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Found 11 results

  1. Hey! I just switched to AD from Inkscape and I'm having a pretty good time so far. I'm having some trouble with merging though. As you can see in the video the nodes themselves aren't merging whenever I use the add boolean operation. Any help would be great. 2018-11-24 20-27-23.mp4
  2. I would welcome a set of layer merging command in the layer panel i Designer Merge selected Merge visible Merge all Merge down
  3. I bought Affinity Photo not so long ago, came from photoshop. I was wondering how I can merge selected layers? When selecting multiple layers I can only see merge visible.
  4. Last year I bought both Affinity Designer and Photo because of the reviews I saw on the internet and frankly I did not want to miss my opportunity of get rid of Adobe PS and Ai since I only use them to prepare my animation files and some graphic design here and there. My honest opinion is that when the software works it works so well but when it fails it falls on it's stomach, hard! I have a composition with elements I am preparing to export as a PSD but I want to merge every element's building blocks to reduce clatter. You can probably imagine my shock finding out that the merge feature does not work. I can only merge all layers into one layer! I have included a sample file containing two sample elements each made up of many parts which I want to merge into a single layer for each group. I know in the spirit of wanting to help someone will suggest a work around but please consider that I have more 10 such elements in this one composition and I have more compositions. I am hoping that I have missed something. Thanks! Eagle Animation.afphoto
  5. Hi, First time poster, I'm learning Affinity Designer and am very happy with the results so far but ran into something unexpected. I'm trying to merge some shapes and having different results. I've created two sets of shapes, shown below, and tried to merge them with the "Add" button (first one below): When merging the (overlapping) ellipse and rectangle all works as expected -- the border is merged and is around the merged objects. When merging the hexagons things are not working as expected: there are still some lines that are "inside" the merged object. It get much worse when I have 10+ hexagons added together. I can edit the lines and try to remove some of the inner lines but it is too much work and some of the nodes, when deleted, mess up the whole figure. How can I merge the shapes and get rid of the inner lines? The hexagons were created by using the pen tool, snapping to the first point and closing the curve. thanks in advance Rafael
  6. Hi Team, I am having an issue with merging vectors. I am trying to create a grunge layer wich only consists of one big vector. The problem is: While merging the small vectors together, at a certain point the merging process doesn't come to an end. Affinity cannot be used any more at that point. I have to hard quit. Maybe there are too many dots for Affinity Designer. Is there a solution for that? Thanks Tim
  7. Hi, If you divide two overlapping shapes, you get three juxtaposing shapes (two shapes, and one other for the previous intersection). When you merge these back into one shapes in Adobe Illustrator, the merging is clean. But on Affinity designer, it creates a lot of points inside. https://i.imgur.com/e1hq0oB.gifv Is their a workaround for this ? Deleting this inside points manually take quite some time. Of course, the problem is even greater if you merge more shapes. Should I open a Feature Request ? Thanks for your help ! Note : I'm testing trial of Affinity Designer, (Win 10 x64), I'm pretty new to it.
  8. On my iPad Pro 12.9 newest version, I notice that when I duplicate a whole layer or selection from layer, then merge, that I get a loss of resolution. I can regain some of the original resolution by sharpening but that doesn't sound like the ideal way to go. This does not happen on my desktop version of Affinity. This happening to anyone else? Cheers!
  9. I am trying to merge a levels adjustment with my background. The background is a simple black and white drawing, with no other layers currently. every time i try to merge, the program freezes and wont do anything. I have never had this problem before, even when working with more complex documents. My CPU is not capping... its coming to around 60% being used by affinity photo with nothing else running. Not quite sure whats going on. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks!
  10. Hi there, I am new to Affinity Photo and I cannot find an answer or a video tutorial about blending images together. To be more precise, I want to blend two images (side-by-side) together, one image showing an empty room pre-renovation and one image showing the completed, renovated room. I do not want a straight, hard line in the middle but rather a soft, gradient transition between the two images. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  11. I'm using Affinity Photo 1.3.4. Not sure if I'm doing anything wrong or if it's a bug. I highlight two layers to merge together, then I go up to the "Layers" menu and the option to "merge selected" is grayed out. Also if I select one layer and go to the menu option to "merge down" is also great out. The only merge option accessible is "merge visible". Any info is greatly appreciated.

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