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Found 18 results

  1. I used my DSLR Nikon D7200 for the fist time since installing .258, when I try to open the file Affinity goes so far then just shuts down, I tried files from last year which previous builds had opened, same effect. I have 112 Gig of free disc space, I use windows 7 and have 8 gig of ram. one time I had the error message below. can you help please.
  2. I’m a newbie with very basic question. I have many NEF raw photos with associated sidecar file containing changes to the raw file. Must all the photos be saved as a combined file, such as tif, before importing? Or can the NEF raw file with associated sidecar file be imported?
  3. rizzlewizzle

    NEF import not working!

    I've just tried to import my RAW NEF files from a nikon Z6 and they do not work. It corrupts the file or doesn't understand it. They work fine in the nikon image viewer software. Please tell me I haven't wasted my money getting Affinity Photo. It's crazy if it actually cannot understand these files.
  4. So I've read through the forums, and see that the Nikon D610 is listed under the supported RAW cameras. I've also seen several posts where people are having issues opening multiple nef files. Since nef is Nikon's raw format, I'm curious as to whether or not it is actually supported. I recently deployed AP to my end users, and have been getting feedback that the application is constantly freezing and crashing. After speaking with them, I've discovered that the files they process come from Nikon D610's and that they must be in a RAW format. Well, the only RAW format that these cameras can capture in is nef. Again, reading through other posts, it seems that nef is not currently working as intended. However, the D610 is listed under the supported RAW formats. If you could please clarify if this does or does not work, and if it does, any help to address the situation would be appreciated.
  5. Hello, A rather strange thing's happening when opening raw files with affinity! I have a Canon 60D, a canon 200D and a Nikon D850. I shoot mainly raw and am used to make some minor editing of my photos. Most of the times I'm already satisfied with the "in camera" result and just make some minor adjustments later on in my computer. So, I use the camera profiles to adjust parameters (like contrast, saturation, ecc) and then export the raw (or nef) files to my computer. When opening (with affinity) the files from my 60D, there are no differences between the osx preview software and the image I see in Affinity; meaning that Affinity can, at least to a certain degree, read the profiles and adjustments the user makes in a canon 60D. But when I open my files from the canon 200D or from the Nikon D850, the raw files are simply flat, with no customization what so ever (in the preview software they look just like in the camera or if they were jpegs)! You'll probably answer me by explaining that a raw file is "raw", etc, anf I know that, but it's very useful to have a software that can read the changes you make "in camera", otherwise you're throwing a big and beautiful part of your work in the bin. What can I do to solve this problem? Am I doing something wrong? Thank you in advance for your attention, Simão
  6. No es capaz de abrir archivos NEF de Nikon D7000 en el IPAD aunque en su descripción dice que lo hace. Cada vez que intento abrir un archivo RAW de la Nikon con formato .NEF la aplicación se cierra, y no me sale ningún error. El motivo de comprar esta aplicación es para editar NEF de Nikon y CR2 de Canon y lamentablemente sólo puedo usarla con Canon. Para mi una gran decepción aunque las posibilidades que ofrece son muy grandes y el flujo de trabajo me gusta más que Photoshop. podrían ayudarme necesito solucionar este problema por un viaje que tengo cerca y necesito la APP para trabajar. Una lástima, espero que lo solucionen rápido.
  7. Apologies if this has been reported before but I’ve been evaluating the trial version of Affinity Photo for Windows (v1.6.0.89) for a few days now and so far, I have encountered three times what seem to be a bug where the image I’m working on suddenly turns dark gray. The UI is normal, only the image is affected. First instance is with a NEF file from a Nikon D500. The Image opened correctly (Colored) and was able to edit in Develop Persona. While working in basic tab, the photo suddenly turned dark gray. At first, I thought I may have done something wrong while editing. Moving the history slider back to the left did not do anything other than vary the exposure lightly. At this point, it didn’t matter what Persona I’m in or what slider I adjusted, the image stayed dark gray. I canceled the edit and closed AP, then reopened the same file only to come up colored for about two seconds then went back to dark gray. Third time seem to be a charm as it opened the same file correctly and was able to edit in Develop Person and eventually exported the image. Second instance was a day or two later with a different NEF file/photo but from the same Nikon D500. Third occurrence was with an old PEF file from a Pentax K5. This one I was already done editing and was simply looking around the image for a final check before exporting when it simply turned dark gray. Closing/Reopening AP did the trick but unfortunately, in doing so I’ve also lost all the editing I made. Has this issue been reported before or am I the only one? My system: Toshiba Laptop (Windows 10 Home / 64bit) CPU: Intel Core i7-4720HQ @ 2.60GHz Mem: 16GB Storage: Samsung SSD 500GB Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600
