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Found 22 results

  1. I want to share statistics. Mix brush does not save all settings. I understand that it is probably conceived. I will share my statistics. One setting brush = 15 seconds time. During the day, this setup has to be done 100 or more times. 15 * 100 = 1500 seconds = 25 minutes per day to adjust the brush. In a month, 25 * 31 = 775 minutes = 13 hours. 13 hours a month to spend on custom brush? This is more than a working day! For a professional tool, such a waste of user time is unacceptable. Please add save all instrument settings. The video is old, but the problem is relevant for all versions.
  2. When you run the program takes 195 MB of RAM. Opened in the program 10 cr2 files. Closed all tabs. The program takes 3.6 gigabytes of memory. This is normal?
  3. Today, the Wacom driver has been updated to 6.3.33-3. After rebooting the system could no longer start the AP. Neither the stable version is betta.
  4. "Монохромная художественнная иллюстрация" - "Monochrome artistic illustration" - this is about the work of art in monochrome. "Монохромные иконки" will be correct.
  5. The background image is white. After clarifying the border and outputting the results to a new layer with a mask, in the layer with a mask, such noise appears at the edges of the selection.
  6. The system has many color profiles for different printers. When creating a new document, in the creation window instead of sRGB any other profile is displayed by default. The truth is sometimes that sRGB is displayed, but this rarely happens. By mistake, the topic was created in the wrong form. The problem is relevant for AP and AD for APub did not check.
  7. The size of the brush cursor when using the tablet Wacom pth-451 is not displayed correctly. When recording through the program is not fixed. I had to record video from the phone. Sorry for the quality of the video. This problem was reproduced on 4 different PCs running Windows 7/10 64 bit.
  8. When you touch the pen tablet, the size of the point is not minimal. When pressing, the brush works correctly. More on the video. This behavior of the brush is observed in 1.5.xx and in versions. https://youtu.be/gXdblkHcJgI
  9. Despite the fact that there is free space, the inscription does not fit.
  10. When working with a large number of documents, the focus does not shift to active document management. There is no possibility to close the document by clicking on the cross.
  11. After pressing the processing button, the color of the photo changes.
  12. In the last betta version I described the problems of arbitrary closing the program when working with a mix brush. In (, the program closes when transforming and dragging layers (there were masks and groups, not sure if this is somehow connected). The program closes without sending an error report.
  13. The transformation macro is applied incorrectly. There is an error in both the stable and beta versions.
  14. Brush preview is not size. The dynamics of sour from 0% to 100%, the preview is not displayed as 0%, which prevents the brush from being correctly positioned. Wacom pth-451, windows 7 64-bit.
  15. If you select several layers and turn off and turn on visibility, then if you move the mouse cursor (without clicking) then defects appear on the image. When you save these defects appear in the final file.
  16. The trim tool works differently with stroke on vector and raster objects. Is this an idea or a mistake?
  17. A shape outline appears below the stroke.
  18. Segment tool - when aligning an empty space is formed. Can not combine into one shape.
  19. If you work on a layer by HSL (Saturation 0) tool inpaiting brush tool, the selection instead of the red becomes gray. Discolors the selection. HSL settings affect the color of the cursor.
  20. Since English is bad. Details in the video and in the title. https://youtu.be/pD1Az1VRw1Y The problem remains relevant for