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Found 49 results

  1. How can I transform a selection? In Adobe Photoshop the action was performed by creating a marquee selection and then hitting "Command-T" This would allow me to stretch an area thus removing an unwanted area. Thanks in advance!
  2. In PS I would select marquee tool over section of an image, and with the movement tool I could move that part of the image within the marquee dotted shape wherever I wanted to in the layer. I am having difficulty doing the same in AP, I have tried several options to make it work but without success, it must be able to be done. Please advise.
  3. When using the rectangular marquee tool, sometimes I know the exact pixel dimensions that I need to be selecting. I would like to have the ability to specify a selection box size and/or ratio, rather than simply dragging an area.
  4. Hello. Having consigned my CC account to the trash can, I am now learning to use Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. My question concerns the addition of a stroke to the selection marquee. I have searched the forums and cannot find any answer and wonder if a more experienced user of Affinity Photo can help me. Photoshop had a very simple method by which a stroke could be applied to any selection marquee. This was a really useful feature and I used it regularly for highlighting salient features of images which I had included in presentations, where the images would be included to illustrate important points in the discussion. I would like to know what sequence of events I should follow in Affinity Photo when applying a coloured stroke to a selection marquee. Thank you for your assistance.
  5. Hello, I am having trouble with the Marquee tool. When I make a circle holding shift to make it perfect it wont stay in the corner I click and becomes offset as I drag outward. If it stayed at the point of click and dragged out I could match it perfectly with the circle I am trying to protect and erase around. Since the entire position of the circle moves around for some reason instead of having a stationary anchor point I have to resize it (common scene, please fix and make points anchor to were they are actually clicked.). But when I resize the circle the whole background image resizes, but this is the opposite of what I want, I want to perimeter the circle over top and match the circumference. I unchecked the boxes, put marquee on its own layer, I've tried work around still not working and frustrated... All I want to do is make a marquee circle and resize JUST THE MARQUEE CIRCLE not the selection, background or anything, don't want to add subtract or anything fancy...Just resize...this should be so straight forward and simple, and yet.....*sigh* I should have just got Photoshop... Why this this not straight forward and simple? Why can't i just use the pointer tool to resize the Marquee to th size I want without affecting the original picture. Please make it so that the marquee circle (and squares and yes all the marquees.....) stays in its anchor where clicked and drags from there. This would save so much frustration and resizing issues. Affinity Photo is great but designer is a far ways from any kind of workable program, Im very disappointed in how buggy the designer is compared to the photo. Default black for text and outlines are brown and not black.....Gotta change them every time......Come on guys pick up those boot straps and make designer as good as photo because the way designer stands.......its....well kinda garbage and lacks a lot of common scene elements and features. Come on guys please do better make designer as good as photo.
  6. Hi guys, How do I copy a pixel selection? In Fireworks you simply draw a shape with the marquee tool, hit Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, and the pixel selection is copied. How can I do this in Affinity? The help file doesn't seem to explain this. Thanks
  7. Hi, In Affinity Photo there is no way to crop using a Marquee selection. The only way to crop is by using the Cropping tool. Can we have a similar option that is available in most other photo/image editors where you can "Crop to Selection". Quite often it is quicker just to use a marquee selection that to mess around with the handles of the Crop Tool. Thanks, Jay.
  8. mariner

