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Found 3 results

  1. So after so many lagging issues with DESIGNER under windows 10. I have not reset it, uninstalled it, cleaned the machine, reboot, reinstall, added brushes and with in 3 uses of the program its back to brief lockups, very slow moving of item and slow loading of program. I never had these issues under windows 7. I have now put the first version of 1.6 released to public and it seems to be working better. Whats wrong with the program or what i am doing with it? I never had an issue under Windows 7 pro. But this experience under Windows 10 is terrible. I had issues with PHOTO as well. But reset seemed to fix it for the moment. When I reinstalled the brushes , i did them one at a time and checked..all was good...they are either DAUB brushes or FRANKENTOON...nothing else. PLEASE HELP! Gary
  2. I didn't experience this before 2018. But now starting AD takes ages, like 30+ seconds. I have SSD, 16GB RAM, i7 PC. On two different machines (similar hardware) I got the same problem lately. So after no file loaded, just AD, it occupies about 20% of processor resources and it just starts eating my memory slowly but continuously. Attached images are taken few minutes apart. Any known similar problems or fixes? Thank you. I have a Mac version so I'll try that also...
  3. Hi Affinity, I have really begun to investigate the potential of big panorama creations, so I have begun to shoot overlapping images both horizontal and vertical (also combinations of this). The first outcome from Affinity is usually very good, and I can't see the overlap og the images, but if I need to edit the maskinonge and placement of the images, Affinity Photo starts to eat up all RAM (16 GB), and after that it eats up my hard drive (30+ GB left on the device), until I get warnings of now more disk space, and soon after that I get the beach ball (that will never go away)… I have tried a 28 picture panorama (with probably a little too much overlap between images), and another bigger panorama, and when working in the editor for a while I end up crashing, and loosing all my work… Then there is the semi automatic fashion that the panorama editor works in, that I do not really get. If I manually change the mask of an image, Affinity Photo will recalculate another mask. Than I have to change my mask again, and after quite some trial and errors I might get it right. And unfortunately I don't get it right before the memory crash. Some of my panoramas had pictures rejected as part of them, by the automatic stitching, so it showed me two panoramas to select between, before entering the editor. It has not destroyed a panorama for me, but it was unfortunately an incorrect decision by the software. So I have some requests in the panorama function: - Let me save the state of the editor, so I can load it again and continue on the stitching later. - Let me have a fully manually state of the panorama stitching tool - Even better open the panorama as layers with masks in Affinity Photo - Let me manually select placement of pictures, that Affinity things is not fitting in - Fix the memory leak I have to add, that it looks so promising and good, that this panorama tool is the best I have ever seen and worked with. I have tried to use several others, but they take so long time to master. Affinity Photo panorama is really a great tool!