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Found 34 results

  1. I have an issue concerning overriding text of Master Pages. I created a document with a Master Page including two text frames: one with a static text set in my Master Page (text is the same on all my pages) and one I override with my own content in each pages. I wanted to reuse and translate my document to get a few model documents in different languages. So I modified the language of my Master Page's text frames and I noticed that: - for my static text frame: the language has actually changed in all pages - for the other text frame (the one I completed with my own content on each pages): the language hasn't change. I noticed the same problem with other properties like text colour for instance: I couldn't find how to apply a text colour to all my text frames by modifying the one in master page if the text has already been edited in the different pages. One solution could be applying the Master Page to my pages once again but if I do that I lose all the text I have previously added. Does anyone know if it is possible and how to do that? How to automatically override text frames properties without deleting the text on the different pages? Thank you for your help.
  2. Hello, Im designing a little booklet and i encountered an issue: One left page is moved to right... but design applied from master page didn't changed... Is this normal? I have a little different design for left pages and for right pages. I expected the elements auto change when page 2 become page 3 and auto change the pages below :D I'm using Mac version 1.7.1 Thanks in advance. Best regards!!
  3. Hi, I'm currently laying out a directory for my organization and am hitting a bit of a bump. I set up pages for each of our staff member's reports, all using the same master page spread with left and right facing pages and a single text box on both pages. Because some of the reports are shorter, I can sometimes combine two on a single page, deleting the unneeded page. But this then messes up the layout on every page below that deleted section because in the layout what had been right pages are on the left, and vice versa (which is a problem because the inner margin is wider than the outer margin). I can apply a master page to these pages - which fixes the layout but deletes the current content. If I unchecking "replace existing" my current content remains, but UNDER the applied master page. Is there any way to update the master page layout so the existing content is updated with the correct layout?
  4. I am making a calendar template. Is there a way to change the font of the month on the master page and it will then leave the words typed on subsequent pages but changes only the font? TIA
  5. Hi, Is there a way to store or reuse Master Pages created for another document. I have a header and footer that I use for multiple documents and would like both the header master and footer master available to use for new documents instead of having to drag the images from assets each time and recreate both masters.
  6. Large document with a standard 2-page spread. I decided to add a single page to the document just after a verso (left) page. This moves all the following pages down to different positions (recto becomes verso and vice versa, etc.). In the process, the following happened (again - reported in Beta too). The Master pages have a left-hand section name, a right-hand section name, and a left-hand and a right-hand page numbers (so the Master shows that data at the extreme left and right of the individual pages in the spreads, normally). This is standard practice for many book types - keeping that information away from the spine area. After adding that single page, most of the following pages switch the side of the page the Master A affected so instead of being on the left, the left-hand page had data near the middle of the spread at the spine. And vice versa for right-hand pages - all information at the center by the spine now. It's fairly easy to reapply the Masters and all is well again. It would be ideal if the s/w did that automatically. The next thing that happened after adding that single page is that some (not all) of the background images (all of them full page arranged at the Back) were sometimes pulled to the "Front" (Arrangement...) instead of being at the "Back." So the Master Page Section Names and Page Numbers became invisible (hidden behind the image). Again, fairly simple to click each and push them to the Back again but easy to miss that unexpected change. Finally, the last page in the sequence lost its Section name (just vanished from the Section editor so I had to manually enter it in again). The unintended moving of background images forward can also happen if 2 pages are inserted after a recto page in a 2-page spread. It seems random and not every following page exhibits the image problem. However, this is a consistent and repeatable problem that has always made these unwanted changes in the past. You can use my previously uploaded "large" document for the testing - it's what I'm working on.
  7. I have attempted to lay out my Higher Functioning Autistic Spectrum Communication Guide on Affinity Publisher. The results are interesting. I love the control this package gives me over typography and the excellent column guides facility. I hope you like the results although I still have a lot to learn. Added a slight edit to give the poetry a separate demarcation on page two. I used the rectangle tool with reduced opacity and placed the rectangle behind that particular column. I was surprised to find that the 'send to back' function actually sent the rectangle behind the layers which were on the Master Pages and not just on the current page. So I had to send it back one layer instead. I'm used to a slightly different functionality on PagePlus but I'm sure I'll adapt. Aspergers Information.pdf
  8. Hello. Any ideas? I created a logo on a master page and then created pages using the master page. Looked OK but after saving, closing and reopening the file, some of the pages looked like this (2nd picture) and saved as a pdf like this too. I spent ages re-doing the master page but it didn't solve the problem. I had to place the logo on each individual page in the end. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Is it a bug and if so please fix it ASAP?
