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Found 6 results

  1. Hey again! It's just a minor thing but it still seems like a bug: I open the New Document dialog. Define some custom page dimensions. The next time I open the software it shows me one of the preset names in the drop down menu but the dimensions are still the ones from last time (see screenshot). Only if I change one of the dimensions it say "custom" again under Page Preset. It is the same for all three softwares (Designer, Photo, Publisher). Using the Win versions in English and also in German. All the best, Chris
  2. Windows 10 Home 1809, Publisher Have a look at the attached GIF where: * I create a new document - custom-sized at 2x3 inches (purely for demonstration purposes); * Page Preset says "Custom", as expected; * I close that document; * I go to create a new document; * Page Preset now says "A4" but the size is still 2x3 inches; * I re-select A4 from the Page Presets but the size is still 2x3 inches; * I select a different Document Units but the size is still the equivalent of 2x3 inches; * To get what I want, I have to select a different Page Preset, then select the Page Preset that I actually want, and then re-select the Document Units that I want. I don't think this is working the way it should be. If the Page Preset says A4 then I should be able to assume that the page size is whatever A4 is in whatever the Units is set to. I shouldn't need to check that the Width and Height are correct for the preset. (This would be especially difficult to spot if the page size was close to - but not exactly the same as - the preset size.) In other words, if the page size is not exactly equivalent to an existing preset then the preset should be "Custom". I only found this issue after I thought the Zoom function wasn't working when I zoomed a recently-made - apparently A4-sized - document to 100% and found it was way smaller than it should be. (A 2x3 inches document zoomed-to-fit looks exactly the same on-screen as a 8x12 inches document zoomed-to-fit.) When I created the document I noticed that the Preset said A4 - so I assumed that was correct - but the page size was actually 5.8x7.9 inches (from a previous document). This isn't a huge problem while the software is still in beta - we're not supposed to be creating "real" document with it - but I would say it could be a really big issue if someone creates a magazine or a book only to find out, at the very end, that they've done it all on wrongly-sized pages. (Imagine creating a 100-page magazine and only finding out at the print shop that you've used a 230mm page width instead of the 210mm you needed.)
  3. When starting a new publication there is a choice of a number of preset page sizes, as well as the availability for having a custom size. I am pleased to note that Affinity Publisher includes large sizes such as A0 and A1 as preset page size choices. In the thread https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/76773-need-expert-publisher-help/ there is discussion of producing a publication of a comic book. Apparently there is at least one (quasi-)standard size for a comic book. When setting up the size of a publication, could you consider having available a page preset choice of comic book please? It appears that the width would be 168 mm but it is not quite clear at present whether the height should be but 260 mm seems a good choice. William
  4. Hi! Is there anyway I can save a custom page preset as a template? For example, Facebook Page Cover template, Instagram Post template, Business Cards template, etc. with different sizes for each template. I'm currently using Affinity Designer desktop. I've tried to find answers and had no luck. Did find this but it did not have the solution: Please let me know - this would be such a huge help!
  5. Hi, Sorry if this has been asked before, searched but couldn't find a thread on this. I was wondering if it's possible to create custom page presets with Designer? Photoshop had this and it's a big time saver. Actually mostly it's that I can't always remember all the dimensions...hero banners, FB ads, blog featured images, etc. Would love to be able to have these saved. Thanks, Mike
  6. Hello, First, I want to say I love Affinity Designer. I hope to see Retina HD (@3x) support soon, that would be a really great time-saver. Also, it would be great if you could add page presets for the iPhone 4, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Thanks. Keep up the good work.