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Found 2 results

  1. Hello At the moment it is not possible to scale a placed PDF with % always in relation to its original size. This is necessary if you work with scale plans etc. My request is to have a % number in the transformation tool to scale PDFs always to its original size, like it is already possible with pictures. Thank you.
  2. Hey Team from Affinity Publisher, ....I make a little wish list and I hope I am at the right place here... In the last month I worked with your publisher. I created a presentation out of architecture plans. The plans are made of a CAD program and they are a little bit bigger than the normal PDF or JPEG u normally use for a presentation or a layout of a book. After a while the data getting really big! Bigger that typical Indesign Date will be come, when I using it at the same way. I got a really well running PC, so it was a problem, but not the biggest one :) Its getting reallllyyyy slowwwwwwllllyyyyyyy So here comes my wish list. It would be great, when you could work my themes into your program. Every Architect will love this. First of all To find your scale percentage tool you really need a map! And then it feels more like you fill in an excel field then you scale a picture by a layout program… So maybe you could show a little sign where you can move button to scale the picture or you could make a field, where you can sign in the percentage number of scale. It would be perfect if the field could show the full time how much the picture is already scaled. As an example you got a plan in scale 1:100. It is to big in this scale for the side. So you scale it. (Maybe by the pulling edge scale ).Its fits on the side. Then you got 50 other plans in the same scale 1:100 which you want to place in the new scale on the side. So you just take a look and see how much you scale the first plan or even better u can scale the plan while you placeing the new plans! This would be perfect! I really missed the presentation view. Just push a button and the rulers will not show any longer and the layout getting bigger and will be shown over the full screen. Everything else will be hide. I love the system where you can place a plan with more sides and you can move throw over a button, even when you already placed it! This doesn’t work any longer, when you place it into a frame. Damm…. Normally when I am working with indesign I make a frame at the master page and at the normal page I can activate and unlock the frame, so that I can place a picture in it. And I can move the picture in this frame. I didnt find the system how I can fill the frame in this way. And also the way to move the picture in a frame and cut the picture is a little bit more complicated… The first help for this is to place the button more in the near of the two arrows, so you see at the first time that this three buttons belong to one family….. And I don’t know how I made this, but I duplicate a plan and I moved and cutted it, and after a while the link name got lost. So when I tried to replace this plan (Normaly I overstored it) this doesn’t work… This is really important, because at a competition we place the first plans and picture in process of working and after a while we want to put the revised plans on the same position only with one click! I really love your program and I really want to help your development. So Thx for listening to my advices and sorry for my DENGLISH Lots of Greets Linda (Lindus) from Hamburg
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