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Found 37 results

  1. A plug-in for Quick Look. Not a good idea, Serif?
  2. I have a photo that I am trying to do three things to: Crop an advertising poster out Fix the extreme perspective skew Fill in the missing part of one corner I know that AP can do all of these things, but I cannot seem to get past step 1. I did succeed in the first step using the selection brush. I know that the perspective tool is supposed to help in the second step, but I must be doing something wrong. The project file is attached; I hope someone can help. Thanks! Sign up.afphoto
  3. maschinsky

    Failed to open File

    I have Affinity Designer (1.6.1) installed on my iMacPro (macOS 10.13.4) and I can't open files anymore that I have created just a few weeks ago. I always get an "Failed to open file" error. "This file could not be opened because permission was denied." The file is on a NAS from which I can open it with no problem from my MacBookPro (macOS 10.13.4) no matter wether I connect via NFS, AFP or SMB. I tried to copy the file locally off the NAS, but I still get the same error. I deleted and re-istalled Affinity Designer, but it still does not work. What can I do? Please help!
  4. Spoiler: This is not a question, but something MUCH better! I was in the Mac App Store to check for updates, and I was very pleased to see which apps are ranked #3 and #9 top grossing apps: It is so good to see this, that I could not NOT share it here. Congratulations!
  5. I can't get the download to work. It's been trying for over 5 hours. What do I do?
  6. Hi there, most of the time, I like to work with Affinity Designer/Photo in fullscreen mode. Sometimes however, I have multiple images that I need to compare while editing them, mainly to match white balance, exposure and so on because for example the images are intended to be placed on the same page of a magazine. Since Affinity applications have a tabbed interface and won't allow me to display multiple images side by side or get a tiled view while in Single Window Mode, I have to switch to Separated Mode in those cases. The problem I have is this: The menu item Window > Separated Mode is greyed out while the application is fullscreen. This means that switching to Separated Mode always becomes a two-step process for me. I have to leave fullscreen first with one command and then activate Separated Mode with another command. The question I have is: why? Wouldn't it be much easier if turning on Separated Mode would automatically exit fullscreen if necessary? Or am I missing something why it can't work this way? Best regards kaffeeundsalz
  7. Hi there, I love using Affinity photo, but I am missing one point with Details Refinement. In Lightroom it is possible to press the ALT-key while changing the masking slider. This gives you a masking / kind of high pass view of the sharpening that is applyed. I can't find a method to do that in Affinity Photo. Is that function missing or am I missing something? Any plans for a feature like that. Besides that, what's your workflow with Detail Refinement (RAW development)? What values are you set fixed, what is variable afterwards? What are your indications for sharpening the image appropriately? Any tips are highly appreciated! Thanks and best, David
  8. Every time I try to open a PDF in Affinity Designer, the PDF Options dialog appears and a second or so the program closes. There is no Crash report or anything. This happens on dragging a PDF into tho open software, dragging a PDF onto the icon the the Dock and opening a PDF via the menu File -> Open… . I had this issue a time ago. A complete reinstallation did the job. But I don’t want to reinstall the whole program every time this bug appears … System Information: macOS 10.13.3 MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports) 3,1 GHz Intel Core i5 8 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 Affinity Designer 1.6.0 Here is the complete log from the macOS Console: error 08:27:46.524665 +0100 Affinity Designer AEGetDescData of non-desc type 'reco' not a good idea default 08:27:47.432327 +0100 Affinity Designer Failed to resolve bookmark 7f7f6fcc0000 with error: <private> default 08:27:47.468620 +0100 Affinity Designer Failed to resolve bookmark 7f7f6fcc0000 with error: <private> default 08:27:47.483443 +0100 Affinity Designer Failed to resolve bookmark 7f7f6fcc0000 with error: <private> default 08:27:47.498816 +0100 Affinity Designer Failed to resolve bookmark 7f7f6fcc0000 with error: <private> default 08:27:47.514036 +0100 Affinity Designer Failed to resolve bookmark 7f7f6fcc0000 with error: <private> default 08:27:47.528478 +0100 Affinity Designer Failed to resolve bookmark 7f7f6fcc0000 with error: <private> default 08:27:47.548900 +0100 Affinity Designer Failed to resolve bookmark 7f7f6fcc0000 with error: <private> default 08:27:47.560665 +0100 Affinity Designer Failed to resolve bookmark 7f7f6fcc0000 with error: <private> default 08:27:47.571987 +0100 Affinity Designer Failed to resolve bookmark 7f7f6fcc0000 with error: <private> default 08:27:47.583434 +0100 Affinity Designer Failed to resolve bookmark 7f7f6fcc0000 with error: <private> default 08:27:47.596657 +0100 Affinity Designer Failed to resolve bookmark 7f7f6fcc0000 with error: <private> default 08:27:47.610172 +0100 Affinity Designer Failed to resolve bookmark 7f7f6fcc0000 with error: <private> default 08:27:47.626904 +0100 Affinity Designer Failed to resolve bookmark 7f7f6fcc0000 with error: <private> default 08:27:47.641909 +0100 Affinity Designer Failed to resolve bookmark 7f7f6fcc0000 with error: <private> default 08:27:47.657102 +0100 Affinity Designer Failed to resolve bookmark 7f7f6fcc0000 with error: <private> default 08:27:47.669823 +0100 Affinity Designer Failed to resolve bookmark 7f7f6fcc0000 with error: <private> default 08:27:47.683075 +0100 Affinity Designer Failed to resolve bookmark 7f7f6fcc0000 with error: <private> default 08:27:47.697862 +0100 Affinity Designer Failed to resolve bookmark 7f7f6fcc0000 with error: <private> default 08:27:47.715920 +0100 Affinity Designer Failed to resolve bookmark 7f7f6fcc0000 with error: <private> default 08:27:47.731908 +0100 Affinity Designer Failed to resolve bookmark 7f7f6fcc0000 with error: <private> default 08:27:47.745861 +0100 Affinity Designer Failed to resolve bookmark 7f7f6fcc0000 with error: <private> error 08:27:50.419123 +0100 Affinity Designer Couldn't read values in CFPrefsPlistSource<0x6000004f4800> (Domain: com.apple.PowerManagement, User: kCFPreferencesAnyUser, ByHost: Yes, Container: (null), Contents Need Refresh: Yes): accessing preferences outside an application's container requires user-preference-read or file-read-data sandbox access, detaching from cfprefsd default 08:27:53.343105 +0100 Affinity Designer LSExceptions shared instance invalidated for timeout. This is not an issue, when I drag a PDF inside an already opened document (as an embedded document).
  9. Hi everybody. I bought, installed and have been using a Windows version of Affinity Photo for three months. However, I have now changed from a Windows PC to a Mac. Do I have to buy Affinity Photo all over again, or can I transfer my existing license and then continue using Photo on the Mac? I'm a little bit weary about buying Photo all over again.
  10. I recently downloaded Affinity Designer. On opening AD one is welcomed with some sample illustrations (Downloadable). I downloaded some illsutrations and modified them a little bit. When I closed the document I was not asked, what to do with the document. Now that I have downloaded a 311 MB illustration, I don't see the option to delete it nor can I find where is it stored on my mac. I would either like to export it (AD is not allowing to export since it's locked) or delete it which I can't! So how can I remove this lock feature in order to delte or export the 311 MB illustration?
  11. On MacOS, I want Affinity Photo to be the default application to open file type .CR2 (Canon Raw). Right now, the default application is Gimp. The usual procedure for changing the default is to right click a file of the desired type, select Open with... / Other, pick the application you want (Affinity Photo) out of the list, and check the Always Open With checkbox. When I do this, I get an error dialog. This doesn't make sense. The image file is not an application from a developer, and Affinity Photo didn't create the file today, my camera created it some time ago. After this failure, the default application for opening Canon Raw files remains Gimp. Is this a bug? Is it a bug in Affinity photo? Is there a workaround that anyone knows of? MacOS High Sierra Version 10.13.3 Mid 2011 iMac Affinity Photo 1.6.6
  12. I would like to know if it is possible to place a function or formula like =Date() or {date()} or =Date("y""m) into the user variable field, see image
  13. greu79