  9. Dear Affinity Staff, I need to create page-type hyperlinks on the master page. Once I create them, I can see the hyperlinks on the "hyperlinks studio" but once I export to PDF (yes with the hyperlinks option checked), the links do not work correctly. Some work and some don't. Even more frustrating, the ones that work or not work, keep changing on every export. I've had this problem for months, on multiple files and on all Publisher versions I've tested. It is the only reason I still pay for InDesign! Please provide me with a link so that I can share the editable file with you. My process to create the hyperlinks is: I make a shape with Rectangle tool, then: Text > Interactive > Insert Hyperlink > Select the page number I'm attaching the exported PDF, I use a red tint to make the rectangles visible. In this example, I made 8 rectangles/hyperlinks and on this particular PDF, 3 work and 5 don't. I am on Mac 10.14.5 and currently on Affinity 1.7.1 Thanks! HoboCousin-MidYear-19-20-Monday.pdf
  10. Hello, I think I have a problem with the field panel. What I am trying to do is to insert some section name in the master page, so I am creating a new text frame at the bottom of the page, and open the field panel and double click on the "section name" area. Now the insert text cursor appear correctly, but when I double click on the section name nothing happens (no grey tone changes, no acknowledgment of my clicking) Note that I am able to insert a page number (see screenshot) via the text>insert>field>page number, but I can't insert a page number by using the panel.
  11. See attached Publisher file, page 4. It has a yellow diamond shape that is part of the "English text" layer created on a master page. The object was created on page 4, where it is automatically placed outside of the master page layers, but then manually cut and pasted within the text, so that it gets embedded in the master page's English text layer. The objet can subsequently be defined as inline/non-inline, and its wrap settings can be specified. Everything works fine until I make some changes on other pages (at least on the master page, e.g., set the "English text" layer invisible, etc.). When I come back the diamond shape can no longer be selected (other than from the Layers palette, but while the selection rectangle appears, nothing applied to the "selected" object itself takes effect, and the object cannot be deleted, either). Another problem is that the shape's text wrap settings affect to text on other layers, even if the layer containing the shape is hidden on the master page. The file is an experiment to try to work around the problem of not having global layers available (so this is simulated by creating layers on the master page with linked text frames that allow the layer to automatically be copied on multple pages, and set visible/invisible in one go in the whole document), so probably not "intended use". But if the mentioned problem could be fixed, this would be a clever way to have graphic objects included on master page layers (but NOT as an object on master page itself) as non-inlined objects (as if anchored to the text frame). EDIT: Noticed afterwards that this is intended behaviour. It is possible to edit the "ghost" object by selecting the Master page item on the Layers palette of the related page and then choose Edit detached from the context menu. This is actually a very useful feature and helpful when trying to simulate behaviour of global layers. The text wrap problem however still exists (ot at least I have not figured out yet how to disable the effect). test_03.afpub
  12. Hi...Designer Newbie here.... (obviously). I'd like to create a basic footer on a master page in Publisher that includes the document title, (left justified), a page x of y (right justified), and a rule above the text. Something like: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Document Title Page 5 of 9 I've been fiddling with a one line table, and just putting in the text without a table...but how can I get the rule? Or is there a better way altogether to do a footer? Thanks. --- Larry
  13. To reproduce the error: Set up a document with facing pages, starting and ending with single pages. Make a master page with items on left and right pages of spread. Now insert a single page or move the last page before the double pages. The master page items are now swapped left to right on the double page. Adding more pages increase the confusion. Document attached as example. LRSwap.afpub
  14. When I add a hyperlink (go to page type) on a master page, none of the pages using this master gets updated unless I re-apply the master. Once I re-apply the master, the links start working on all pages but it creates a Hyperlink for each page so I end up with hundreds of hyperlinks in the studio panel.
  15. I have changed the master pages of a document, adding a bleed and changes margin, guides and page size. After applying the changes the page numbers are in a strange position, from page two onward, due to the fact that those pages kept the old page size 216mm instead of the new 210mm width, and 156 instead of 148 mm in height. Removed the spread to see if it was the bleed that did it. But see the attached document, no result. It looks like that when you change the page size in the master you have to do it manually in the document? Regards Mat bug test .afpub
  16. Hi, I've got a Master page with Page numbers a some decor. It's applied to all other Master pages. I can't modify (external) margin of this Master pages first. Or APub closes. I need to modify all other MP's margin first, and after this I can modify those Master pages' margin. (I don't know if the margin error — different value — come from the new Bêta, but all my Text frames are based on the margin I want to restore.) 62f8c8ba-b93f-42e2-baef-3c8bfc732282.dmp a478b9b6-18f0-406b-9e5f-14084558dea1.dmp 5fd1d024-700d-41a8-b07c-cfc58f7e3298.dmp
  17. Hi, here it is my suggestion we talk about. I would like to see all elements on Master Pages to be editable in document spreads as it is possible in Quark (without taking any additional action).
