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Found 11 results

  1. Hi! I'm new to the software, but have been a pro user of Photohop since 1997. I've opened a png file, 300 dpi, rgb to play with. I've done a shift-command-n to create a new, blank pixel layer, but am unable to paint on the layer. If I create a duplicate of the background layer, I can paint or manipulate the image. Would love some feedback on what I can do to make this work! Thank you. Running software on an iMac, OSX Yosemite v. 10.10.3 and using an Intuos 5 tablet. affinityscreengrab.tiff
  2. Yet another issue with selection refinement. Refine selection with output to new layer is completely broken. Steps to reproduce: 1. Use the selection brush to make a selection 2. Refine selection witht the Matte brush 3. Choose output to "New layer with mask" and apply 4. Switch off the mask, the new pixel layer is completely destroyed. It shows the traces of the Matte brush Sadly this is just one more issue with refining selections. Come on Serif, you should put a lot more effort in improving this function. PS is much more reliable here. AP Windows 10
  3. So far I am loving the updates for AD and AP. I am however having one issue: In Designer and when working with an existing document, whenever I select the Pixel Persona and show the layer panel, no layers are shown. When I attempt to add a layer, I can see that a new layer has indeed been created as indicated on the bottom toolbar that displays tips/info. Again though, these layers don't show in the layer window when working with an existing document. I have found a workaround for it. When a new document is created, layers in the layer panel appear properly and function just fine. After creating this new document, I switch windows to my existing document and layers "magically" show up again. They appear to function just fine as well so far. I have noticed one difference in the update that may or may not contribute to this issue. When opening AD, the draw persona is displayed by default with no sidebar for layers, strokes, etc.... I have to select pixel persona to display this sidebar. Prior to the update, this sidebar was loaded and displayed by default. AFAIK, this issue has not affected me in AP.
  4. Why is it not possible to make a selection using the marquee tool and copy and paste that area to a new pixel layer with alpha surround that new object? //EDIT: is it only possible on a pixel layer?
  5. I think there should be an option to add a new layer directly above the selected layer. Currently as far as I can tell, adding a new layer adds it to the top of all of the layers in the panel. This is not ideal when you have hundreds of layers and you just need a new layer above the current selected layer. For instance when you are organizing your element layers and need a container layer to dump a bunch of layers into... If this is already possible can someone let me know? Cheers!
  6. AD has a convenient keystroke to create a new layer but once the layer appears I must click another time to name the layer. It would be very helpful and a time-saver if the new layer would come up with the label name area already selected (open), ready to type. It would seem to me that anyone creating a new layer would automatically want to name it. Naming and managing layers in AD is just a joy compared to Illustrator CC (which often crashes in the layer-naming process with my large files), and the above AD addition would be make it even better.
  7. In Photoshop, many plugins like Nik/Google were non-destructive, that is, they produced a new layer when applied to the current layer. This needs to be a feature. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I am using a MAS version of affinity photo 1.4.3 and every time I try to make a selection and have the output as New Layer then click apply, nothing happens. A new layer comes up but it's blank... Anyone else have this issue or know why it is happening? This just started in the last week. Jason
  9. Hi folks, I have the following workflow improvement if it comes to create a new layer. The status quo is, that a new layer will be put on top - in first place of the document hierarchy. If you are working with files that contain more than 10 objects and some hierarchy levels it would definitely speed up workflow if the new layer would be placed beside the current selection (like it is done if you duplicate your selection). Because: 1.) it is more likely that I want to create a new layer in the hierarchy level where my selection is than always on top of everything. 2.) it takes much longer to reorganize the hierarchy if you want to put your newly created layer from the top position into the area of your current selection vice versa it is very very easy if the user wants to have the new layer created on to - just by clicking on the element which is currently at the top :) So I see more advantages to implement it like the "duplicate layer" function has already been implemented. UPDATE I just figured out that creating a "new pixel layer" works exactly as I would expect and like it: the "new pixel layer" is always placed beside the current selection in hierarchy. Whereas "create new layer" has the the following inconsistence, somehow it reacts "context-sensitive" - means, it follows some rules but I don't get the point. I see it as a bug: 3.1) select a child-object within a layer - the new created layer jumps outside the parent layer and is positioned next (over) it 3.2) select a child-object within a group - the new created layer will be placed at the top of the documents hierarchy 3.3) if you are in the root-level and a layer is selected > the new created layers will be placed next to the selection 3.4) if you are in the root-level and a group is selected > the new created layers will be placed at the top of the documents hierarchy
  10. When I have a group selected and closed and I add a new pixel layer ( Command + Shit + N ) it should add the layer outside of the group. When I tried adding layers with a selected closed group and didn't see my layers adding I was confused. But after opening the group I saw all of the layers I had previously added. So either expand the group open if a layer is added to it, or make it so the a new layer is added above a selected closed group. And the same for new shape layers as well. Also as on observation when a group is selected (Blue) its hard to see the group arrow icon (light grey). Perhaps change the icon color to something that will contrast more when the layer is selected. Also an additional oberservation releted to the layers. When the check mark is toggled on the right of a layer all of the icons shift a bit up and down. Attached is a .GIF showing this happening.
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