  8. I cannot see any layers after opening a Nikon NEF/RAW file in Affinity 1.6.6 on my Macbook Pro (both layers panel and layers menu) I have tried to reset the Studio, but this makes no difference. Layers are not the only menu drop downs that are missing from the menu bar. I can only see 5 menu drop downs instead of the usual 11. I have the same issue with two different Macbook Pros, running different operating systems and with NEF/RAW files from multiple Nikon DSLRs. Can anyone help me with this problem? Thanks
  9. What are everyone's thoughts on how Affinity processes RAW files (v 1.6.6). Are you happy with the output? I continue to be challenged with the perfect software for my needs so I thought I would start with highlight recovery and create a comparison file using the same photo in a number of different applications. Note that this is far from a scientific study. What are you all thoughts on which is best? Again, this is only the highlight recovery and I know there are other factors involded in development. RawDevelopmentComparison_highlightRecovery.pdf
  10. Hi guys, I am fairly new to photo editing in general and Affinity photo in particular. However, I have used affinity photo since the last release and now I am using the build. I like it a lot, but I have experienced one bug so far. It is a little annoying bug. I have startet to take pictures in RAW, as I have a Nikon camera the file format is .NEF. When I load the RAW image in Affinity photo I do not get any camera data. It just says "no camera data" at the top. I am missing my used optics settings etc. If I check the properties of the files in Windows, I see all the information that I want to be shown in Affinity. If I open the files in Nikons program Capture NX-D, I can also see the information. At first I thought there were some kind of problem with the .NEF files so I opened the files in Capture NX-D, exported them to .Tiff files and then opened them in Affinity, but I still couldn't see the camera data. So there seems to be a problem with camera data information for RAW files in general for Affinity photo. Does anybody else have the same problem as me ? Is this something you can adress in the next release ? Other than this bug I am very happy with my purchase so far and I want to say thanks to Serif for a good photo editing software !
  11. Hi, I got .NEF image. When tried to export to PNG and canceled it i get an Alert with no more information. I continued my work and all is fine. But in my opinion there should be some more information when Alert occurs.
  12. I am interested in finding out the ramifications of trying to import and export raw photos from Apple Photos program given that NEF files are not listed as one of the formats to use for export on the Affinity program. I use my Nikon camera to shoot raw exclusively and wonder if this is the best photo processing program for me to use.
  13. Hello, I hope this is solved now also the problem of slow opening of RAW (NEF) files in Windows 10.
  14. Hello, I have the beta version of Affinity Photo installed. Opening an NEF file still takes too long - 28 seconds (Windows 10, 64 bit). Greetings
  15. Maximale Anzahl der Zeichen überschritten Gib Text oder eine Webadresse ein oder lasse ein Dokument übersetzen. Abbrechen Übersetzung für Hallo, Photo Affinity ist eine gute Software.Stattdessen übersetzen mit Hallo, Photo Affinity ist eine gute Soiftware. MEHR ÜBERSETZEN Hello, Photo Affinity is a good Soiftware. There are still some problems, which would be to fix. For example - the RAW - NEF files are opened too slowly. It takes 30 seconds for a file to open. I have experiences with Lightroom and with Capture one. There, these files are opened much faster. If Photo Affinity is used as RAW convertor professionally, the problem must be solved.
  16. Have opened Nikon RAW file, NEF, from an older digital camera, E5700. While in RAW editor, prior to pressing develop, if i click on the White Balance option I get a messed up result. When I click off the WB option it goes to normal. using the sliders has no effect. All the other options appear to be working just fine. However, once I develop the photo I can use the WB adjustment layer and it works just fine. TIA, UltraRed
  17. Afinity Photo: Importing RAW images are being changed and turning very yellow. This has been happening since the update because I have our companies head shots that had the same issues but couldn't put my finger on it why they were coming out very yellow. I was thinking it was the white balance issue with my camera and the muslin blue background but its not. Attached is an image of the original nef file and the uploaded one with nothing done do it. The photo's are really unusable even when edited. Please help to address this. If there isn't a fix, I won't be able to use AFphoto for any of my editing needs.
  18. Woznium

    RAW Processing

    Hi, I tried to develop NEF-Files coming from a Nikon D610. The camera Profile is not shown (see screenshot 2) and AP does not convert the camera profile into the output profile. The result is much to red in comparison to the image developed by Nikon View NX (see screenshot 1). Can you help?