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Found 10 results

  1. 100caratart

    Affinity Designer Text issue

    Hey everybody and Affinity team! Recently I've got an issue, actually all the time during the past 3 months with text editing in affinity designer. Usually, I would edit one part of the text and to keep the style I just copy/paste text selected layer, and then write another text to keep work in same style. However I faced an issue that when I copy/paste edited text the application just freeze and not responding, I have to relaunch it all over again. Another thing would be nice to have an autosave feature, or if there is maybe can somebody tell me how to switch it on? Hope this little problem would be fixed in future updates PR.
  2. Hello, I'm experiencing really annoying problem with Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. Everytime when I start Affinity programs, open blank document and start working. After about 5 sec i have a lag (application not responding about 10-15 sec) and then everything works fine. It's happening just after only first time I create new document or I open the existing one after start Affinity programs. When I create next document or open next one, it's ok. It's not something new, I have this problem from Beta, now I'm just decided to resolve it. I also tried reinstall Affinity, but nothing has changed. This problem persist on all my two computers where I've instalation of Affinity Designer. I don't think it's caused by slow computer. I've got quad-core Intel Core i5, 3.4 Ghz, 8 GB RAM, Intel SSD and NVIDIA GTX 750 1GB. I use the latest version Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo ( I'm using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, build 1709. Thank you for any kind of help. If you will need any aditional information, just ask for it. Marek.
  3. evtonic3

    Slow on my Mac

    Not sure whats happening, but it happens from time to time when I work on really deep files with full res images and many layers along with it but I’m getting really poor performance. Is this normal memory usage? I have projects due and the spinning ball of death is gonna get me fired. (not really, but am concerned with this)
  4. AF keeps freezing during any operation and flags up 'AF not responding' even when its the only program open, any advice ? i'm using the same PC i've always used AF on but its gradually becoming more frequent 4-5 times with 30mins use. When it was first installed, all was fine. No new programs installed on my pc only he usual windows upgrades !
  5. Hi, TL:DR Set Fill / Paint / font colour change crashes the program when applied to a block image e.g. not a font. Attempts to paint the entire A4 page but takes 15 minutes perhaps more. Why does it take so long to paint a page. Why did it paint a page when it was only a small portion that was selected. Improve logic to prevent this? Hardware i5 2500K overclocked to 4.1gHz, 8GB RAM, 128GB ssd, Intel onboard Graphic 3000, 4TB ssd/plater HD, AMD 5770 1GB video card Creating another master piece and was just changing the colours of the fonts. I then clicked on a block of graphic image and clicked on that to change its colour. Once I did this the computer started to play up with the mouse becoming erratic e.g. not moving smoothly. This got worse to the point I had no response from my computer. After a minute approx I could get taskmanager to start and I could see that Affinity Photo was reporting it is "not responding" At first it was using 1% cpu and 1.5 GB of memory Being patient I waited perhaps another 5 minutes perhaps 10 and noticed that the program came back sort of. I checked taskmanager again and found that cpu use had risen to ~32% and 4.5GB of memory with 0.3% of disk activity. The entire Affinity Photo program screen had a transparent grey all over the entire screen. Normally when I see a program in this state I would conclude it had crashed. I waited some more and found the program returned to a functioning state however my entire image had be painted the font colour. At first I didn't realise it had done this but as I clicked on the image I noticed handles responded. I saved the file "which had ballooned from 2MB to 27MB" in this state and restarted the program and found the entire image was still completely painted in the font colour. I used the undo feature and managed to get the image back to where I wanted it. I then attempted to change the colour again of the block image and guess what it did exactly the same thing and "crashed" I took screen shots including the taskmanager if your interested. The saved files seemed excessively large as for an A4 size page. It is a very basic image with text a certificate of a swimming milestone for ABI swimmers. Thought I would have had this done and dusted in say an hour or so but I have spent a considerable amount of time on it due to the "crashes" and writing in this forum. Images blurred for privacy reasons.
  6. Hi Please help! I have been using affinity designer for a couple months and in the last week it has started to freeze and then say 'not responding' every 10 minutes-ish. As you can imagine quite frustrating and taking me absolutely forever to do quick tasks. I have tried uninstall and reinstall programme but no change. I saw on another forum that a corrupted font could cause this but I can't find how to find a corrupt font on windows 7. I am not very tech savvy.
  7. Hi guys, I bought Affinity Designer after testing a lot of version of Affinity Designer Beta. It worked very well, and I was very happy. But now, with the full version I have these problems: - It starts very slow. - When I am working on a project it stops and Windows 10 shows Affinity Designer is not responding before it closed. My PC approve the requirements, so, I don't understand. What I have to do? Thanks. Greetings! Iván.
  8. For some reason none of the tools are working. I cannot select any of them. Instead of selecting a specific tool it draws a blue rectangle on the page as if selecting. Can anyone help? Thank you.
  9. im using wacom intuos small pen tablet with 4gb ram on my windows 10 system. it takes too long to open Affinity Designer. and sometimes it hangs in between and not responding well. and in pixel persona, paint brush tools is not responding well. it has very jagged brush strokes. not very responsive either. im missing RGB channels window and gradient tool in pixel persona. please do something to make it more responsive and precises.
  10. ginacapo

    AP Keeps Crashing

    I'm uploading workable files and making changes on the dpi/pixels... and then the program freezes and then says not responding... I have to force quit over and over... What is the issue does anyone know?