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Found 14 results

  1. Hey all, and thanks to the developers for what looks like a really great suite of applications! Just bought Designer and Publisher, and am now wondering how one can change the keyboard increment / nudge distance in Publisher. Saw from a Designer forum post that it should be available there now - any hint for Publisher? It's a bread and butter function for me, and prob for many ... Thanks!
  2. Is there a way to nudge a layer on the iPad Pro? When I look under the help files on the open screen it mentions it but it doesn't say how to do it. Since there are no arrow keys is it possible?
  3. There is a behaviour that I have been experiencing in Affinity Designer that I find a bit frustrating. I can’t figure out if it is intentional (and I should change my working habits) or if it is an error. Here’s what’s happening… If I select an object in the dartboard, hold down shift and press the up or down arrow key on the keyboard, the object will move 10 pixels in that direction. This is what I want. However, I select the same object in the layers panel, hold down shift and then press the up or down key on the keyboard, the object stays in position but the layers above / below are selected. This is not my intention. I would like the ability to locate an object in the layers panel and move it up or down using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Is this an intentional behaviour or is there any likelihood of this being changed? Perhaps there is a setting where I can disable this behaviour? I’m not one to complain. Affinity Designer is an excellent product, I already use it as my main graphics software at home and I’m trying to use it at work to replace Photoshop. Keep up the good work Affinity Designer team! Thanks very much for your help.
  4. When an object is selected it has the blue transformation handles. When moving an object with the keyboard arrows, or nudging it, is there a way to have those handles disappear so that I can see finer details about where I'm placing the object? I feel like this functionality was working when I first installed Affinity, but now it seems to have disappeared. Thanks!
  5. Could we please have the ability to nudge the crop tool with the arrow keys? 1) Open image in APhoto 2) Select Crop tool 3) Create custom ratio eg. 16 x 9 4) try to nudge the selection up or down using the keyboard Nothing happens What I would like to see: The crop selection will nudge the crop selection by 1 pixel increments and when the shift key is held down it nudges by 10 pixel increments BTW the move crop still doesn't become active unless the crop selection is dragged out, using the context toolbar stops the crop from being movable unless the image off from the crop is clicked, I would expect the crop to be moveable as soon as it becomes active from the context tool.
  6. The available settings in Prferences/Tools for nudging are great. However, after I have nudged an object into place with several nudges, the next time I nudge a different object, the nudge replicates the entire set of nudges I just used on the previous object. Thus I must take more time to get the new object back into place after it "jumped"out of place. I've look in Preferences but find no help there..
  7. Hello everyone, this is a bug related to 1.5.5 version (Mac). It wasn't there in v1.5 - I can tell because I use it a lot. Looking at screen recording: drag duplicating a shape, nudging it 20px, Cmd dragging* to make a duplicate - and then it happens: the shape being duplicated snaps back 20px! Drag duplicating is the fastest way to duplicate shape / text and it speeds up many designers workflow, so please fix it ASAP. *Cmd drag or Option drag, no matter. affinity-drag-duplicate-bug.mov
  8. Duplicating a layer, transforming the copy with either the Select tool or the Transform panel, and then repeatedly invoking the "Duplicate" command will usually recursively apply the transformation to each copy. However, any transformations performed by nudging objects via keyboard using the arrow keys are currently not taken into account. Tested in the AppStore release builds of of Designer (1.5.4) and Photo (1.5.1).
  9. Hello, I think it would be convenient if the nudge distance could be saved as a document setting, because I often set the size of a grid space as my nudge distance, which of course, differs between different documents. For the same reason, I believe it could be beneficial to make screen tolerance a document setting instead of an application-wide setting. What do you think? Best, Bauke
  10. Forgive me if this has already been addressed. I did some looking, but couldn't find anything. In AD, is there a way to make tools such as align (object), text tool, and nudge respect the current rotation of the canvas with regard to creation and manipulation? I'm sure it's no easy task, and understand why the program would behave this way—respecting the object's coord/origin according to the artboard—but it just seems counterintuitive at times. Don't get me wrong, the ability to rotate the canvas is fantastic, especially when it comes to packaging work, but not being able to manipulate objects in an intuitive way when the canvas is rotated counteracts the benefit a little. Thanks! :)
  11. Hi all, I just found a bug with nudging which exists in the latest versions of both Designer and Photo (v1.4.1). Steps to reproduce it: 1. create a new document 2. paint some squiggles with a pixel-based brush 3. marquee a rectangle region in the squiggles 4. duplicate the region with CMD-J 5. select the move tool 6. move the copied piece with the mouse near to where you want to put it 7. nudge the piece with the arrow keys At the last step, the copied piece jumps back to the position it was before you moved it with the mouse. Cheers, Jules
  12. For example, I select a layer and nudge one point to the right by pressing the arrow key, but often (I have been unable to determine a pattern as to when exactly) the layer will jump a random number of points in another direction, as if the nudge is being applied to out of date layer/object coordinates. Often the jump is on multiple axes which can break alignment. At large zoom levels this can mean that the layer's contents disappear from view completely. After the initial jump, the nudge function then works as expected. This issue occurs both when nudging a single point and 10x points (with the shift button pressed). There seems to be no workaround. Undoing and then re-attempting the nudge results in the same random jump in position. The only workaround is to a) accept the jump in position and This is an extremely annoying bug which should be addressed as soon as possible.
  13. I don't remember seeing this before. I'm in 1.4.2 Beta 1. It also happens in MAS. I was doing a shift nudge up of an object, decided I wanted to see just the shape so I reached over and clicked on the visibility check box for my layer. The next nudge up selected the layer above my layer (instead of doing a nudge), then the following nudges worked as nudges on both selected layers. It did the same thing with a nudge down except the layer below mine was also selected. It only seems to happen when using a shift nudge, not a small nudge. And it didn't matter if the shift was still being held down when the visibility check was clicked or not. It also doesn't matter if the cursor is left over the layer or moved back into the canvas before the next shift nudge. It does the same thing in both Move and Node tools. It also did it if two layers were originally selected.
  14. Nudge specification is a very valuable tool to me. Have many files set up that require nudge accurate to .0000 (Adding it at the bottom of the Transform pane would be especially helpful.) Another valuable feature in the same vein would be a Step and Repeat copy/paste option. (copy and specify offset paste an object multiple times in both X and Y axis; CD has this tool but AI does not)
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