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Found 2 results

  1. I start read Photo Manual and I can't find information about massive RAW development with batch processing. I'm new in app so I maybe wrong, but it's look like I can open RAW file, but is limited to File > Open and I don't have option open all files in folder with navigation mode (next / previous file) for massive edditing. What I want 1. Select folder or files in folder - at once above 200 RAW files 2. Open it all above 200 RAW files in Affinity Photo without crash 3. Develop RAW one by one fx. I start develop RAW file no 1, next file no 2, next file no 3, ..., next file no 241 with posibility turn back to previous file and for example delete file from harddisk (remove scene duplicates) or change develop setting 4. When I set RAW settings in Develop Persona I want next set: a ) the same file name for output file fx. mountain- b ) set output folder fx. "my vacation" c ) set dimension, DPI, format etc. for all files but by setting it once fx. 300DPI 1024x768 JPG d ) export all files by one click Result: In folder "my vacation" I have output above 240 JPGs with 1024x768px dimension, 300DPI etc. with file convention mountain-001.jpg, mountain 002.jpg, mountain-003.jpg,..., mountain-241.jpg. Question How do that in Affinity? Is it a posibility work in Adobe Lightroom style in this app? Comment My question is not about posibility develop RAW, because Affinity Photo do that, but about massive edition. At this scenario I have 200-600 RAW files and I want edit them all in Affinity at once but without openning files in parts of fx. 20 RAW files, but with proceed in queue. For more explenation my question I publish video with what I want and I get in Adobe Lightroom here. As you can see in the window part below I get thumbnails of RAW files. When I click on them I can switch to another RAW file and develop it. If I want I can go back and change setting of RAW. When I set in Develop all settings I simply use Export. On this window I set what I want, press export and go drink tea when Lightroom do rest.
  2. After sugestion from topic I would see easy massive RAW file development. My idea ilustrated this video. In short Fast add new file and then quick change them to working with it. Difference what is in the clip 1. The more simple explorer without sorting, tagging and more complicated managment 2. Persona style development Idea Easy navigation next/previous RAW file Delete RAW from dialog Set preset in Affinity Photo when I develop RAW and then using Export Persona set output fx. the same name "holidays_" and with batch name like holidays_001.jpg, holidays_002.jpg and the same settings like output format, compression etc. Option make custom library of preset like B&W, sepia, infrared etc. Remove from app - delete from list to develop but not physicaly delete file Copy settings (preset) from one RAW to another - fx. I set sepia and invert colours with curves. I don't have to set this on another RAW from scratch but I can simply use preset for similar photo development / actual develop setting - past/copy RAW preset. Using macros to manipulation of file fx. add the same watermark for all output files based on logo from Affinity Designer to each opened RAW file Quick preview - on T520 with 16GB DDR3 RAM / HD 3000, i7-2620M loading 7 PEF RAW take about ~8 min. Fast switch to another RAW file - at the same machine change to next it's about 30sec-1minutes minimum. Difference from Lightroom style app No more any advanced catalogue option in app, only quick switch to next / previous file App without extra option like photo book, manage, slideshow What makes difference Lightroom in plus ? Faster switch to another files - simply click on them Easy way to set few file to the same name / output template (like JPG with 85% compression in dimension 1024x768 etc.) and output folder Better PEF RAW loading time Better preview when I'm working with few files Where Lightroom has limitation? Fast remove part of picture, add text, simple effect in one app without changing to another Manager / navigation feature cost space to preview image No more advanced tools to quick adjust image Where Affinity Photo has adavantage? It's easy to use more advanced tool without changing app Simple switch between basic tools and advanced tools depending what you want Where Affinity Photo has disadvantage? Performance - in my case app is stucking. I change fx. White Ballance and I'm waiting few sec or more to see result what I do in app Change another RAW file to working with it takes too much time No preview - select file to working is troublesome - if you have few images and you want select one you have to use another app or Microsoft Windows RAW preview plugin to comfortable selection. It is faster and simpler. Scenarios in RAW mass development missed in Affinity Photo Quick select one file from few RAW to more deep development in app when files was opened Working with similar RAW file and exchange preset or current adjustments to another file Massive export few files in the same category fx. create folder portrait and put all working file in one click Summary At the same machine with running e-mail client in background I have comfortable RAW working in Lightroom. On the finish I only set name, catalogue and after processing I get more output files in the same time than in Affinity Photo. I am limited to external app to choose RAW file. Performance lack make a deal to my productivity.