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Found 114 results

  1. I am currently using a trial version of Affinity Designer and the beta version of Affinity Publisher. Is the Pen Tool exactly identical in both applications please? Also, is the Pencil tool only in Affinity Designer? If so, would it be possible to add the Pencil Tool into Affinity Publisher please? William
  2. Suppper duppper updates.. You gurus are awesome... I've been looking many things, and I found now in Affinity Designer. Specially.. nodes transforms... Point Transform tool.. The Isometric layout,,, are you kidding???? There would definitely be a lot more.. But i'd been looking for these. I will explore all . Thank you Affinity Devs..
  3. I was working on a very simple design with the pen tool. I got to the point where I needed to expand the strokes of those paths, and I ended up getting a very unexpected result. Even though they are very simple shapes, the curves got distorted after being expanded. I tested this with Designer as well as the latest beta release. I've attached a couple of PNGs illustrating the issue and the file I was working on so you can take a better look at it. expand strokes.afdesign
  4. Hi peeps! My first class for Skillshare is live and at the moment, totally FREE! The class is called “LEARN TO USE THE PEN TOOL on Affinity Designer”, and you will be able to learn how to use this tool FOR GOOD, learning the 3 different methods I use to get my drawings done. I’d be very grateful if additionally, you'd use the referral link to sign up for a 2 month free trial that you can cancel at ay time to help me financially. (Skillshare pays me, you don't!). This way not only you'd be able to watch my class, but all the classes in the platform for 2 complete months. I will be also happy to assist you with any doubts you might find along the course. You can find the referral link for this free class in the description for this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTLFnWXoP1k
  5. When I create a path using the Affinity Designer pen tool, some of the nodes are square, and some are round; some nodes include dots, and some are empty. I haven't been able to find an explanation of this in the help files.
  6. I was working on a very simple design with the pen tool. I got to the point where I needed to expand the strokes of those paths, and I ended up getting a very unexpected result. Even though they are very simple shapes, the curves got distorted after being expanded. I tested this with Designer as well as the latest beta release. I've attached a couple of PNGs illustrating the issue and the file I was working on so you can take a better look at it. expand strokes.afdesign
  7. Hello, If there are multiple shapes selected, and all are divided all at once, a number of overlapped content is removed and a lot of garbage nodes are left as separate paths. I've experienced on AI too, but there we can easily select them and remove them, but in AD it becomes a headache. Can you please make selection in such a way that.. if selection started form top left / bottom left then select all shapes touching selection box, if selection started form top right / bottom right then select only shapes, fully under selection box, Something same like in Auto-cad (somebody experienced?) Please take a look on this video and see what I mean. vertics, devide tool, shape tool, pen tool, garbage nodes, paths, Affinity Designer 2_5_2019 10_40_41 PM.mp4 Affinity Designer 2_5_2019 10_44_12 PM.mp4
  8. I am trying to learn how to draw using the program to draw, I have been messing around with the pen tool, however, I keep running into an issue where after 3 or 4 points on the pen tool, the next point will make the line overly longer than what it needs to, making it where I can't make the curve without there being a random loop. How do I stop it from doing that?
  9. ChrisSmere