  18. Hi there! My goal is to use a master page with empty picture frames on it. Later these frames are supposed to be filled on regular pages. However, some of them need some treatment after beeing imported, be it a levels adjustment or something else. And here my problem starts. Lets have a closer look: Create a new document with any number of pages and use a default master page. Go to the master page and create two empty picture frames. Apply this master to all of your regular pages. Go to one oft he regular pages, select one of the picture frames and click on „replace image“. Choose an appropriate image from your disk. Repeat this for the second picture frame. Now select one of the images and apply any adjustment filter, e.g. „Brightness + Contrast“. Once applied I can’t remove the adjustment any more! I can’t even tweak the settings any more or switch off the adjustment - no matter what layer I select in the layers panel. Am I doing something wrong? I’ve attached a file to demonstrate the problem. Perhaps it’s just me… Best, Volker problem-with-pic-frames.afpub
  19. With the new update Publisher has been crashing when I try to edit master pages. So far is has crashed for: Duplicate a master page, double-click new one to edit Applying a master page to another master page
  20. I have two Publisher documents that I would like to merge, or certain pages (a whole document of regular pages, master pages or any variation) that I'd like to add / import from one into the other document. Again, any variation on it being a full Publisher document, a PDF or just master pages, but I'd like some way to re-use master pages without having to do a document A copy, open Document B to paste, then back to Document A to copy next master and back to Document B to paste ... times however many master pages etc that I have. Thanks!
  21. It's a tremendous step forward to have text frames in master pages. However, I would prefer a finer control of each text frame in master pages. Instead of switching to the page view to change their behaviour (Edit Detached, Edit Linked, Edit Frame Content, Lock) I would prefer to set these options on an individual text frame on master pages. These controls, in fact, could/should be moved to the Text Frame Studio. This would allow us to have finer control over each text frame. When designing Master pages we more or less know which frames can be locked, linked or detached, etc. This would afford us great flexibility and mimic QXP or inDesign behaviour or something in between.
  22. Affinity Publisher on a German Windows 7 (64bit) behaves as follows: After creating a new document with single pages and checking its page margins with the Spread Setup, the corresponding fields are labeled Left margin and Right margin, which is logical. This is also the case when checking the margins of the first master page. Fine. Additionally, it is only possible to add masters with a single page. Fine. The behaviour stays logical when creating a new document with facing pages: The spread setup for the first document page and the first (facing) master both show the labes Inner margin and Outer margin. Fine. It gets stranger when adding masters into the facing-page document: Here, adding a single and a facing master can be selected, and whatever is selected, the corresponding labels show Inner margin and Outer margin. I would have thought that adding a single master would mean left and right margins, but this isn't shown... It gets even more strange when now changing the facing-page document into a single-page document with the Document Setup: After doing this, the Spread Setup of both normal and master pages show left margin and right margin (fine), but the Add Master dialog still shows Inner margin and Outer margin, even though it correctly forbids the choice between single or facing pages. Let's try the other way around: Create a single-page document and later convert it to facing pages. Now, the Add Master dialog only shows the labels Left margin and Right margin, independent of the selected choice for single or facing. It seems that the results of all the above operations, meaning the final look of the applied master pages, are what I myself would expect (that's a relief): Left and right margins for single master pages and outer and inner margins for facing master pages. Wonderful. Therefore, it appears that really only the labeling of the horizontal margin fields in the Add master dialog sometimes is wrong - and at least managed to greatly confuse me for a time... Andreas Weidner
  23. When I create a master page spread, and then apply that master page to my test document, items from the right page are always visible – even if the next right page is using a different master or if there isn't a right page at all! It's a bit weird, is this normal behavior? Am I missing something or is this a bug? I've attached a photo.
  24. Good morning, Is there a way to have nested master pages, where modification in 1 master page affects other master pages? For instance, I have one master page that defines the background and other master pages that contains the picture frames and text box. I want to change the background, without having to change the master pages that use this background individually. Thanks
  25. Changing name of duplicated master pages only works with final RETURN, not by clicking outside, like in Windows explorer Topic umbenennen.mp4