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Found 87 results

  1. I usually use magic wind to select but often I want to improve selection. Ordinary tools can't make smooth and precise edit so I would like to use pen. For example to add zone to existing selection. I know that I can convert pen curve to selection but new curve removes current selection.
  2. How do I make these keystrokes on a US keyboard?
  3. I'm using Affinity Designer 1.5.5 on iMac 2017 with Radeon Pro 580 as a second user (not administrator). Only when another user is logging in, the cursor of pencil/brush tool is invisible on white workspace, visible on black area. Oppositely, even when I'm logging in, another user doesn't have any trouble with using Affinity Designer. - It occurs only with some pen tools (pen/pencil/brush), doesn't occur with the other tools(e.g. rectangle tool) - First user doesn't meet this trouble, even though my and his preferences look same. - Hardware OpenGL preference doesn't affect to this problem - It occurs with Affinity Photo' pen tools Is there any work around solution?
  4. The top most line is a pixel line I made in Photoshop. The line below it is the line I've created in AD using the Pen tool. As you can see the line is the correct width, but the stroke overhangs. I've tried playing with all the stroke positioning options and can't see a solution. Frustrating! Do I need to create a 1 pixel high box shape instead?
  5. Can someone tell me if this software already has the option "Outline" ( see the video) ? I worked with the "trial version" but was not. Thank you!
  6. Hi, new here and just checking out the trial of Affinity Photo (Test). On my Surface 4 Pro with Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, several key parts of the UI won't respond to touch and pen input: Selecting menu items is finicky, but works eventually most of the time Selecting variants of tools from their drop downs (left toolbar) won't work. The menu opens, but none of the displayed options can be choosen (e.g. 'Ellipse' from the 'Rectangle' tool drop down) Editing brushes via "More" is impossible. The entire dialog is unresponsive and won't even close I have not checked out the entire application yet, maybe this list in incomplete. On my Win 7 Pro 64-Bit Workstation with a Wacom CTH-661 everything runs just fine as far as I've seen. Is that a known issue or a bug specific to the trial version? Regards, Chris
  7. Sorry if this is a very stupid question. But I need to draw a single straight line. So I select the Pen Tool, hold down the Shift key to make it perfectly horizontal, draw it and it appears. Good. But then as soon as I click the Move Tool the line disappears! Why?
  8. Hello, In an effort to transition from Photoshop to Photo, I thought I'd try to at least establish a freehand sketch for a design I'm working on in Photo rather than Photoshop. I tend to use a simple hard round brush with shape dynamics enabled in PS and Jitter determined by Pen Pressure. With Photo, I've selected an equivalent brush under the Basics and set Size Jitter to Pressure under Dynamics. So far so good. The problem I'm experiencing is that when I sketch a freehand curved line in Photo, the precision isn't quite there. The curve I draw is often made up of a series of small (and sometimes not so small) straight lines rather than following the pen exactly. It's as if the software is unable to keep up with the pen and interpolates between two points along the movement of the pen. Photoshop doesn't do this. Has anyone experienced this? Is it a known issue and if so, will it be addressed? Having the line follow the pen exactly is critical Thanks, -grant
  9. Hi everyone! Perhaps it's just me, but I can't get wacom's grip pen tilt sensor to work with the brushes. I was trying with the DAUB markers (the one with the "vertical" shape). I can get pressure sensitivity, but no tilt for changing the shape rotation ... Is this possible? Thanks.
  10. I actually do hope I've missed something obvious here so that someone can quickly point me in the right direction! I keep trying to draw with the pen, and the tutorial says that holding down the ALT key will let me break my curve so I can go off on an angle, but it's not working for me. The ALT key is shared with the OPTION key on my Mac, so is there maybe a different key I should be pressing instead? It's getting really frustrating to have to shove the handle in to try to create a sharp corner on a line I'm trying to draw. Doesn't work very well, or even snap into the node, freeing it, if I bring that handle point right on top of it. Is there any other sort of key shortcut I should be using? ALT just isn't breaking the curve for me, for whatever reason. Please help!
  11. I've noticed that Affinity Designer sometimes slows down drastically when I'm using a stylus. I'm not talking about drawing in particular; interacting with the UI is even worse. Simple things like locking a layer or selecting a color sometimes take several seconds. Everything suddenly performs as expected when I use the trackpad instead.
  12. Pen latency has been on my mind since the new Surface Pro and iPad Pro were announced. I enjoy drawing in Affinity Designer with the brush tool, and I really like some of the fancier brushes, but the appearance of new lines always lags behind my drawing pretty drastically. When using elaborate brushes, would it be practical for Affinity Designer to draw a plain, unstyled line under the stylus immediately and then draw the fancy brush version over it?
