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Found 40 results

  1. When scaling and scrolling, the program crashes. Images in the document are embedded links. Collapse usually occurs during the drawing of images. Project files are located on an external HDD (USB 3.0) fairly fast. The error occurs every few minutes and sometimes more. The program crashes both in the betta version and in the stable version. I apologize for the length of the gif, not knowing how to cut it. The collapse of the program at the end. On gif, the program first hung up for a long time and then crashed. Usually the program crashes very quickly.
  2. He wrote about the problem in the beta version. Now this problem is in the stable version. New video did not write. Error manifests itself all the same.
  3. When entering coordinates, small numbers do not change the value but change position. Large numbers change the value, but not the one I entered.
  4. The problem appeared with the version 1.7.0333. Perhaps one version before. There is no problem in the stable version.
  5. The x and z axes have a different origin. The planes are offset from each other. Isometric drawing is impossible, if only every time not to move the entire image. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
  6. 1. In the folder I create two identical files 1179 Kb 2. Open the file 2.jpg 3. I change one pixel of the image. 4. Press Ctrl + S 5. I receive a file weighing 7236 Kb (7236/1179 = 6.13 ...) The file size has increased 6 times! I prepared the file for uploading to the site and I needed to make a minor change. I can't use fast save 1. Ctrl + S Total: 1 second. To just save the file I have to 1. Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S 2. Choose a format 3. Choose quality 4. Set the location and save the file. Total: 15-30 seconds. Formally, there is a quick save tool, but I cannot use it. I can offer several options on how to make the tool more usable. In the global settings of the program, the user selects the toolkit itself. 1. Keep in original quality (as original) 2. As specified by the user as - (field for entering quality) 3. With each save, display a dialog box in which the user himself will set the quality. 4. Save to the highest possible quality (with increasing file size). The tool will work as the user needs. And the user will be happy as this cast
  7. When converting from afphoto to jpeg on a 2-3 windows file, it says that the program has stopped working. But the error does not occur every time.
  8. Different reaction to the lack of stroke in the pencil and pen tool. If you do not select the fill, during drawing you don’t see what you draw. After the drawing is finished, the curve turns blue. It would be correct if the curve in the process of drawing was already painted in blue.
  9. Adjustment layers do not work after grouping.
  10. I create a layer → I create a mask → I fill it → I add an adjustment layer = the adjustment layer does not affect the lower layers. I create a layer → I fill it → I create a mask → I add a correction layer = A correction layer affects the layers. Is this a problem or should it be?
  11. White line between fill and stroke. A document with a history attached. 2.afdesign
  12. The brush does not draw in the mask. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
  13. "Монохромная художественнная иллюстрация" - "Monochrome artistic illustration" - this is about the work of art in monochrome. "Монохромные иконки" will be correct.
  14. Pressure curve. The point is spontaneously selected. 1.afdesign
  15. The name of the adjustment layer is not equal to the name in the selection menu. Curves = Curves Adjusment Unnecessary words complicate perception and slow down the search in large documents. Curves = Сurves - This option is visually more pleasant. We immediately see what this layer is. Well, for those with PS moves less repulsive moments. If for the English language this is not very critical (although this still overloads the interface). The most important words are at the beginning, and they are immediately visible. In the Russian version everything is much sadder. The most important word is in the middle of a sentence. And it is still necessary to search. The short title option would be the most usable. A document with a huge number of layers overloaded with unnecessary words, which in fact do not carry important information. It looks frightening and repulsive, especially for new users whose loyalty to the program at the start is minimal. Curves=Curves Кривые=Кривые Insignificant detail at first glance, but having a lot of weight for new users. Well, in general, make work in the AP more convenient
  16. Artifacts when zooming and working with the curve. 3.afdesign
  17. If you assign hotkeys to the launch of the AP program, the program perceives such a launch as resetting the settings.
  18. AP curves are among the most advanced graphics programs on the market. But there is one huge flaw. A function that is literally in all programs is missing in the AP There is no vertical line that shows the position of the point relative to the histogram. At the same time, this level has no problem. I would like to see the same option in the old AP. Perhaps it was worth putting in the function request. But the absence of this line makes it impossible to work with curves, as with a professional tool. You have to guess whether you hit the top of the histogram or not. I'd like to see AP at or above its competitors.
  19. If a layer is inside a shape, then rasterizing it will change its location.
  20. The system has many color profiles for different printers. When creating a new document, in the creation window instead of sRGB any other profile is displayed by default. The truth is sometimes that sRGB is displayed, but this rarely happens. By mistake, the topic was created in the wrong form. The problem is relevant for AP and AD for APub did not check.
  21. I want to share statistics. Mix brush does not save all settings. I understand that it is probably conceived. I will share my statistics. One setting brush = 15 seconds time. During the day, this setup has to be done 100 or more times. 15 * 100 = 1500 seconds = 25 minutes per day to adjust the brush. In a month, 25 * 31 = 775 minutes = 13 hours. 13 hours a month to spend on custom brush? This is more than a working day! For a professional tool, such a waste of user time is unacceptable. Please add save all instrument settings. The video is old, but the problem is relevant for all versions.
  22. When you run the program takes 195 MB of RAM. Opened in the program 10 cr2 files. Closed all tabs. The program takes 3.6 gigabytes of memory. This is normal?
  23. Today, the Wacom driver has been updated to 6.3.33-3. After rebooting the system could no longer start the AP. Neither the stable version is betta.
  24. The background image is white. After clarifying the border and outputting the results to a new layer with a mask, in the layer with a mask, such noise appears at the edges of the selection.