    Polygon Marquee Tool

    I am currently using version on my iPad I make a selection using the Sampled Colour Tool then tick the box at the bottom. I then go to the Polygon Marquee Tool (on subtract) to cut out any unwanted selections. On the first pass t subtracts perfectly. However, if I have missed something and go back it does not seem to want to subtract any more. Please advise - thanks
  9. Hi, In Photoshop there has always been the automatic ability to drag a Marquee around an area of an image in a layer to isolate it. After dragging a marquee around the area, pressing a cursor key would immediately snap the marquee around the area snugly (Even anti-aliased as you'd expect). This then allows you constrain your painting to be within the marquee selected area. I believe you can also do this in Gimp also by using the Float option (It's been a while since I used it). Thanks, Jay.
  10. Hey there, I was wondering how i can do such things with the marquee tool in affinity photo
  11. Hello guys! Not sure if this has been reported before. I looked it up on the forums but no results. Anyways, the issue is that the move tool shows offset the marquee selection. This happened whilst selecting a portion of a image and move it. Many thanks!
  12. Zoom in to >2000%, use marquee rectangle selection, start a selection with 'Force pixel alignment' and 'Move by whole numbers' set to ON, press shift and at certain cursor positions width won't equal height by 1 pixel.
  13. I love Affinity Designer, please keep up the good work. It's coming along nicely, but I have run into some basic usability issues that significantly slow down my workflow. I think these would be useful for most users. Please add some form of vector trace - I am still keeping other vector apps for just this 1 feature. The Selection Marquee can’t select layers within groups - can this be added as an option or to the direct selection tool. With large documents, finding and selecting multiple layers really slows down the workflow. When ungrouping from a hidden group the layers don’t become hidden (which I would prefer) and I have to do that manually. Can they stay hidden by default unless I unhide the group and then ungroup, Can I change the highlight colour In Export tab When zoomed out with alot of slices. I can’t tell which slices I have chosen unless I have them all both selected and ticked. Please enable macros - this would be useful for many repetitive tasks making long shadows for example Again thanks for a great application. These are just suggestions (apart from number 1).
  14. Why is it not possible to make a selection using the marquee tool and copy and paste that area to a new pixel layer with alpha surround that new object? //EDIT: is it only possible on a pixel layer?
  15. In PS you can hold down the shift key when drawing a marquee to move it. This is really handy when drawing ellipses where it's really difficult to locate the first point. Good in other shapes too! Could we have this one please? Pretty please? Thank you so much.
  16. Hi, Loving Affinity Designer so far! It's sleek, fast, and does a great job at everything it does. I am curious about one aspect of selection, though. Let's say I have 2 vector shapes. I do the following steps: Select on one shape Hold shift and drag a select box around the shapes As expected, it inverts the selection of all objects I drag over. If the object wasn't selected, it is now selected. If the object was previously selected, the dragged box deselects it. That works great, and is desirable sometimes. But there are also times when it's super important to be able to hold shift and only add objects. For example, if you have a bunch of overlapping shapes you need to select, but they're also arranged around another set of shapes you don't want to select, there's currently no good way to combine selections. For example: What if I want to select all of the red and yellow objects, but not the blue objects? Is there currently any way to easily do that?
  17. I've read the help pages and watched tutorials. I just can't seem to find how to correctly constrain a circle or square using the marquee tools (gesture with a second finger). Any help further explaining this would be appreciated. Please be detailed since the other help sources do not fully explain how to do this. Thanks.
  18. Hi, I'm enjoying Affinity Photo, but the main reason I find myself having to use Photoshop now is the lack of Fixed Ratio and Fixed Size style options for the rectangular selection marquee. I use these all the time, and would really appreciate having this functionality added to AP :) Cheers and thanks!
  19. When you make a selection (using the marquee tool) on a layer and subsequently copy that selection, everything works fine. See photos ‘Capture20’ and ‘Capture21’. But, when you change the size of the selection, by using quick masque and the move tool, the chosen selection is copied incorrectly. See photos ‘Capture22’, ‘Capture23’, ‘Capture24’, ‘Capture25’ and ‘Capture26’.
  20. sterlingk

    Marquee tool issues

    I am trying to change eye color, like I saw in the Youtube tutorial. I selected the first eye, and I used the CTRL key to try to select the second eye (as instructed in the YouTube video). It would not allow me to make a second marquee while using the CTRL key. I tried using shift, alt and other mouse keys without positive results. I finally gave up and changed one of the eyes colors, and then went to try to do the other eye. I draw the Marquee and within 2 seconds of drawing it, it disappears. I closed the program and tried again and it still would not work. What I found odd, is I can make another shaped marquee, but once I make one of those- I cannot make a second one. Am I doing something wrong or is there a glitch? I cannot figure this out and it is very frustrating.
  21. I have an intermittent problem, where I cannot make a selection on my image using any of the selection tools (e.g. Rectangular Selection, Magic Wand, Freeform Selection). I am on a "Pixel" layer, and not an "Image" layer. I can select the tool, and draw my selection, and while I am drawing the selection I can see the marching ants, however when I let go of the mouse, there is no selection. I have to save my document and close Affinity Photo then r-open the file. I have checked the obvious things that I can think of, including: * Have I selected the "Pixel" layer (yes - and this is the only layer in my file) * Have I tried toggling the menu option View > Show Pixel Selection (yes, several times) * Is my selection mode set to "New" ot "Add", and not "Subtract" or "Intersect" (yes, I always set it to "New") I can't think of anything else it might be. I am running version on Windows 10 Home 64bit. My compter is well above the minimum reccommended spec.
  22. A few tips on this highlighting the shortcuts available in particular when using marquee select:
  23. Hello, I'm new to Affinity Photo. I'm trying to make a marquee selection, centered on the starting point. In Photoshop i did this using the ⌘ modifier, but in Affinity Photo that's reserved to subtract to the selection. How can I accomplish this? Thank you in advance.
  24. I recently downloaded Affinity designer and I am trying to simply edit an image. I can't seem to find the marquee tool. What I am trying to do is; Drag/select an area of the image or background. Cut that section out, and replace it with a new graphic or paste in a new image. Is this possible with affinity designer?
  25. Is there a way to use the elliptical and rectangular marquee tools and have them expand from the center of your initial click? I would think holding a modifier key would allow for this but I can't seem to find any combination that works. Thanks for any help!