  13. Hi all, I'm working in Infinity Photo iOS on my iPad Pro and need to make a selection using the Pen tool. I can't figure out how to make a sharp anchor point to join two curved paths (please see attached). Normally in Photoshop, I'd hold down the alt/option key and click on the anchor to activate the "V" corner feature so I can adjust the two tangent handles independently, but I don't have this ability on the iPad. I tried the "Sharp" and "Smooth" bottoms in the Node mode, but they just toggle between straight-lined joints and curved lives without a corner. The path handling tool doesn't seem to be too intuitive, and I need to use the Pen tool to make precise selections. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Also, is there a feature like Photoshop's "Exclude Overlapping Shapes" or "Intersect Shape Areas"? I find that when I create a smaller shape within a large shape, the large shape disappears.
  14. I would love it if you could easily toggle to the node tool while drawing with the pen tool. It would make drawing masks much quicker. Or even if you could choose one of the bezier handles with the pen and adjust it that way. Now, if I click on one of the control points with my pen it drops another point instead of letting me adjust the handle angle. On a related note, please let the node tool adjust just one side of a Bézier curve. I'm try to crest an accurate mask and if use the node to adjust one side the other side adjusts as well. Can't get a good mask like that. Thanks
  15. Is there anyway to toggle between the pen and node tool when using the pen on the ipad? I use this feature all the time in PS by pressing modifier keys while drawing a path and the pen switches to node and when I release the key it goes back to the pen. It is very quick and I use it daily. I was hoping that there might be a way to do this on the Ipad version of Photo. So far loving the ipad version, but am getting used to interface. Thanks!
  16. I would love it if you could easily toggle to the node tool while drawing with the pen tool. It would make drawing masks much quicker. Or even if you could choose one of the bezier handles with the pen and adjust it that way. Now, if I click on one of the control points with my pen it drops another point instead of letting me adjust the handle angle. On a related note, please let the node tool adjust just one side of a Bézier curve. I'm try to crest an accurate mask and if use the node to adjust one side the other side adjusts as well. Can't get a good mask like that. Thanks
  17. Is there a way to convert a Pen Tool path you make into a selection. There is a selection from layer I can do, but I would like to just convert the path into a selection, without having to create extra layers.
  18. Hi guys It seems that I am not able to join nodes from different curves with the pen tool, like I am used to in for example Adobe Illustrator. I think it would speed up my work enormously if I were to be able to join different curves’ nodes with the pen tool instead of drawing extra nodes, selecting these and applying the action Join Curves every time. I hope you will consider this. Thank you!
  19. I just bought a Macbook Pro 15 inch with trackpad. I would really like to use the big pad with a pen well designing with affinity photo and affinity designer. Inklet software with a Pogo pen would be perfect! Does Affinity support that technology? Mahalos in Advance Steve
  20. Hey Guys, I just got Affinity Designer and Photo for my windows surface. Firstly, I'm not a professional, neither in Affinity nor Photoshop. What i want to do: I just want to make some easy sketches in AP, but it turned out to be quite "edgy". When i'm starting drawing with my stylus pen, its not a smooth line (using the brush tool), it's more like little pixel "steps" into the line. In PS i dont have this problem. I will attach some pictures to make it visible for you. I Hope someone is able to help me, maybe i have to do some settings first? The documents used, was 600 x 900 mm sized with a DPI of 300 (in AP) . It would be great getting out of this trouble, thank you! Cheers
  21. Hello, I have had a look through the forum and did not find a topic about this or I may of missed it. I have a HP Spectre x360 and would like too know how to set up affinity designer for use in tablet mode as the keyboard when in tablet mode is on the underside of the screen so things link holding ctrl or shift are a problem, is their a way of setting up on screen keys without opening the onscreen keyboard as this blocks a large section of the screen making it unusable. Thank you for any help and suggestions. Regards Chris
  22. Current Beta ( as well as the one before crashes immediately as soon as I select the pen-tool. Code: 0x80004002 And it is not possible to simply close the crash reporter. You have to click "OK", even if you don't want to send a crash report. Very annoying.
  23. Good evening, I've been struggling to find the alredy repeatedly mentioned button to convert a curve created with the pen tool into a selection. It is said that this button should be shown in the context toolbar, but I fail to find it. I've wondered if it has been removed with a previous update, since the posts I've been reading on this topic dated back to 2015. I tried to look around in the right-click menu and other places but I did not manage to solve the problem. Please help :)
  24. Tool from illustrator (i used Cs4): allow to very quickly make a smooth shapes and lines after drawing the rough please see the attached pic. This is saving tons of time in making logos and complexed shapes also in caligraphy and illustration. very important tool, i very miss this. Thanks. Rotem.
  25. Hello. I'm having crashs in Affinity Photo ( when I'm doing extensive and complex selections using the pen tool. The application simply closes unexpectedly. When I open it again, it gives the option to open a backup, but the same is always well behind in relation to the point that the application crashed.