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Found 40 results

  1. right, just bought this app, and I am more than a little confused about the behaviour of the node tool. it seems pretty well-established that it is laggy and imprecise (something that would have been nice to know before purchasing), but there seems to be other things that are broken: node tool has erratic behavior when selecting a node to drag -- sometimes it drags it, sometimes it grabs the control handles magnifying glass randomly appears and persists (what is this even supposed to do? there's no option or even documentation for it, and it just obstructs lines) magnifying glass appears on the same touch as when touching with one finger to use the modifier awful screen tearing when zoomed in precision work is impossible. can someone please help me understand the behaviours of the node tool here, and are there fixes for any of these issues? (the lag and impreciseness are also present when manipulating any other nodes outside of the node tool -- resizing a shape, for example.) ipad pro 10.5 + apple pencil / ios 12.1.1 / designer A7DB13E7-245B-4AAF-A96B-6451C11AD05D.MP4 E7674E8A-3A01-4ACD-A4F1-16162679F4D6.MP4
  2. Hello! Has been discussed, I know, but scattered all over the place. With the Node Tool, it should be possible to delete nodes in these variants: - Without adapting the neighbouring tangents - that's the existing behavior. Shortcut could be: left-doubleclick (besides DEL) - With adapting the neighbouring tangets, so that the curvature is preserved as good as possible (CorelDraw can do this). Possible shortcut: CTRL-left-doubleclick - With also deleting the neighbouring curve segments. Possible shortcut: CTRL-ALT-left-doubleclick. Regarding shortcuts: Choose any combination of mouse pointer and modifier keys you like for node editing, but avoid having to use DEL or other keys wich are harder to reach. Thanks for considering!! Best regards
  3. Hello! The new Transform Mode of the Node Tool in AD 1.7 is a very welcome feature, thanks for that! Looks like there is the transform Center missing, though, like in the Move Tool. I'm aware that this center would be a temporary, meaning after deselecting the nodes, it will be lost. However, it should be there. Could you put this on the list, please? Thanks!!
  4. What is this menu/icons for? I'm using AD for iPad…
  5. I love the possibility to stretch a curve directly (no need to control both handles). And I like the “organic forms” we can achieve with that options. But there are situations where we would need to stretch curves maintaining handles direction (even if that handles are not horizontal or vertical) My suggestion is: — Direct manipulation of curve ---> actual behavior — SHIFT + direct manipulation of curve ---> modify curve maintaining handles direction Next capture shows a practical case maintaining HV handles (very useful for corners):
  6. My first question here! :-) Love the paths! Just a first thing that I don't get to find (maybe not implemented yet?) I know that I can press SHIFT to force Horizontal, Vertical, 45 degrees, when drawing. OK. But, how to force to that angles H/V/45 to some existing handles? (previously created, I mean) In Illustrator/Photoshop we press SHIFT. But Affinity uses that key to maintain existing angle (a fantastic utility, I love it). Thanks!
  7. I was complaining that I could not drag guides from rulers using the Move Tool, however, I discovered I could using the Node Tool. A Windows user was telling me to use the Move Tool. We decided the Mac and Windows versions don't match in this regard. Guides can be dragged from rulers in both Designer and Photo in the Mac versions, Publisher for Mac is not right.
  8. Why would this be useful? The below should sum it up. Even in outline view with zoom at maximum you cant tell. For objects it shows how many are selected, but not for vertices/nodes.
  9. It happens to me a lot that I click right next to an anchor point when I want to move it with the node-tool. That shouldn't be a problem, but in designer it adds a new anchor point to the curve everytime this happens. Although I understand adding anchor points to a curve-region this way is a quick way to do it, it is annoying when this constantly happens when trying to move existing anchor points or bend a curve-region. I might be missing something, but I can't find any setting to turn this click-to-add-anchor behaviour off in the node tool. This is even more problematic when a lot of anchor points are very closely together and you can't see them all in the current zoom. Then you don't even know that you accidentally added anchor points. Which is causing unintended changes in the graphic without me knowing it. I like it to be able to add anchor points with the node tool, but I think it would be better when we have to press a control-key with it like alt, ctr, shift to prevent accidentally adding anchors. Thanks!
  10. The object snapping seems to order snapping candidate preference in order of most recently selected, which works really well. I would like a similar behaviour for nodes. This would allow for aligning nodes horizontally and vertically. I did try the alignment tools, but it doesn't appear to work with nodes, only objects. Even if it worked, the guides would allow for faster alignment in this case.
  11. Further to my previous suggestion for showing the number of selected nodes, it would be nice to have a remove doubles operation that merges all nodes that are within a certain radius of other nodes into a single node. Again, borrowing from Blender 3D: https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/dev/modeling/meshes/editing/vertices.html#remove-doubles
  12. It would be useful if when hovering over line segments, it would allow snapping to the midpoint of the segment.
  13. I have an open curve with a sharp end point and a smooth end point. I want overlap them without closing, but it closes the curve automatically. Thus, changing the handles of the node (because it has to covert it to either sharp or smooth after closing). Is there a way to disable auto closing of the curve on node overlap?
