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Found 39 results

  1. Hi, I'm new here. Before I start to purchase something from Serif Affinity, I was wondering if Affinity Photo has a pixel grid upon an extreme zoom (something like 900% or more). I'm way behind with the software available, as I have PhotoPlus X7 and I haven't got anything at all from Affinity 😕 Unless Affinity Designer can do something similar. I'm more used to doing small to large scale pixel art, than doing actual pictures. Thankyou.
  2. Been watching a few Youtube videos while I wait for my Affinity Designer book to come, and in the process have made a few lil graphics, playing around with child objects, gradients, the add/subtract/divide functions and transparency.
  3. Greetings I am very experienced in Affinity Photo, but now am trying to give remote help to a few people who have recently purchased AP. They have varying amounts of experience with Adobe products, but basically need to start at the beginning. My query is mainly about - the 92 videos, which at one point were renamed the Legacy videos and are found in a few places, including Affinity PHOTO: Video Tutorials (miguelboto.com) Are all of them still valid, eg some things will have changed and presumably some of the originals are no longer as useful (or indeed valid?) for use in Version 1.8.5. ? How much confidence can I have in getting these newbies to access and learn from these particular videos?
  4. Chinese Character Practice Grid: My Very First Creation with Affinity Publisher Disclaimer: I’m a total newbie. I couldn’t find any tutorials relevant to the task, so I decided to just “wing” it. However, I am quite pleased with the results, simple as they are. (1) I don’t know if it’s possible to draw different types of lines in Affinity Publisher, so I designed the grid itself in Microsoft Word, a variation on the traditional jeougongger 九宮格 “nine square grid” approach. (2) I imported a smaller grid into Affinity Publisher, copied it once using Ctrl-C, then pasted multiple copies into place using Ctrl-V to create an A4 sheet (keyboard shortcuts I have been using in Microsoft Word for over 20 years). The individual squares did not quite line up, so I had to fiddle with the positions for quite a while (less than ideal). (3) I then used the Slender Gold font (based on the calligraphic style of the last emperor of the Song Dynasty) to type in the three characters of a Chinese name I chose for a foreign friend. I was quite pleased to discover that Affinity Publisher automatically snaps the characters exactly into the center of each box. I typed in an English title using GR Tonal Spelling, AKA Gwoyeu Romatzyh 國語羅馬字 (guan is 1st tone, guann is 4th tone). (4) I exported the resulting file as a PNG file. The menu item was exactly where I expected it to be. (5) Finally, I cropped the first three boxes using Photoscape. Maybe Affinity Publisher has cropping tools built in? *** Initial verdict: I was very pleased that a total newbie like myself could create a usable. I created an attractive design without even reading the instructions (the tutorials I found were not helpful). I still have a lot to learn, but so far I feel that my money was well spent. Problem: Although I bought the software directly from Serif, it cost me about US $65 (not sure why it costs more in Taiwan: my income is very limited). I hope I can pick up the Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer at Black Friday discounts.
  5. I've set up my master pages for my publishing project. I've checked my formatting multiple times and everything looks to be set the way I want it. When I am pulling in my text and images from external files, Publisher is ignoring my settings, specifically my text flow settings. I've taken a picture of my master settings for the page I'm loading and what my loaded page looks like without the text flow working. Since I'm new to this I know there is some simple setting on the program that I'm overlooking. I hope those of you with more experience can help me.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm new to Affinity publisher and would really appreciate it if someone could link me to some good, step by step tutorials please? I've been onto YouTube but I end up selecting random videos so there isn't any real continuity and flow to the tutorials. Thank you very much 😊
  7. This tutorial is for you when you're just starting out with Affinity Photo. This video covers as many basics and essentials which I believe any Affinity Photo user should know. I've added timestamps below the video for EASY NAVIGATION! Keep in mind that this is not an in-depth course. As a bonus I've included my Workflow Booster Cheatsheet (in the video description on YouTube), to at least 3X your workflow. Enjoy! EASY NAVIGATION (simply click the time): 0:00 Learn Affinity Photo in 15 Minutes 0:21 Open New Document 0:45 Create Document Preset 1:13 User-Interface 1:49 Customise Studio 2:19 Import a Photo 2:57 Rotate/Stretch/Resize Layer 4:17 Transform Image (flip, align) 4:39 Customise Tools Panel 5:19 Change Perspective 5:58 Apply FX 6:52 Adjustment Layers 7:58 Rename Layers 8:33 Clipping layers 8:52 Group Layers 9:25 Add Shapes 10:44 Add Text 11:53 Layer Masks 12:49 MOST Important Keyboard Shortcut 13:52 BONUS: Workflow Booster Cheatsheet
  8. Hi all, I'm Greg, and I run a game development company called Boolean Games. Always liked the Vector art style, so thought I'd give it a go myself. Initially tried Illustrator but disliked the pricing etc, currently on a trial with Affinity so far but I really like it so I'll end up buying it This is roughly the level that I'm at but the inspiration was my 2 year old daughter and a possible design for the feature wall in her newly decorated bedroom.