    Frozen during Save

    I have gone to save the file I was working on and the app has become unresponsive with the save dialog box open and also unresponsive. It appears to have hung in the save process and I can't back out of it or do anything else in app. I haven't force quit yet as I didn't want to lose what I was working on. The cursor is flashing in the file name entry field, the save button is greyed out now and is unresponsive. I can toggle in and out of full screen, I can access the top bar menus for Affinity Designer, but most options are greyed out. I'm on both the latest OS and latest Affinity software as of right now and I'm running on a 2017 MBP 15" so it shouldn't be that.... Any ideas for a way I might be able to rectify this without losing the work?
  14. shushustorm

    Full screen not saved

    Hey everyone! Both Photo (1.6.6) and Designer (1.6.0) don't start in full screen on macOS 10.13.2, even though they have been quit in full screen mode before. In El Capitan, both applications would remember this state. Best wishes, Shu
  15. Hi I am using Affinity Photo on my mac, windows and iPad. I also use iCloud, and in my documents folder there is an Affinity Photo folder. How can I set Affinity on iPad to save my projects there so I can share them across devices?
  16. Hi I just switched from a Mac to a Windows laptop and I had bought Affinity Photo on the Mac App Store last year. How can I switch to the Windows version?
  17. 1. Create new Document. Print A4. 2. Create new text box with width 40 mm 3. Download, install Nyala font from ... (edit: removed the link, as source might be unlicensed ) 4. Set font of box to Nyala, 12pt 5. Paste "I guess, we decided that a mystery is more intriguing" 6. Crash. You can also just start typing. It will crash on linebreak. Workaround for me: Use another font. It might be a problem with the font itself but I thought I rather report. Mac 10.13.3 Beta (17D29a) Affinity Designer 1.6.0
  18. I have been working on an educational poster, on and off over a few months time. Until now, I had kept it at one size (11" x 17"), and have it looking fairly nice in that size: After printing some test copies, it became clear that this was going to be way too small for what we are trying to do. So I tried to scale it up to 20" x 30", and it quickly got ugly fast: It does not matter if I try to scale the whole artboard up or create a new, larger artboard and paste everything into it, I get the same hideous results. I have been messing with this for a week now, trying different things like adding or removing constraints, and it seems like I am only digging myself into a deeper hole. In some cases, when I try to remove constraints, the objects jump clear off the artboard and/or resize themselves to crazy proportions. Every element in this poster is a vector element that I created myself, and there are no imported images. It is apparent that I am doing something wrong, and it probably has something to do with constraints. Can anyone offer suggestions on how I can get myself out of this pickle? I am willing to share the project file if need be.
  19. Since a recent update (before the current one) I notice that Affinity Photo freezes when trying to open a few images. Specifically - opening them from Finder by selecting about 6 PNGs or JPEGs and right clicking to Open With .. Affinity Photo. AP starts but then freezes. Nothing will kill it except a Force Quit. Opening the App and then loading the images seems to work better. I have the latest MacOS and Photo from the App Store. I don't have pressure on my RAM (16GB no major apps open, only a browser with 2 or 3 tabs).
  20. How do I restore all defaults in MacOS High Sierra? I'm having all sorts of trouble with Affinity Photo. I stopped using it for a while. Yesterday, I tried doing the very simple thing of inverting a mask from white to black, cmd+I wouldn't work. I also noticed issues with painting a mask so today I tried following a quick mask tutorial (just in case I was doing something wrong). Can't paint a mask with the brush on a duplicate pixel layer, created with cmd+J, or on the unlocked background layer. Anyway, I deleted the app and downloaded it again hoping it'd restore all defaults as in first installation. Nope, everything is still the same and stuck on the painting issue above (the invert mask was working again with cmd+i before the re-install). With Photoshop, opening while holding down Cmd+Option+Shift would restore all defaults. Tried this just in case, but doesn't work with Affinity Photo. How do I do this please? Thanks.
  21. When do Affinity Photo support a plugin to edit heic-photos on MacOS?
  22. Hi dear Affinity support team, I purchased both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer for my creative workflow. As MacOS user and owner of two different Mac machines, I use the Affinity suite on all of them. It would be a real plus to have the settings (shortcuts, brushes, preferences, panels layout, etc) of both Affinity applications automatically synchronized between my MacOS machines (through iCloud or Dropbox/GoogleDrive). I hope to have helped you with my feedback.
  23. I am digging deeper into the Pen and Shape tools in Designer 1.5 on macOS 10.13, and really loving them both. I am exploring and practicing as many of the different options as possible, using them over and over again in the hope of mastering them. However, there is one operation that I cannot seem to master, no matter how many times I try. While in the Node tool, and one or more blue handles are active and visible, I will try to delete a specific handle using the cusp mode alt/option-click. I always hover first over the handle until the arrow turns black, and then holding down alt/option key left-clicking on the handle. The context help on the bottom clearly shows it is in cusp mode, and the arrow is black, but way more often than not, the handle does not delete. Very rarely does the delete occur on the first option-click, and usually it takes multiple attempts before I can get the delete to work. I have tried all different sorts of sequences, such as single-click, wait one second without moving the pointer, then option-click, and nothing gives me predicable, reproducible results. It seems almost random, and I do not notice any pattern in what actions the successful deletion operations. I even went into the mouse settings to slow the pointer speed way down, and that didn't help at all. Are there any undocumented "tricks" that produce better, more consistent results when deleting node control handles in the Node tool? I have a personal goal of gaining complete mastery over this simple operation, to the point of being able to delete a node on the first click, every time; I do hope someone can help. As a side note, I have used the pen tool in many different applications, and the one in Affinity Designer/Photo is the only one that I actually enjoy using. Every aspect of the use and response of this tool feels so natural and intuitive; I have no idea how they did it, but the devs really nailed it with their implementation. It just feels right!
  24. I’m very interested in betas (or even alphas) of Affinity Photo, specifically the future iPad version. I’m pretty good at finding obscure bugs and documenting repeatable errors with screenshots. I have a 15” MacBook Pro with Touch Bar so if you need people to test the next version of Photo I’m all in. In case it requires "street cred" here's a link to part 1 of a two-part video tutorial series I did on Affinity Photo for ScreenCasts Online: https://screencastsonline.com/mac/show/0560/ thanks! Allison Sheridan NosillaCast Mac Podcast at http://podfeet.com
  25. I am working a project in AD where I need to place a couple of screenshots of Excel spreadsheet tables. I am using Capto to create the screenshots, and placing them as images. The problem is that I get the white background as well using this method. I know that I can go in and remove all the white background manually, but wonder if there may be a better way. My question for the forum is: Is there a better workflow that would allow me to capture and place the table without any background fill? The attached PNG shows what I get using my current workflow; as you can see, the background around the table is white whereas the rest of the background is transparent.