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Found 4 results

  1. Currently a lot of the tools have multiple modifier keys which can be used in unison, and that’s great if you have good hand coordination but some can be difficult to use, e.g. Ctrl+Alt+Right-Mouse+Drag with the Node Tool. It might be nice if we could have a little panel – maybe at the bottom of the Toolbar, or at the left/right of the Status bar, or wherever – which allows us to select which modifiers we want to use by activating an icon instead of having to use the keyboard. (Keyboard modifiers would still work, this would just be an on-screen alternative/complement.) By having these modifiers available on-screen we could use them without having to keep applying them with each use – they would be in effect until we switched them off. This might also make things easier for people with limited mobility as they could use the software more with only the mouse. In particular, for example, one-armed users would probably find it very useful. In my quick and crude mock-up you can see that the Shift and Alt modifiers are in effect, see red arrow (better icons would obviously be needed, and more modifier icons than I have given). I haven’t thought this through fully but I thought it might be a nice idea to play around with to see if it might actually be useful (which is why I’ve posted this in the Questions section rather than the Feature Requests section). Edit: I only expect this proposed ‘Modifier Panel’ to affect anything when the user is doing something on the canvas, not while they are using the rest of the UI (otherwise it would cause all sorts of problems). Can anyone see any good or bad in this idea? (If someone can prove that it’s a terrible idea then I’d be fine with that.)
  2. When CTRL and ALT is pressed together, it is now Left-Click to cycle between properties, or Left-Drag to change properties' value. Honestly, both of these are binding to Left button makes me confused. Sometimes I draw, and want to change brush size for next stroke just a little. And that's it: The program judges that the moving distance of the cursor is not enough so what I've done is Click but not Drag. Then it cycles. My suggestion is as below: 1.Change the button bindings to Right-Click for properties cycling. 2.Make Drag immediately and more sensitive. Thanks.
  3. I really like affinity products, and have AP & AD installed on both my Mac and my iPad, but one thing is bugging me a lot: I can not set ANY shortcut key that includes a modifier in either AP or AD on my Mac! I have fiddled with the settings, unchecked ignore modifier, checked it, changed the language of the app... nothing seems to make any difference. If I want to add a shortcut like CMD + Shift * P for Place, it only registers the P The same thing happens when I try to add a shortcut to a character or paragraph style. This is extremely annoying as my workflow relies heavily on shortcuts, they same me a lot of time, but as it is now, I just cannot create the workflow I want in AP or AD. I really hope you can respond to this, as I reported the question before, but no one responded. My system is iMac 2011 with el Capitan
  4. How do I make these keystrokes on a US keyboard?
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