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Found 31 results

  1. Hello, I can't find it so I assume I am the first to request it but it would be nice to have an effect added to the Fx list "pattern overlay": which would work pretty much like a colour or gradient overlay. For the moment I am using the Fill tool set to "bitmap", and import a pattern I have made myself (they are either distressed texture patterns - seamless - that I create in photoshop) or halftone patterns. I am sure there would be plenty of uses (that's one of the tools I am using most in photoshop when I am doing mock-ups) The fill tool options are a bit short for me, as I can't tweak the scale precisely (with numbers in %) I would also add the possibility to change the guides colours (like the grids) but I am not sure it's a missing feature or if it's just me who can't find it Many thanks!
  2. When using the overlay brush in develop i have to repeatedly go over the area to achieve 100% opacity. I have tried setting brush attributes that work for other brushes but this does not work on the overlay brush, plus I have tried using a tablet & pen and a mouse. Where can I change the attributes for this brush?
  3. Hi all, I have this self portrait as sadly-not-up-to-snuff Michelangelo's David and I want to overlay a marble finish on it. I think I could make this happen in Photoshop but I can't work out how to do it in Affinity and I ain't going back to Adobe. As you will see, I have added a layer with marble but I can't make it cover just my body whilst also leaving all the detail in the body. Does that make sense? If anyone has any help to offer I would be very grateful and I hope no one is horribly offended by my image! I have a STAR!! If this is beyond the pale let me know and I'll delete that image since hopefully it might make sense without it. Phil
  4. PDFs support object masks and gradients, a vector clipping mask applied to a gradient shape in Illustrator CC 2017 exported to a PDF generates a fully vectorized result without resorting to rasterization. On the other hand, Illustrator 1.6.4 cannot export gradient clipping masks/effects/overlays without rasterizing the final result. Unfortunately, because of the nature of JPEG(2000) compression algorithm, gradients are really expensive and it's a very costly tradeoff between file size and quality. Is there a plan to support PDF gradient masks?
  5. By default, Affinity seems to have the Rule of Thirds and the Golden Spiral - is there a way to add or turn on a Phi grid overlay?
  6. Dear Affinity Staff, I am very happy with my purchase. Here’s a little thing that might make it better, more non-destructive in spirit. Right now, I can crop, and then unclip canvas if I change my mind. I often get some dead space around the pixel layers but I’m sure you will work that out eventually. But how cool would it be if I didn’t have to crop in the first place? The slices principle of the export persona appears to be perfectly suited for this, but I find it inconvenient to use at the moment. I would like an option to force ratio (2:3, 4:5, etc. ) and an option for showing the overlays (rule of thirds, golden spiral etc). That way, if my parents or in-laws neglect to tell me the aspect ratio of their picture frame, I can quickly and conveniently export a range of perfectly composited slices of pictures of their grandchildren! I know a modifier key will constrain the ratio but then I have hit the 4:5 ratio perfectly somehow at some point.... thanks for reading. Wouter
  7. MannaTheBerserk

    RAW colour and Overlay Brush

    Hello everybody, I have noticed two weird things in Affinity Photo, and they look more like serious bugs rather than proprietary features: 1) RAW images have a different colour when compared to their counterpart in Photoshop or any other photography application. In Affinity Photo they look just different. Now you may think it might be Photoshop that gets it wrong, but that's not the case, because Photo is the only software where they have a different look. It might be good to have a look ad fix the RAW interpreter in Affinity Photo. 2) The "Overlay" blending mode does not behave correctly with the brush tool. Try to create a black and white image, like a black background with few white strokes, and then change the brush mode to overlay. Now try to paint over the whites and the black background and what happens? Absolutely nothing. If the overlay behaved like it should it would have ignored the strokes (or the background, depending on which colour you have chosen to paint with the overlay mode active). That's it! I hope I have explained myself clearly, and please excuse my poor English! Thank you.
  8. I'm a brand new potential user who's currently trialling Affinity Photo. I like a lot of what I see, but have two key features I am looking for. I've done some online research, but cannot find clear answers. Is there any way to have a layer mask displayed as an overlay (e.g. semi-transparent red). I know I can use the quick mask feature, but would love to be able to just paint directly onto a blank layer mask and then check for missed patches using a red overlay. Can this be done? I have seen some references to brush size and hardness being adjustable using CTRL+ALT and then dragging the mouse, but I can't replicate this with either left click (goes to colour picker) or right click (does nothing). I know I can adjust the brush size with [ and ], but really like the size and hardness adjustment to be in the same motion. Is this possible? I'm really hoping to move from Photoshop to Affinity Photo, but would need to find a good workaround for the above to not have it significantly affect my efficiency.
  9. for the current v1.5.1.52 and the version before in the RAW/Develop Persona Sometimes I get the problem when I make 2 or more gradient or elliptic overlays that one of the overlays will stop working with lights and shawows panel. I think the transitions of the gradients are still very harsh too, even when I make them very big to smoothen it
  10. Hello, regarding overlays in the "Develop" persona, i have some questions and would like to get clarification (sorry, coming from non-English version): 1. I cannot use some functions for overlays. It seems that i cannot use any sharpening, denoising, curves and clarity. I *can* use "Exposure", "Saturation", "White Balance" etc. So there's no *local* sharpening or noise reduction on raw file editingin "Develop". Right? 2. Regarding the Overlays panel: To activate a specific overlay, i have to click them in the Overlays panel. There aren't "pins" in the image. 3. Regarding the Overlays panel 2: If i have 2 or 5 overlays, they all appear alike as "Brush Overlay" in the Overlays panel. It's difficult to know which "Overlay" entry refers to which image area, because in the panel the overlays aren't numbered or clarified by a mask thumbnail. Or do i miss something? (Same applies seemingly to "Graduated Overlays" – if you have 2 or more graduated overlays, they all appear alike as "Graduated Overlay" in the Overlays panel. But here, upon clicking "Overlay", you see the red mask and the marquee, which makes recognition easier than with Brush Overlays where upon clicking, nothing in the image display changes.) Thanks!
  11. Hi all, I just want to apply a color filter to an image with Affinity Photo to get something like this: : I´ve watched this video but I don´t know neither how to change the color of the filter nor this is the right approach to do it: Many thanks in advanced! Pedro
  12. Hi ! I think it might be interesting to be able to change de name of the brush overlay (All them are named as brush overlay). When we manage many, rename them give us a reference of the area in the picture. Many thanks !
  13. I would like to be able to use the Compositional Overlays when designing as well as when cropping. Additionally, is there a way to flip the Golden Spiral both horizontally and vertically?
  14. (sorry for the english) Hi, one of the tools I use most on photoshop is the Pattern overlay, to do this kind of work (attached). Would be great to have this on af Photo. I tried to use the one that already have on the software, but I couldn't achieve the same result as the pattern overlay in photoshop
  15. Please fix this, bug happen by the steps as you see in my screenshot. Cheers. :)
  16. Travelling Man

