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Found 7 results

  1. Trying to export a publication that has a placed PDF marked to be passed through using any of the PDF/X methods (PDF/X1a:2003, PDF/X3 or PDF/X4) causes immediate crash of the app as soon as the option is selected from the drop down. I have tried this with a couple of documents and it seems to happen with very simple files, as well (see the attached files). Testptpdf.afpub testpassthrough.pdf PS. Thanks for the feature, I did not expect this to happen pre v2!!!
  2. Hallo zusammen, mal schauen, ob es hier auch eine deutsche Community gibt Ich hatte mich so drauf gefreut, nach InDesign mein erstes Projekt mit dem Publisher umzusetzen. Doch zwei Dinge haben mir die Freude daran ein wenig verhagelt: 1.) Publisher friert ein: Ich hatte ab und zu auf Win10 eine erhöhte Prozessorauslastung, deutlich höher als vorher, und Publisher rührte sich kaum mehr. Zuletzt musste ich das Programm über den Taskmanager abstürzen lassen. Glücklicherweise funktionierte die Wiederherstellung und ich konnte normal weiter arbeiten. Keine Ahnung woran das liegt. Viell
  3. Greetings from Brazil to all users of the affinity designer. I want to share that it is possible to save pdf x1a: 2001, using affinity designer + scribus 1.5.5 + color profile in an easy and free way. Come on, install the free program scribus 1.5.5 (it must be this version or higher, depends on when you see this post), you can do this through this link, remember to choose 32 or 64 bits depending on your windows: https://www.scribus.net/downloads/unstable-branch/ After installing the scribus, we need to download the color patterns, we can do this through this link directly from
  4. Dear Affinity Users and Developers We’re just in the process of evaluating Affinity Publisher (tested with and and we’ve come upon a problem with the PDF/X export: In our workflow our print PDF files are checked in Adobe Acrobat against the preflight profile PDFX-ready Sheetfed Offset Classic HQ V1.5. Among other things this profile checks the MD5 checksums of the used ICC profile against a pre-defined list of profiles known to be appropriate for offset printing. When exporting a PDF as PDF/X-1a with the ICC profile ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI) from Affinity Pub
  5. Hi Affinity Team, I am having some issues with PNGs with transparency. If I add these PNGs inside a CMYK document and export them as PDF I get different colors behind the transparency of the PNG. This happens when I use the format PDF/X-1a:2003 or PDF/X-3:2003. If I use the PDF/X-4 the transparency problem does NOT occur. I am also having these issues with other pixel graphics as well, when I use blend modes like multiply. Please check the files attached to see what I mean. It would be great to fix this issue since most professional printer would like to have
  6. Most of the PDF export options in the Affinity apps are pretty self explanatory but for the PDF/X… options? What advantages/features do they offer? And in what use cases may these be better export options to consider?
  7. Hi folks, hello Serif-Team, I need to export my work as PDF/X (3), many advertising agencies, printing companies or clients ask for it. Will Affinity Designer support this important format/settings? If so, when? ;)
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