  14. Hi - Im new to affinity designer (used to illustrator on the desktop), so just getting to grips with how it works. I can’t find any information, including in the tutorials, about the context menu toolbars for the various vector tools (specifically the move and node tools). There is a grid of four symbols on the right hand side of the context toolbar for each of these that don’t have a name or any explanation, can anyone help me with these? I’ve got a feeling they’ll help with precision when drawing and working with vector shapes, but can’t seem to work out what most of them mean??? I’ve worked out that one of them moves the centre point of the shape. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Hi group, is there a way to adjust the accuracy when trying to select vector curves with my Apple pen? It is making adjusting my vector lines and points a living hell. It selects curves that are not even close to the one I want to select. I used to make this easier by switching to line view but this solution doesn’t work with iPad designer. Maybe this is a bug? Not sure.. Thanks ✌️
  16. Dear all, I have a curve / line, created using the pen tool, representing a church tower. I now need to add two nodes, to make the tower look slightly different. Unfortunately i do not know how to add nodes to the existing "curve". Any hint would be highly appreciated. Thank you! :-)
  17. Yeah, today I lamost rage uninstalled AD because at first I couldn't figure out how to select multiple nodes from multiple aligned objects. In Illustrator it is really simple, you activate direct selection tool and drag select all nodes you want (marquee feature) in the straight line. In AD first I had to go to preferences and enable 'select objects when intersect with selection marquee', then with move tool I need to click and drag to select objects I want, convert objects to curves and then with node tool I can finally(!) drag and select nodes I want to move. WOW! Feature request: Node tool should have the marquee feature enabled right away without the need to previously select objects. Also, why is there a need to convert to curves? P.S. It seems that "common sence" logic works differently for different people depending on their background. Whenever there is an issue, I have to google the solution. Why not just make a small popup at the tool location that notifies the user that square needs to be converted to curve in order to use node tool on the boject. Instead I have to search the forums and create new topic about it. Thank you for reading.
  18. Please add an option for disabling the magnifying glass while using the pen tool and node tool. The magnifying glass is a nice feature when using a finger, but with the Apple Pencil it blocks the view and makes the process of editing curves harder. Thank you.
  19. A request to add an option of disabling the magnifying glass for the pen tool and node tool. The magnifying glass is a nice feature when using a finger, but with the Apple Pencil it blocks the view and makes the process of editing curves harder. Thank you.
  20. Hello! It would be handy if guides could be moved/edited with the Node Tool also, not just with the Move Tool. Because otherwise, how can I move a guide to snap to nodes of selected objects? The moment I switch to the Move tool, the objects's bounding box is displayed instead of it's nodes. Thanks! Best regards Eugen
  21. Hi, As I have stated before I am not a seasoned graphics designer. Ok, so the image attached is an example of what I am trying to do. I have two Artistic Tool Hellos. One Black and One Red. I want to cut up the Red, so the Black shows through. And since there is no scissor tool, I tried to convert it to Curves and use the Node Tool. It doesn't work. My thought was to layer the Red on the Black and then use the Node Tool to cut away different areas of the Red so the black lines up and shows through. I tried to Group the Red Text with a Box and then Convert the Box into a Curve and use the Node Tool. That did not work. Any thoughts on how I can do this? Thanks Bill
  22. it would be usefule to have a text along path feature also in affinity photo. see https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/15865-how-to-write-text-along-a-curve/?p=72069
  23. Good day everyone! I am trying to add a node here(refer to Sketch.png attached). I couldn't achieve it using the node tool, as it doesn't snap to the intersection. In Adobe Illustrator, we can achieve this by selecting both the open paths and selecting "divide" in the Pathfinder panel. When I do the same in AD, the straight line disappears and the open path(selected path) turns to a closed one. I'm trying to figure how to achieve this simple thing in AD. Please help!
  24. One thing I love about Affinity is when I hold down the shift key and copy, draw, etc I get a ghost line (sorry I don't know the proper name) that shows the trajectory of whatever I'm drawing or copying. I thought this is a very nice touch. My suggestion is to have the same kind of ghost line when using the Node Tool (maybe there is but I couldn't find it). I often draw shapes using the rectangle tool but I then have to convert it to curves and then adjust one side. If I hold down the shift key, it doesn't maintain the proper proportions (which I would think it would but it doesn't, I'm sure that there is a logical reason for this though). I have a hard time adjusting one corner or side of my shape and keeping its proportions because once you start dragging a node, all references to the original line are gone. Illustrator does this already and it works with the node tool but it isn't nearly as smooth nor as good looking as Affinity Designer's ghost line. Now only if Affinity Designer would show me the original path or line when adjusting nodes with the node tool then I would be able to adjust shapes with straight lines (at an angle) and keep the proper proportions. If this doesn't make sense, please refer to the attached sample for a better explanation. Thanks. My apologies if this has been requested before. I wasn't sure what term to use when I searched the forums for it and of course nothing came up. Ghostline.pdf
  25. Hey everyone, I cringe a little at the default (and sadly the only available, for now) node tool action. When a segment is dragged, its adjacent nodes change directions, just like it works in Inkscape (last time I checked, at least). This is a real deal breaker when it comes to more precise jobs like logo design, modifying letterforms (not to mention creating them from scratch, although I know there are dedicated tools out there for that) etc. In Illustrator, this the the only mode of editing, in Photoshop there is a choice between a «legacy mode» as they called, which functions the old way (preferred in my case), and the default mode (like AD works). Such a choice would be ideal, wouldn't it? :) This is what I mean in case my description wasn't clear enough (left, AD, right, AI). best regards, Matt