  9. Hello everyone, I need help in making this logo I tried to use the isometric tool but its kind of false and it didn`t worked out. I attached you a pic maybe someone can help me out! :) Thank you in advance! Kind regards Tony
  10. I wanted to start a topic for everyone new to affinity designer who's working through the work book or just teaching them selves the basics to upload your highs, lows struggle and flow of your progress or any help some of the senior users would be more than welcomed
  11. I'm in a bit of a pickle I can't get back to the default mode I originally started with, I seem to have touched a key and I'm left with this on the right but I want the left screen
  12. Hi loves! Super affinity designer newbie. I make logos for clients & for some reason having a hard time exporting to SVG.. I’ve sliced before on most of my designs & I usually have to do it a few times until it magically works. The specific design I created is like another I did & the SVG export worked. For some reason I can’t figure it out. I bought the book & super love it... but it doesn’t go into a lot of detail about exporting sadly. Please help. I will add file & hopefully someone can get it! I know I’m doing something wrong if I have to try to 20 times before not knowing what I did right. Haha. Thanks so so much! Untitled Copy_10.afdesign
  13. Hey all! Just started trying out both Affinity products on Windows today and I've run into a snag with Designer. It seems that I cannot get my file to export as an SVG properly - the "embedded document" portion does not export. Is there a checkbox or step I'm missing?? I am able to export everything as a PNG if I don't resize on export - if I try to resize then the embedded doc portion again does not show up. I've attached the files I get so you can see what's going on as well as a screenshot of my layers in designer. Could also use a tip on how to set the exact artboard size - haven't figured that out just yet... Thanks! NewInterstate-v1.svg
  14. Hi there! I'm in charge of the senior photos (and yes, I know, the lightning is not perfect but It’s the best I can do with one shot box). This is a test image and I will try to get rid of the ripples in the greenscreen, but I am afraid it won't get much better. Can you help me find a way to efficiently remove the greenscreen from a sh*tton of photos? Maybe with batch processing? Sadly, I'm kind of a newbie and I appreciate ANY help and tips! TYSM! <3
  15. Hey guys, i've been making some designs on affinity designer that i want to make into stickers some day. I've made about 4 or 5 of them but now i realize that i may have made em just a tad small. most are 7 in wide by 3 in tall. i think one or two may be 7.5 x 3 in. Anyways now im learning that these types of rectangular sticker designs would be best if they were 8 x 3 in. My question is what is the best way to resize em? would i need to start all over? should i just stretch em with a loss in quality? is there even a way to resize them without opening a new file in the correct sizing and then copying and pasting my old design onto it? -thanks in advance my fellow Affinity users.
  16. I dont know how but I somehow managed to turn of the editing panel on the right side and I am kinda new in this :'D How do I turn it on ?
  17. Is there a way to emulate the duplicate tool in photoshop? i tried drawing a simple box then copy pasted it. Once the selection appeared i tried to move it. Didn’t work. thanks
  18. I was disappointed when I imported a photo selected one person of four whose face fell into shadow and was much darker than the others. in photoshop I would select the face and use exposure to lighten it in balance with the others. Could not do this in Affinity. am I missing something? Thanks
  19. Two questions. I chose to change a couples things to my photo but don’t see where to click to save the changes. And I had seen lighting effects but now I can’t find them. can’t find this in any tutorials. Thanks
  20. How do I submit a request in affinity forum I am trying to find out if it is possible to make a slideshow in affinity photo
  21. Hello, What is the most efficient way to accomplish the following: (1) Create/refine a selection (2) Make an adjustment to it (3) Be able to go back and apply other adjustments to the same selection later on #3 is where I'm struggling. Thanks for your patience in helping a newbie.
  22. I've been following Affinity Designer for a while, done the trial, bought the book but need advice before I take the plunge. I'm only a part-time graphic designer/publisher and the occasional freelance work that comes in does not justify the monthly charge for Adobe's InDesign and Photoshop. After being a long time user of Quark, I stupidly coughed up for QuarkXpress v10 but it was such a disaster, I signed up to Creative Cloud. I got a year at a great rate that included the whole suite (including Illustrator) for not much more than the current monthly fee for two apps. The 'deal' is getting silly now. I'm really looking for a package that will replace Photoshop and Indesign. Whilst I manage to limp on by with a patch for Quark V10.5.2 running on Mac OS Sierra (conflicts and End of Life product nightmare!) before I leave Adobe altogether I need to be sure Affinity can provide all that is needed to continue to produce newsletters, posters, leaflets, pull up banners etc. Indesign is the programme I use most but Designer seems more like Illustrator in that aspect. Should I buy Affinity Photo and ditch Photoshop (which I hate and still can't work out how to use even after 14 years) and should I wait for Affinity to produce a publishing programme before cancelling Indesign? (They keep promising it but it seems a while in the making . . . ) Any advice gratefully received.
  23. Hi, I'm a beginner to graphic design etc so please bear with me whilst I wrangle the terminology. I'm starting with an existing vector shape: https://www.123rf.com/photo_58944851_male-human-body-with-head-turned-to-side-flat-icon-for-apps-and-websites.html I want to be able to cut it up to have different limbs and body sections on each layer. I.e. Face, Head, Neck, Upper Arms, Lower Arms, Chest, Abdomen, Pelvis, Some quite small and internal (E.g. Spine will be a strip in the middle) I don't know how to slice it with seamless boundaries.... Any pointers appreciated. Thanks Rob (Ultimately export to SVG then do hover and click effects on each limb)
  24. I'm new to photo editing and when I look at all the different options available, I get overwhelmed and just don't know where to begin. I wish there was an explanation to what all the different options mean and an explanation of when and in which scenario they should be used. So, I'm wondering if such a website or video in AP exists? I watch all the tutorial videos but unless I understand when I should use the different options, e.g. masks, layers, brushes, etc., I won't be able to edit my photo properly. When I try to follow what's being done in the video on Vimeo, my photos look horrible then I get frustrated and just do basic editing on my computer.
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