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Found 24 results

  1. Presently, it appears the Media Browser does not have the ability to change the sort order of the file shown in a folder. This would be extremely helpful, especially when the files are labeled with date and time stamps, so order can be established during the editing process. Presently the order is determined by the slot on the drive itself, which can vary as to order. I would mainly like this in Affinity Photo as that's what I use most, but I suspect the Media Browser is in the suite of desktop apps.
  2. Hello, I enjoy using Affinity Designer, especially for creating assets for online media. However, I would love to see some improvements on the Media Browser in Affinity Designer. It looks like the only way to add folders to the Media Browser is physically dragging a folder from the finder which makes it difficult when using the application at full screen. The Media Browser disappears when I click out from the app. If I make the app window small and try not to click the area outside the app window before dragging the folder, I can barely make it, but I find it's quite frustrating, I hope the Media Browser can be attached to Studio either Left or Right side so that I believe it won't disappear when I click out the app. I also hope there will be a way to add/remove folders from the Media Browser without leaving the app. Thanks, Ko
  3. In Affinity Designer for Mac v1.6.1 on MBP TB 2016 15" running MacOS 10.13.4, when I open the Media Browser, the app crashes. The first time I ever opened it, it crashed instantly. It seemed like after every subsequent re-launch, it took longer to crash each time after opening Media Browser. I wonder if it's related to the size of my Photo Library.... Exception Type: EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION (SIGILL) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000001, 0x0000000000000000 Exception Note: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY Termination Signal: Illegal instruction: 4 Termination Reason: Namespace SIGNAL, Code 0x4 Terminating Process: exc handler [0] Application Specific Information: BUG IN CLIENT OF LIBDISPATCH: Use-after-free of dispatch_semaphore_t or dispatch_group_t Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread 0 libdispatch.dylib 0x00007fff64bd58b8 _dispatch_sema4_signal + 103 1 libdispatch.dylib 0x00007fff64bcda0f _dispatch_semaphore_signal_slow + 39 [ … ]
  4. I am not sure if this should be considered a bug, undesirable behavior, or what, but when a item in an Apple Photos or other Apple Library is opened using the Media Browser or via Sidebar Media > Photos, the "Reveal in Finder" menu item exposes the Photos Library "master" image file (in the Photos Library.photoslibrary/resources/media/master/xx/yy/ folder). According to Apple, users should not alter anything directly in one of its "master" library folders because that can corrupt the library, potentially causing data loss. It is for this reason that in Photos, the 'show file in folder' File menu item is greyed out for items stored in the library, available only for "referenced" items that are stored outside the library folder. So I think AD/AP should do the same thing, or failing that at least show a warning. A related (& potentially more serious) issue, since Affinity sets the default target folder for Open or Save As (or for new documents for Save) dialogs to the one the last file was opened from, for files opened via the Media Browser or sidebar, that master subfolder becomes the default for those operations, even if the file opened from the media/master is just closed without saving it. This makes it much more likely that users will do something that corrupts the library by accident, so some way of excluding library folders from the default targets should be implemented.
  5. This is small request; could the media browser in Affinity Photo and Design be tweaked to allow it to remember the size and position of the window. thanks karl
  6. Hi All, I have a problem opening pictures through Media Browser from an Aperture DB. Does anybody else have this problem?
  7. Would it be possible to have a preview or a thumbnail when we are looking at file in the media browser. Currently we only see a grey boxe and we have to open each file to know what it is...which is really not user friendly if i want to color correct raw file
  8. In the Affinity Designer, the Media browser is a great tool but not so great. There should be 3 more features. 1. Add custom folders by clicking any [+] sign, instead of only dragging folders into it. 2. The folders in thumbnail section are not clickable. only tree expanding is possible to access content inside of folder. Please make folders click able and add [back] and [up] buttons too. (I'm sure you understand what i mean) 3. Also add a small option of sort by [name],,[date],[type] etc. There is a bug too.. If we right click on Folders' thumbnail. we see two options. "open" and "view in finder". That Open only blanks the thumbnail view B)
  9. When you have AD and AP installed, it would be nice if when you add a folder into the Media Browser in one app it would also be available in the Media Browser in the other app. EDIT: also, I didn't even realize that AD or AP had this until today - it's a GREAT addition...would be nice if it could be a lockable window also...when I tab to Finder, the window disappears from AD/AP which is unusual and makes the drag/drop awkward as it won't appear again until AD/AP gets focus again.
