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Found 7 results

  1. Has this issue been resolved? I use a font manager and I have not yet added these fonts to automatically load when the the design file is opened. Whether this would still be a problem with out using a font manager I don't know. 1. When the file is opened there is a popup that identifies the missing fonts and it disappears quickly. 2. In the character panel there is a missing fonts option that also identifies the missing fonts. 3. The problem is that those displays only identify the family typeface name and not the individual font names (bold, italic, etc) 4. So my images show three missing fonts of the Source Sans Pro typeface. There are 12 individual fonts that belong to this typeface. How am I supposed to identify outside of trial and error of loading fonts one by one to see which ones are used? I will submit this as a request if it has not been fixed yet . . .
  2. I am using AFPub 1.7.3. I want to edit items on pages from pdf documents in my genealogy files.. I have been printing the desired page as a pdf document to the desktop and then dragging it onto the AfPub icon at the bottom of my iMac screen. I click ... Open. I have also tried Open from under File at the top of the window. The apostrophes become the letter "g" like this ... When I look back at my fathergs life, especially before the last couple years, it was a very good life. and quotation marks become ... The movie _The Graduate` got it right in just one word and _Plastics` was magic in the 1960s. There are multiple text boxes, some overlapping, which make editing more difficult. Sometimes when trying to type new words, the letters spread wide and don't maintain correct spacing. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Then using a new (page 1.pdf) page I opened it with the Times font. It was not good with symbols replacing some letters. I tried again in the (Missing font) message and to (Replace Lucinda Grande) which I THINK was the original replacement text. It resulted in the same scrambled replacement even though I again used a new pdf page. When opening with no "Replace missing fonts, I get the (Missing Font 2) message. It is still random symbols mixed with letters. (Copy and paste) from the original pdf into a text box in AfPub is still bad. The font is corrupted in some way. I thought a pdf document is a pdf document and there should not be a problem. My "little problem" is now a "bigger problem!" I have almost 500 pages in one genealogy line and 270 in another genealogy lineage. I will have more to edit as future events arise. I hope to not have to retype very many. I hope someone will be able to help. page 1.pdf
  3. I updated to 13.1.2 and so many fonts are missing - my work is in ruins. Can anyone please help? I have a deadline. In particular - this font - which I believed is Gurmukhi MN But I can’t be sure. Does anyone know what this font is called if it isn’t Gurmukhi MN ?? Thank you
  4. I am a user of Affinity Designer (paid licence) and a Affinity Photo beta. I have the following thought: If Adobe Reader can read, Affinity should also read, even not having the fonts installed on my computer. Please, let me chose if I want replace the font or if I convert it to curves. I heard someone say that CorelDraw already does that.
  5. As most Affinity users know, when you open a file that includes fonts not installed on your system, you have the option of choosing a replacement font family & style for the missing ones. From what I can tell, the Affinity apps don't offer users much help with making the best replacement choices, nor do I expect them to. Consequently, I am curious about how other users make these choices, & if or when they decide to add fonts to replace the missing ones. For example, as mentioned in this post, I installed the Calibri font family included in the OP's .rar file so I could see if I could duplicate his issue. According to Wikipedia, this is a proprietary font family that I am not licensed to use so I deleted it from my Mac. That left me wondering what font family would be the best replacement for it. Wikipedia mentions that the Google "Crosextra font" Carlito is "metrically compatible" with Calibri, so it seems a good choice. I could download a version of Carlito with a SIL Open Font License from here if I that was important to me, which it is not. Otherwise, I could download Lato from Google fonts or just make do with some other sans-serif font I already have installed that is roughly the same. That is all well & good but the point is the research to discover the above took a fair amount of time, & it would likely be the same or longer for any other font. So ... any suggestions on how to avoid that?
  6. Hello, I had saved my work to reopen on my other laptop but needed to download the newest version. After completing this, i opened my existing work only to find fonts missing and my work was scrambled. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I am missing several installed fonts that show up as expected in other programs. Example - BlairMdITC plus several others are not in AP font list.
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