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Found 11 results

  1. He wrote about the problem in the beta version. Now this problem is in the stable version. New video did not write. Error manifests itself all the same.
  2. When converting from afphoto to jpeg on a 2-3 windows file, it says that the program has stopped working. But the error does not occur every time.
  3. Different reaction to the lack of stroke in the pencil and pen tool. If you do not select the fill, during drawing you don’t see what you draw. After the drawing is finished, the curve turns blue. It would be correct if the curve in the process of drawing was already painted in blue.
  4. The name of the adjustment layer is not equal to the name in the selection menu. Curves = Curves Adjusment Unnecessary words complicate perception and slow down the search in large documents. Curves = Сurves - This option is visually more pleasant. We immediately see what this layer is. Well, for those with PS moves less repulsive moments. If for the English language this is not very critical (although this still overloads the interface). The most important words are at the beginning, and they are immediately visible. In the Russian version everything is much sadder. The most important word is in the middle of a sentence. And it is still necessary to search. The short title option would be the most usable. A document with a huge number of layers overloaded with unnecessary words, which in fact do not carry important information. It looks frightening and repulsive, especially for new users whose loyalty to the program at the start is minimal. Curves=Curves Кривые=Кривые Insignificant detail at first glance, but having a lot of weight for new users. Well, in general, make work in the AP more convenient
  5. I want to share statistics. Mix brush does not save all settings. I understand that it is probably conceived. I will share my statistics. One setting brush = 15 seconds time. During the day, this setup has to be done 100 or more times. 15 * 100 = 1500 seconds = 25 minutes per day to adjust the brush. In a month, 25 * 31 = 775 minutes = 13 hours. 13 hours a month to spend on custom brush? This is more than a working day! For a professional tool, such a waste of user time is unacceptable. Please add save all instrument settings. The video is old, but the problem is relevant for all versions.
  6. The size of the brush cursor when using the tablet Wacom pth-451 is not displayed correctly. When recording through the program is not fixed. I had to record video from the phone. Sorry for the quality of the video. This problem was reproduced on 4 different PCs running Windows 7/10 64 bit.
  7. When you touch the pen tablet, the size of the point is not minimal. When pressing, the brush works correctly. More on the video. This behavior of the brush is observed in 1.5.xx and in versions. https://youtu.be/gXdblkHcJgI
  8. If you select several layers and turn off and turn on visibility, then if you move the mouse cursor (without clicking) then defects appear on the image. When you save these defects appear in the final file.
  9. Segment tool - when aligning an empty space is formed. Can not combine into one shape.
  10. If you work on a layer by HSL (Saturation 0) tool inpaiting brush tool, the selection instead of the red becomes gray. Discolors the selection. HSL settings affect the color of the cursor.
  11. Since English is bad. Details in the video and in the title. https://youtu.be/pD1Az1VRw1Y The problem remains relevant for

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