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Found 15 results

  1. Hello there, I have a problem with opening the RW2 files from my new Panasonic G9 in high resolution mode (1040 x 7794 px). I attached a screenshot to show how it looks in Affinity.. I couldn't figure out how I could share the RAW file with you. The upload didnt work. I haven't messed around with the settings on the camera a lot and the normal resolution files open up just fine. I think that it is an error in the programm itself, because I can open the file just fine in an online RAW viewer for example. The file therefore is nor corrupted. I am sorry for my english. I hope you can help me. Sincerly Felix K.
  2. When importing RAW files from my Panasonic ZS70, there is a vignetting effect which makes the RAW image useless to edit. I do understand this camera is not supported. Though, it is an incredibly popular camera and I'm frankly surprised by this of a company of your size. Is there any way around this problem or any word when this camera's RAW image import might become usable in Affinity? Thanks. Theon
  3. Hi all, I'm trying Affinity photo for raw processing and am working on an image from the dpreview samples here: https://www.dpreview.com/samples/4858512085/panasonic-lumix-zs200-sample-gallery-updated In particular, I am processing this image: https://www.dpreview.com/sample-galleries/1484710012/panasonic-zs200-sample-gallery/0086927453 I use photo mechanic to manage my images. The first screenshot shows the image rendered in photo mechanic. The second screenshot is in the affinity raw process. I'm seeing a weird vignetting effect which is not there in the original image. Any idea what is happening? [Edit: Sorry... answering my own question. I just observed that the image displayed by photo mechanic was cropped quite a bit, there's no issue here]
  4. Hi Team, I can't open a GH5s Raw file. It shows me only Metadata, Camera, Lens, .. Image: "stuck" pixels With Lumix GX85 Raw files I can work in Affinity. I'm using in Affinity Trial version on a MAC Pro, OS Sierra. I just had my fingers on the BUY for MAC button.
  5. I use the new Panasonic DC-G9 camera and mainly deal with raw files. When I started in December, I could develop these RW2 files with affinity photo. But now Affinity Photo does not recognize these raw files any longer. Maybe I changed some camera setting, but I am not aware which setting might cause the problem now. For your information, I attach two raw files which demonstrate this behaviour. _LUM0777.RW2 PANA4492.RW2
  6. Quick question - I have just started to using Panasonic RW2 files in AP from a GH5. It seems a lot harder to get a pleasing result than with the Nikon raws I've used in the past. The default treatment is very flat, undersaturated but I'm having trouble producing a pleasing developed image. (see attached image for example) Ramping up the saturation only helps marginally, curves adjustments too. Does anyone have a good workflow for GH5 image processing they have established? Many thanks.
  7. Hey folks, another time got some problems while developing RAW files from my Panasonic GX80. Weil loading the *.rw2 file to AP sometimes (not ever) something really weird is happening. Look at the landscape orientation photo in the screenshot. It is split in the middle vertical line and the left part is duplicated to the right side... Sound really crazy and it is... Same thing happens with the portrait oriented photo ... In this case the lower half is multiplied to the upper part of the pic. (see screenshot attached with the comparison opening the same file with MacOS Preview). Actually I'm using AP 1.6.6 on a MacBook with macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 Hope somebody can give me hand solving this issue If someone needs one of the raws to test just let me know!
  8. Hi, I made some test shots with my new Panasonic GH4. The .jpg file has Adobe RGB embedded. Capture One Pro 10, Photo Mechanic and GraphicConverter show the right color profile. When I load the image in Affinity Photo 1.5.1 it shows sRGB instead of Adobe RGB. Default color profile in the setup is Adobe RGB. Please see the attached file. Thank you, Keanu
  9. Recently I've grabbed my old Panasonic again. [Leica lens, 5MPix (2560×1920), 12x opt zoom, f/2.8] Nothing stellar by now, but still acceptable camera. The problem is: Automatic lens correction does not work for its photos in Affinity Photo. But according to http://lensfun.sourceforge.net/lenslist/ it should be supported. I've tested trial version of PTLens.on Windows and darktable on Linux and both handle the photos correctly. Tested with latest stable AP on my laptop. Tomorrow I'll confirm the bug with latest beta of AP on my desktop. I really hope it can be fixed before releasing upcoming AP 1.6.
  10. Hi. I use a panasonic G4 to take pictures und want to work with the rawfiles in Affinity Photo on iPad Pro 2017. But affinity foto (only on iPad?) can’t handle this format. I wish you can add this feature in near future. Thx for reading and sorry for eventually bad english.
  11. Dear community, I am facing some problems with some RAW files that have high light exposure and get some tendency for the sky to burn out. When I open the RAW file in Affinity Photo develop persona (v.1.5.1 Mac) I get some purple skies I do not get when opening the file with Apple preview or Photoshop. Also the ready made JPEG does not show any purples in the sky. Are there any adjustments that can be done to fix this problem? I am using Panasonic Lumix GX 80 / GX 85 / GX 7 Mark II however it is called in different countries. See the screenshots below in the upper left corner. Thanks !
  12. Hi, when opening RAWs from my Panasonic GX80 no lens correction is applied. It looks like it doesn't find any lens information at all? Is the lensfun database based on the latest stable from over a year ago or is it based on development branch? If I open files from my older Olympus EM-10 (mk I) it finds lens information, those are not the lenses I use on my GX80 though. Thanks!
  13. Photo 1.5 crashes permanently when I try to open RAW Image files (.RW2) from my panasonic camera LUMIX GF1. There were no problems with older version 1.4.3. The problem started with Beta-version.
  14. In Affinity 1.4, importing raw files from the Panasonic ZS50, the following distortion results. The raw files process well in DxO and other programs. Have tried using Apple raw and serif raw engines. Seems like a bug in the Affinity raw converter. Any help is appreciated.
  15. With recent cameras, Panasonic (and certainly other camera vendors as well) support a feature called "4K Photos", where a sequence of pictures is taken as a short 4K video clip, but is logically treated as a still picture. This includes features like high-speed auto-bracketing, pre-burst, etc. It would be nice if Affinity Photo could support these image sequences in the internal workflow, so you could review the sequence, select the best still pictures, discard unused frames, do transformations or filtering batch-like on the whole sequence, etc. Thanks! Mirko