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Found 11 results

  1. Blending the Edges on a 360 panorama I have made a 360 panorama image ready for viewing in 360 as per google photospheres. I have removed blemishes, retouched any failure spots and when I view the result in the PTGUI viewer, there is a seam in the sky which shows how different the edges of the flat image are. I have tried the clone tool followed by blending and image in-painting but still the line seam difference remains. The difference might only be slight but often not and this spoils the seamless panorama. Is there a particular tool I am missing? Is there a video I have not found and has anyone else found a solution? I want all the sky to blend as one with no seam. I have tried to upload a 17mb image but each time I see a -200 error message saying the upload has failed. Thank you Adrian Adrian Wood
  2. 1. As mentioned in this post, the online & Mac built-in Painting brush strokes help topic says this: With many Brush tools in Photo or Liquify Persona, you can quickly change the opacity of your brush using your keyboard's number keys. To change flow instead, press the ⌘ key then a number key. The modifier key that changes flow is the ⌃ (ctrl) key, not the CMD key. 2. As mentioned in this post, in the the Affinity Photo - Panoramas video tutorial, @James Ritson says "Affinity document files" can be used with panorama stitching, but this does not seem to be true. Also, the Stitching Panoramas help topic does not make it clear which file types can be used -- it only refers to "images," which is too vague to be of much help.
  3. I'm trying to use Affinity Photo to fix the nadir of equirectangular panorama photos (360° x 180°). In this case I'm using the source image from a mobile phone single shot add-on which generates a stitched image of dimensions 6080 x 3040. Fairly low resolution, but it does display correctly in various viewers like Google Photos or PTGui Pro Viewer. The procedure for fixing the nadir is to rotate the image 180° and then transform it from rectangular to polar. This gives you a straight-on view of the nadir where you can use the impainting tool or cloning to make the tripod disappear. You then reverse all the transformations to get back to a viewable image. The first irregularity is in the rectangular to polar transformation. The image looks like this: It seems like parts of the the top and bottom are cutoff. This cutoff area is actually the zenith of the shot. In comparison, Photoshop does the same transformation looking like this: After making the nadir fixes in Affinity Photo and reversing everything, when you view the panorama and point to the zenith, you get a weird artifact which is no doubt caused by the the cutoff nature of the rectangular to polar (and reverse) transformations. It looks like this: This makes the result unusable. I've been trying to ween myself off Photoshop (CS5) and onto Affinity Photo with a great deal of success, but this is a problem.
  4. Am having serious problems following the current W10 security updates. Specifically Panorama tools for manual adjustments hang and mask manipulation has become impossible. The programme then hangs indeterminably resulting in recourse to Task Manager. Has this been observed? After running the same panorama successfully on the beta version I believe the Win updates have corrupted the official version of AP. AP proved to be corrupted, probably by the updates, and reinstalling resolved the issue.
  5. Hi, I can't stitch slanted Panoramas in AP 1.6. This issue exists since AP 1.5.x
  6. Hello all, I have recently made a few panoramas in which I stitched several photos together in Affinity Photo. After editing, I noticed that the sky clearly shows the stitches, by a slight bias towards magenta on one side of the original image, and towards cyan on the other side. This is pretty noticeable even on darker images. Does anyone have any tips how I can smoothen this out?
  7. Trying to do a panorama vertically rather than horizontally and the result is a funhouse mirror type warp with bottom frames warping into a blooming image with extreme distortion. I capture the original frames in sequence evenly in hopes of a vertical result as smooth and error free as a horizontal stitch, but so far no luck. I can find no information on this at all on your help tool, so if this isn't possible, consider this a feature request ! Thanks for input/solution from anyone out there that can help. Your tool will not let me send you the .jpg of the 600+MB file, so I will attempt to send you a screenshot. VerticalPanoScreenshot.tiff
  8. I'm using Capture One Pro 10 (MacOS 10.12.6) for my raw converter. Using the "Edit In..." selection in Capture One allows me to open my files in Affinity Photo and saves the changes back to the PSD or TIFF file created in the process. If I do this with multiple files for stitching, Affinity opens them in tabs, but I can't select the open images as the source for stitching. It would be nice to be able to select multiple open files from the panorama, hdr, focus merge or stack selection tools. Thanks, Phil
  9. In version 1.6.3 Affinity Photo for iPad it is not possible to make panoramas with raw samsung camera photos and not even open them in a proper fashion...
  10. I'm using Capture One Pro 10 (MacOS 10.12.6) for my raw converter. Using the "Edit In..." selection in Capture One allows me to open my files in Affinity Photo and saves the changes back to the PSD or TIFF file created in the process. If I do this with multiple files for stitching, Affinity opens them in tabs, but I can't find anyway to select the open images as the source for stitching. Is there some way to select open files for panos and merges? I can export the files and open them from the selection box but that kind of makes a mess of my workflow. Thanks!
  11. Dear support team, I´m missing a feature for creating panos from already opened photos. This could speed up my workflow because using the "Open with" dialog in other apps is much quicker than selecting the photos again in Affinity photo. Regards, Joachim
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