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Found 10 results

  1. The transformation macro is applied incorrectly. There is an error in both the stable and beta versions.
  2. Brush preview is not size. The dynamics of sour from 0% to 100%, the preview is not displayed as 0%, which prevents the brush from being correctly positioned. Wacom pth-451, windows 7 64-bit.
  3. If you select several layers and turn off and turn on visibility, then if you move the mouse cursor (without clicking) then defects appear on the image. When you save these defects appear in the final file.
  4. The trim tool works differently with stroke on vector and raster objects. Is this an idea or a mistake?
  5. A shape outline appears below the stroke.
  6. Segment tool - when aligning an empty space is formed. Can not combine into one shape.
  7. If you work on a layer by HSL (Saturation 0) tool inpaiting brush tool, the selection instead of the red becomes gray. Discolors the selection. HSL settings affect the color of the cursor.
  8. When you touch the pen tablet, the size of the point is not minimal. When pressing, the brush works correctly. More on the video. This behavior of the brush is observed in 1.5.xx and in versions. https://youtu.be/gXdblkHcJgI
  9. Since English is bad. Details in the video and in the title. https://youtu.be/pD1Az1VRw1Y The problem remains relevant for