the Brush i Used to the Right is from Pixel Persona. can anyone tell me why is this happening. am i doing anything anything wrong or missing anything i am using affinity designer version 1.6.4 on Windows 10
  16. church.chill

    Develop Persona too dark

    HI all I have a problem and i can't solve it: Wenn I open a RAW image straight from my NIKON D7100, the image is very very darker than the original and its really not the same. So, when i make some adjustments, i don't know how the image will look like at the end; so I really can't work on my photos. Only on the navigator I can see what i am doing, but not on the main image. When I open the image on my computer with any other program, It shows perfectly. - i'm sure that's not my camera, because i have tried many raw files from different cameras, and I still have the same problem with all of them - i'm using a gaming-computer, so it can not be the problem I tried to: - reinstall Affinity - disable Develop assistant - change color profile Nothing seems to solve my problem. I really arrived at the conclusion, that it has to be a bug, Am I right? When not, can you maybe help me solve my problem? Attached you can find a printscreen of the problem. Thank you very much! Bye Problem Affinity.pdf
  17. Just thought it'd be nice to have an eraser tool in the vector/curves persona. Being able to erase part of a vector shape is really nice feature when you don't want to be doing everything manually by using the pen tool. Thanks!
  18. Ehy guys, yesterday I needed and probably will need in the future the ability to rotate RAW images in develop persona since Windows itself isn't able to do it. Rotating via the crop tool context toolbar is very difficult so it'd be nice to have the facility I've written above.
  19. When I close the app and open it back up, nothing is shown in the recents drop-down menu and the export persona's continuous export is not saved. Luckily, my designs are still saved.
  20. Exif data is totally cut of by Export Persona It is only properly exported/adapted from RAW by File/Export function. Generally: The Exif handling should be implemented much better. In comparison to Lr/Photoshop it is de facto inexistent. Of course there is the "All" view. But in there, I mess up with the countless xml tags, which are quite inconvenient to use - if you don't know the correct meaning by heart - what I do not and I have no intention to learn them. Guys, I want to use the program and not mess around with xml tags I have no clue of Appreciate any help, reply, whatever... Cheers mates, Roland PS: I was not sure, shall I post this under bugs or enhancement requests. Somehow it is like Schrödinger's cat: both
  21. Hello Affinity Team, switching a Persona sometimes takes a huge amount of time, especially switching to the Tone Map Persona (sometimes takes 15 minutes or longer). Canceling the operation would be very nice, since I could just continue working in the Develop Persona and not use Tone Map (at all or at that time). Kind regards Sebastian
  22. I recently lost the "colors" and "brushes" panel in the Pixel Persona setting on Affinity Designer. They don't appear in the Toggle UI anymore when I switch to Pixel Persona. My cursor accidentally got the tabs all mixed up and then they just disappeared. Do you know how I can get them back? Thanks.
  23. I've got file with few artboards inside, when I want to export it to pdf via export persona, generated file have one big page containing all my artboards. But when exported by file->export artboards are converted to their respective pages inside pdf. I've tried this with built-in pdf export presets and also with those created by me - result is the same. I guess that one-big-page pdfs can be sometimes desired, so it raises question - is it bug or feature? And if latter, how can I override this in export persona?
  24. Hello fellow affinity users, I was using Capture One as a RAW Developer and since I am using Affinity Photo as well I was wondering about the following: When using C1 it always used the raw data as you draw layers right on the raw output. My question is, does affinity use any of the advantages of having a raw file once it has been developed and you left the develop persona and edit in photo persona? Since I am usually not doing too much in the dev persona I might as well stop shooting raw and save tons of storage if there are no advantages beyond the developing persona. Also, what exactly happens when going from the photo persona back to the developing persona and you redevelop it? will you start from scratch? I hope my question aren't too dumb or answered anywhere else Thanks in advance!
  25. Photograph is just an image until it is printed. Yeah... Photographers needs to print their images to get them to be photographs, be them in the books, as prints in album or walls or table etc. We just need to get the images out from the digital devices to the physical world to really get the value and impact to them. So, many knows that printing is expensive, either by ordering prints or then doing prints by yourself. And all who does printing knows the basics of "soft proofing" but even that is just a trial and error method really. Adobe Lightroom (and few others) has a modern "print layout" feature where you can just select templates and place images in order and then just order print or press "print" and it comes out from the printer. But that is useful really only at the final results! The Affinity Photo (and incoming Affinity Digital Asset Management) would really help many photographers by offering a real "soft proofing" method. That is the feature from the darkroom era etc, where first we did a contact sheet so we could see easily negatives later on what we had. Then when we had chosen what we started to process, we needed to do a exposure test strip so we could bracket the correct exposure for the print before we start to work it. And then we did these on the smaller papers that were cheaper than using a final paper size. Like if we wanted to make a 20x30" print, we didn't do these evaluation tests for such size! We used all the scrap paper we had or size that could fit our negatives (usually single sheet of 8x10" paper for contact sheet). And here is the request: To offer to let us get this automated very easily to save money and time! Let us select a images we want to get printed Then let us to choose the final print size that will be the target like 30x20cm (this is crucial for sharpening, resolution, denoise evaluation) After that we select the test print size like 10x15cm. Now comes the easiness as well, we can select "strip" as well for the selected "test print", so the print is divided for a selected strips (like 1-5) and each strip can have a different settings (sharpening, contrast, saturation etc etc) or even files (copies of the same file of course)! This would allow easily anyone to import image to Affinity Photo, process it like they consider it to be a final one. And then export it to "soft proof" persona. And there user selects the final print size that is the target (like I want that 30x20cm print to be final) and then selects the test print size that is the paper size that is really going to be used to produce the test prints. And then we can choose a amount of strips for a test print and select each strip and make some special adjustment to each of them. And then print that/share that out so we can see what were the real results on print in final print size look! Example: Take image, adjust colors, contrast, sharpness. Then export it to "soft proof" persona and select target to be 20x30cm 300DPI print and test print a 10x15cm. Now the image gets overlay crop box that is size of 10x15cm related to the final 30x20cm 300DPI print (so 1/4 of print area) that we can move to position we want (we can have multiple of these!) and then we can select the amount of strips ie. 4. And then we can click each of the strips and edit each of the strip as individual by control values of the adjustments we did on the whole image (color adjustment, contrast and sharpness like we did above) but this is done just with +/- slider. It doesn't allow to apply a new effects but only ones we did and that matters in printing (like DPI value, colors, contrast, sharpening etc) and each strip gets easy way to set them up/down. So we get ie test print size of 10x15cm with 4 slides and each strip has +20 sharpening adjustment compared to next one. So strips are Original +20 Sharpening +40 Sharpening +60 Sharpening Or with other adjustment it could be like: Original 600 DPI 300 DPI 150 DPI Or with saturation: -10 saturation Original +10 saturation +20 saturation We get the 10x15cm test print files we can save (and get all the information overlaid even if wanted to strip corners so we can see later on what were the difference in settings). And now it is cheap to go and order or print these 10x15cm prints and get a "soft proofing" that way as contact/test sheet without going through lots of custom cropping, laying down the cropped parts as layers, adjusting each layer little differently and then getting them rescaled etc correctly for the image. And who says it would be limited to strips? Of course we could example select a 20x20cm test print with 5x5 grid with target of 30x20cm. And then we can use X and Y scales for a different settings. Like vertical lines for contrast and horizontal rows for a sharpness. Set the center (3x3 grid position) as default and then have sharpness and contrast to go from - values to + values at left to right. It could be hue, saturation etc. Then when we do a single 20x20cm print we can easily see the difference in settings and select the wanted one for final.