    Overlay - AP Beta 12 on Mac

    Moved to beta thread
  17. Hi. I'm fairly new to the forums, so if this has been mentioned before then I apologise! I'm an illustrator and would really like to make the transition from PS CC to Affinity but there's a couple of things that Designer/Photo don't have atm: Pattern Overlay with the ability to import .pat files and also the ability to import .tpl files (I use a lot of Kyle Webster's brushes). Could you add these features in the future please? Thanks.
  18. Could anyone tell me how I would go about taking typical 2D images and presenting them in a similar fashion as shown below? Kinda lost on this one. Thanks!
  19. Hey there, I have no idea if it has been mentioned before but it looks like the "Objektivfilter" tool (sorry, no idea how to translate it) is currently broken in the Beta 4. Whenever I try to pick another color than the standard brown, it will reset to the brown again. See attached file and try it yourself. Greetings Bike.afphoto
  20. Hi, In the develop persona there is a tool called overlay gradient tool. Does this tool not exist in photo persona? The reason I am asking is because some of my scans are in monochrome (no RGB), and the develop persona is not able to handle none RGB files. Which reminds me... is it possible to converse color profiles? Cheers Peter
  21. So, here we go again. This was originally created over a year, thanks to Supervolting on here for bringing it back to my attention. I have reworked the tutorial and it's less than 5 now and simplified. It's a really cool way to show of your videos or pictures and a great way to see how you can work with other apps in your workflow by starting in Affinity... Enjoy... (and click subscribe) ;) Creating a Mask Overlay Tutorial Allan
  22. I have a basic image with a layer over top of it which is a solid color and I've set it to "Overlay". Everytime I try to save or export the image...it changes the look of the image to something really ugly that I don't want... Simply by clicking on the layer sets the image back to what I want. Here is a quick video in case I haven't explained it correctly http://screencast.com/t/xw6jwEsGwu1Y Thank you!!!! Tracy
  23. Hello from Germany, I like to use Affinity Photo a lot - but this bug here often is very painful: Repeatedly I had issues with overlays in the Develop Persona-> 1. create an overlay 2. don't do anything in the picture 3. the overlay was (maybe) created by mistake and I want to delete it 4. when the created and unused overlay is selected and deleted, it takes the whole picture with it... So when I used several overlays and the last one ist created by mistake and I want to delete it immediately, all the work done before is wasted... Maybe, when the overlay is created an in the list it is marked as the selected one and not the master something in the back of the program is still pointing at the master... Thanks for your great work on this product. I hope, this bug will be fixed soon.
  24. I am a novice. I have been using the File, Place tool to place fairy wing overlay document png type (invisible background layer) files over background images, and then using the erase brush tool to clean up (erase the overlay) from the face and chest area. Its worked beautifully for days, but today it does not work for me, and I can't figure out why its changed? I did notice the assistant started coming on, with notes about rasterising the layer, but I selected to undo the action, and the assistant is disabled. I thought this would stop my issue. I think I want to be able to erase from a vector layer freely.... So, my process has been to open my picture, place my png overlay, and erase any "interference" over the subject's face... in PS I learned only briefly to use the paint brush tool to paint the overly in black over the overlay to "reveal" the area underneath, but that technique is not working either.... Thanks, OnTheWander
  25. I'm hoping I'll have more luck with this question regarding Affinity Photo. Has anyone tried refining a selection after you've added a B&W layer to your photo? Looks like the red overlay becomes B&W too and to my eyes it's hard to tell where the mask begins and ends. I try to disable the B&W layer, but then the mask disappears. I have to exit refine selection and click again on Refine on the top toolbar and then I get my red overlay back. To the developers - 1. Was this the intended behaviour - at least the part where overlay also becomes B&W? 2. Are you able to recreate the disappearing overlay issue when you switch off the B&W layer? This surely must be a bug.