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Found 7 results

  1. It would be great, when Affinity Photo would work with 3d connection space mouse. At least zooming and changing the of a size of a pen. I'd like to use it with my old wacom tablet. Pen in one hand and simple zooming and navigating with 3d mouse would be perfect. Thank you!
  2. I've noticed that Affinity Designer sometimes slows down drastically when I'm using a stylus. I'm not talking about drawing in particular; interacting with the UI is even worse. Simple things like locking a layer or selecting a color sometimes take several seconds. Everything suddenly performs as expected when I use the trackpad instead.
  3. As far as I can tell there is no media navigation browser capability in Affinity Photo as you might find in Adobe Lightroom, Graphic Converter Pro, Adobe Bridge, etc. It will be a big help if a resource folder tree and navigation thumbnails could be implemented along the left hand side or wherever to be able to browser and edit multiple photos, saving them all in batch, rather then having one photo assigned to one tab as seems to be the current way of open multiple photos. If say I wanted to open a folder of 50 folders and had to create 50 tabs for those photos, it would be pretty difficult to navigate through each of those photos, or comparing a couple photos side by side. To a lesser degree, but equally important, since most DSLRs and MILCs support video these days, the ability to display those along with the photos and do very basic edits like trims or set the poster frame of a video clip would also be nice to have. This is already doable in Apple's Photos app. Cheers, Jerry Tokyo, Japan
  4. I am frequently interrupted in my work by the whole image of the document shifting on the screen, often almost entirely disappearing off the bottom of the Affinity image window. I have tried to turn off all of the "hand signal" motions that the latest OS offers. Nevertheless, I frequently get these shifts, making me need to relocate the image I am working on by using the hand cursor. Does anyone have a remedy for this behavior? Thanks.
  5. My more complicated drawings use lots of groups and nested groups. Finding where an object is located is sometimes rather tricky. When I click in the drawing on the grouped object, I can continue to click to drill down to the object that is several levels down in a group. But in the layers navigator the indication is not very clear. If all groups are collapsed, I pretty much have to open all of them to figure out which object I just selected in the drawing. I do name my objects but even then, it is still taking too much time. It would be great if the grouped object can more more clearly highlighted and possibly brought into focus so that all I have to do is to click it open and any one of the nested object till the one I am targeting. Hope my description is clear...
  6. Hello--I inadvertently lost my right hand panel for layers, history, navigation, etc. Can you help please? Context Toolbar is checked and left panel is displayed. Thanks.
  7. It's impossible to navigate with arrow keys in the layer menu. Selecting a layer highlights it, pressing "down arrow" moves the layer downward instead of moving the selection one step down. I get the point, and I'm not a professional designer, but it doesn't feel intuitive to me. I'm so used to left/right to expand/contract a group and up/down to move around in any given tree structure.