  10. In the Affinity Designer, the Media browser is a great tool but not so great. There should be 3 more features. 1. Add custom folders by clicking any [+] sign, instead of only dragging folders into it. 2. The folders in thumbnail section are not clickable. only tree expanding is possible to access content inside of folder. Please make folders click able and add [back] and [up] buttons too. (I'm sure you understand what i mean) 3. Also add a small option of sort by [name],,[date],[type] etc. 4. Please add keyboard arrows use too.. to browse in tree menu / thumbnail. There is a bug too.. I will also post this into BUGS section. If we right click on Folders' thumbnail. we see two options. "open" and "view in finder". That Open only blanks the thumbnail view B)
  11. Dear Friends, I am just bought Affinity. Obviously I am new to it. I have done a lot of Photoshop. Is there a tutorial for using the media browser? I was unable to find one. Thanks.
  12. Could you please allow items parsed by the Media Browser to be dragged into or added to a new image stack. Items found in the Aperture or Photos library do not seem accessible when creating a new stack, only items/images from normal folders - not databases. Thank you.
  13. I am really creasy about my workflow and structure in my folder and media browser. What is, when I dislike my structure in the media browser? I know you can delete the folder by ctrl + klick on the folder, but some people did not find this hiding function. Could we make it easier? Could you integrate the delete function in the media browser as an icon like the >>trashcan<<? Cheers DAD
  14. I am working with Affinity Photo and Lightroom. I would like to save layered tiff or psd dokuments in AP, so that i can find them and work on them back in Lightroom. AP is not able to do that. So i have to save my pictures in afphoto-format. But now there is no way to find my pictures again besides from the Finder. Even the AP-own Media Browser does not show afphoto-files!!! How can that be? Is there a media browser in the market, that let´s me find my afphoto-pictures again? Thanx..
  15. Couple of things that I found myself wanting to do with the Media Browser... 1. I wanted to be able to see (at the very least) my other AD documents so I could place them into a project as an embedded doc. Currently it looks like the Media Browser only sees images like .jpeg and .png. 2. I would love to be able to dock the media browser for easier asset access. Cheers
  16. Remove the simple media browser from Affinity that is useless and create a new piece of software like a mini LightRoom where it is possible to do things like: - Browse your photos placed on medias like a NAS - Import pictures from camera and pick photos to keep and remove duplicate pictures after they have been compared and rated - Adjust RAW settings - Integrate it closely to Affinity so it is easy to edit marked photos I am really missing this to make my workflow better. Apples Photo does not help me and LightRoom works best with PS. /Michael
  17. In the media browser,the Aperture library shows up on it.When I click on it ,nothing happens ( I have a lot of things in the Aperture library).When I click on pictures,files that are in the finder open up. I fiqure it's a setting in Aperture that I probably have wrong.Thanks MEB and J Fisher for your help so far.I'm getting close!
  18. Am I doing something wrong here? Media Browser in neither MAS Designer or MAS Photo will show the previews for .afdesign files or .afphoto files. It shows everything else (well, except for RIFF, but I didn't expect that) but no design or photo images are showing up. It also does not show .svg files. I don't really use Media Browser so I'm not sure if this is something new.
  19. That's it. Follows the long story, which you may not need to read to answer my above question :-) Hopefully I'll explain myself clear. And thanks in advance! Muchas gracias! I have been for the last year or so running a solution combo that includes Apple Aperture and Pixelmator, after abandoning Adobe Photoshop... which I used in my practice since v1.0. I am currently trying to include Affinity Photo in my workflow. Yes, I can tell Aperture to open files in Affinity, but it is super cumbersome to have to use the Save As... command in order to save the .PDS file that Aperture sends to APh. APh won't defaults to the file's origin folder, etc. So, I'm trying to test the Media Browser in the hope the workflow may be more streamlined. Now, strangely, Affinity Photo (APh) shows in the Media Browser an old Aperture Library that I used to run in a drive that's not even running anymore. The Aperture Library resides in an external drive, not in the "blessed" Pictures folder. Have any of you run into this situation? How do I point a Media Browser to an Aperture Library located elsewhere but in the "blessed" Pictures folder? Would you kindly help a fella? Yours, Cesar Alsina www.cesaralsina.com | www.graphicbiz.biz
  20. The media browser in Affinity Photo will not load pictures from Aperture or Photos, it does show their libraries and names blank thumbnails, but I can neither see the image or select it to work on- it will not load. I can however right click the blank image and then select it from finder. Also, I can not drag an image in directly from the Photos app, but if I drop it on the desk top first I can drag it into Affinity Photo. I can drag and drop from Aperture. Running OS X 10.10.4 - Mid 2011 27" iMac 20gb ram
  21. When opening an image in the Photos library, is there a way to select the RAW instead of the JPEG?
  22. Photo does not have permission to access my Photos folder. How do I fix this?
  23. In the Media Browser, if you drag a folder that contains an extension as part of its name, the extensions is not displayed. I have multiple Pictures.* folders for assorted purposes, but the Media Browser only shows "Pictures" for all of those folders.
  24. Are there any plans on adding the ability to view .eps and .svg files in the media browser?
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