    Pen tool issue

    Good morning! I have a rather small issue when using the Pen tool: I draw a path with the Pen tool. After that I use for example another tool or adjust the stroke width or color or anything else but the Pen tool. Then I want to add some more nodes to one end of the path with the Pen tool. So I select the path again and hover over one of the end points. Now there comes the issue: I am not able to add something at the end when merely using the Pen tool again - it always starts a new path. The only thing I can add are nodes inbetween but not at the very ends. Also the little indicator (looking like this: / ) does not appear when hovering over the end points. If I want to add some more segments at the end of the path I have to select the end point with the Node tool. After that I have to switch to the Pen tool again and finally I can add more segments. The little indicator ( / ) appears also showing me that the path segments will be connected. This happens only in the beta (.209 but also with previous versions) and slows me down because of the intermediate steps (switching tools, selecting nodes). In the stable version it works fine - that's why I noticed this difference in the first place. All the best, Chris PS: I found this issue also in Publisher.
  10. Greetings, while researching another issue I came across an issue I've been struggling with in the stable release for quite a while: When selecting a shape tool (pen tool, rectangle tool, circle tool, etc.) and immediately changing the colors and then drawing a shape, the colors (and stroke settings) will actually apply to the previously selected object instead of the newly drawn. This goes even further for the pen tool whereas you have to at least draw two nodes to be able to adjust color and stroke for the current shape. In my mind when I have a shape tool selected the context sensitive bar (which is actually changing depending on the selected tool, NOT the selected object, so there's an ergonomical issue, as well). should reflect settings to the shapes I am ABOUT TO DRAW. If, on the other hand, I select either the object selection (V) or the node selection (A) tool, I would expect the context sensitive bar to reflect options and functions corresponding to the SELECTED object. For me it is important to pre-set color and stroke to accurately visualize the design I am making. Right now I am forced to painstakingly readjust the shape (sometimes each node in a complex shape seperately ) if something doesn't fit. I hope I could bring my point across, and why I think this should be adressed from an ergonomical point of view. I attached a video illustrating the issue both in the beta (where I'd expect the change to be more reasonable than in the stable release), as well as in the release version (where the affected object even is the artboard which I very, very rarely change settings like color or stroke, if at all - do artboards even have a stroke?) I wonder, if other people found this to be an issue in their workflow. I am also aware, that this is a matter of workflow and taste, so I would suggest adding an option rather than changing it completely. Thank you for reading! Shape Tools Color.mov
  11. Greetings, I've found an issue in the recent AD Beta build When drawing a shape with the pen tool, in the release build you could adjust any node in a selected shape with the pen tool to have the effect of the left click, meaning readjusting both node handles equally. In the current build this is not possible, instead left clicking a node with the pen tool starts a new shape at that point. Is this an issue, a new sub mode I don't know of or did this functionality got moved to another node? I hope I could illustrate the issue sufficently and I hope this function will not be removed entirely, because it is incredibly useful, especially for symmetrical designs. AD_Pen_Tool_Issue.mov
  12. I am trying to change the pressure point to one of my pen tool lines but when I do the cap does not change it stays the same. I attached a screen shot.
  13. Probably on my top 10 most used features in Illustrator is the stroke width tool, which allows you to adjust the width of the stroke at each anchor point. This can somewhat be achieved using the Pressure tab within the pen line settings, but it isn't nearly as precise. A couple of solutions might be: Add a stroke width tool to allow anchor points to be adjusted. Within the pressure panel, display a point on the graph for every anchor point from the shape. And allow these to be adjusted only vertically on the graph by holding shift, so that they stay on the anchor points. Create a new panel in the pen menu that allows for a numerical value to be entered in for stroke width. Thanks for listening.
  14. Hi! This is really the only feature I think I need. Disappointed to not see it in AD as it's already offered when using a shape tool (see below). Thank you.
  15. I am using iPad Pro 9.7. In using Pen Tool, when the new point I try to add is in close proximity to the previous, I get a contextual menu of Select-Copy-Paste-Delete. Sometimes the app just simply refuse to add the point. Sometimes a magnifier-like circle comes up. What’s happening?
  16. I love the possibility to stretch a curve directly (no need to control both handles). And I like the “organic forms” we can achieve with that options. But there are situations where we would need to stretch curves maintaining handles direction (even if that handles are not horizontal or vertical) My suggestion is: — Direct manipulation of curve ---> actual behavior — SHIFT + direct manipulation of curve ---> modify curve maintaining handles direction Next capture shows a practical case maintaining HV handles (very useful for corners):
  17. My first question here! :-) Love the paths! Just a first thing that I don't get to find (maybe not implemented yet?) I know that I can press SHIFT to force Horizontal, Vertical, 45 degrees, when drawing. OK. But, how to force to that angles H/V/45 to some existing handles? (previously created, I mean) In Illustrator/Photoshop we press SHIFT. But Affinity uses that key to maintain existing angle (a fantastic utility, I love it). Thanks!
  18. marcdraco

    Brushes to stroke a path

    I hope the attached image makes this clearer and I can't figure out what's wrong (or, what I'm doing wrong). I'm trying to "ink" a pen shape with a brush/texture and although the option appears to be there, I can't find it in the online manual. It's not a deal-breaker but I've been pulling my hair out for ours (well, pulling my virtual hair out anyway because the real stuff abandoned my like my youth. ) Can someone explain please? Or is this actually a bug?
  19. Hi, I'm working a lot with the pen tool to draw smooth curves or straight curves, but I find myself a lot of times wanting to make one handle in a 90 degrees straight angle (no curve) leaving the other side smooth (curved). Look at the video of a simplified situation I have almost dayly here. As you can see there's no way (at least I know rightnow) to make one side of the curve 90degrees straight. Just to be complete: I know about boolean operators and masks, but boolean operators unfortunately result in a lot of junk anchors at the current version of Publisher and change the way the curve is build. That's not what I want. Neither do I want to use non-destructive methods like masks, clips, artboards or whatever. I really want to cut off the shape destructive without creating extra/different anchor points that messes up the shape. So in short: I'd like to cut of one handle or make it straight... 1) Is there a way to cut a handle, or making one handle a 'straight' one, leaving the other one curved? 2a) Is there a way to snap a handle to a 45, 90, ..., 180, ... and so on degree angle or set the rotation from anchor to handle by numbers? 2b) Right now I can't find a way to know if the angle is straight. Is there any way to know at what exact angle a handle is to its anchorpoint? If this would be possible that would make my day(s) how-to-cut-a-handle.mp4
  20. This is a question that I've googled a lot, but the lastest builds of Designer (late 2018) are different and there isn't any "Selection" or "Mask" button into the Pen tool contextual menu.
  21. Hello guys, I would like to ask you, if there is any possibility how to set pressure of the brush while using pen tool? not just the same widht brush. thank you
  22. Hey folks, Am I missing a rubber band option for the standard bezier pen tool in Designer?
  23. Using the Pen Tool to outline a map of the United States. Getting beyond halfway some when using the pen, the app will crash instantly. No freeze, no hang just a close. As I have slowly moved forward using the Pen Tool some more the crashes become more and more frequent. They happen frequently enough to where the auto-recovery no longer catches my progress. So I have to ctrl-s every few moves in order to not loose work. I recall this happening a while back as well and am surprised something like this has continued to plague the product. This is on Windows 10, app version Let me know what more information you need to track this problem down. Thank you.
  24. Hello people, I am new to Affinity Designer and have a question to which I cannot really find the answer online. Hope someone here can help me. I have attached some pictures to clarify. I want to create a baseball cap made up of 4 separate shapes made with the pen tool. This because I want to add different fill colors to each shape. Is there a way to make Affinity close the lines of each shape automatically, so it follows the exact form of the adjacent line? If not, how would you go about it? Regards, Marlon